Back To Your Roots: Anthony Talks Going Natural with Mamamia

Why EVERYONE is returning to their natural hair colour! By Erin Docherty We learnt lots of things off the back of last week’s Super Bowl. Taylor Swift is in love. There’s a specific lipstick that acts like a literal tattoo. Usher’s still got it. And sometimes… Travis Kelce can give us the ick. But also, the beauty looks. More specifically the hair. The […]

Anthony Talks It-Girl Hair with Marie Claire

It-Girl Hair: The Trending Styles, Colours And Cuts To Request In The Salon Achieve main-character-worthy locks at home. By Sally Hunwick A-listers know the power of a new hair look. We review the It-girl cuts, colours and styles that have rocked social airwaves of late, and ask experts how to re-create them for ourselves. Celebrities […]

THE KITTY CUT: The Biggest 2024 Hair Trend with Anthony Nader and Beauty Crew

The Kitty Cut is predicted to be the biggest hair trend of 2024 Meow By Briar Clark Animal-inspired haircuts like the wolf cut, the cub cut, the jellyfish, the butterfly cut and the butterfly bob were the hair trend du jour as far as 2023 was concerned. And by the looks of things, 2024’s hair trends are only seeking to add to the veritable menagerie of […]

RAW Is Featured In Urban Lists ‘Sydney’s Best Hairdressers’

Sydney’s Best Hairdressers For A Good Hair Day Every Day. By Phoebe Youl Here at Urban List, we’re big fans of finding “the one”, but whether you’re in a committed relationship with your stylist, or you fall into the not-so-loyal category, choosing a hair salon can almost be as difficult as deciding what type of cut […]

Holiday Party Ready Hair Tips with Anthony Nader and Marie Claire

GET PARTY READY! Let’s Celebrate! To Prepare for all the cocktail hours, soirees, and get-togethers, here are the best hair tips – no matter how much (or little) time you have. Written by Sally Hunwick for Marie Claire   1. ADD VOLUME “Grab your dry texture spray or dry shampoo and give your roots a […]

Anthony’s go-to hair trends to try this summer with Body and Soul

3 of the hottest hair trends to try this Summer Chop chop. Written by Ashleigh Austen for Body and Soul.  Gigi Hadid’s beach waves require minimal styling for maximum impact. To save you time scrolling social media for inspiration, we’ve rounded up the top three updates to make this season. You know what they say: […]

Anthony reveals the top five hair habits you need to avoid now to 9Honey

Celebrity hairdresser reveals the top five hair habits you need to avoid now: ‘Gospel to me’ By April Glover | 9Honey  For many women, hair is their most prized physical asset. It needs as much love and attention as our skin – but most of us aren’t treating it so well. There are plenty of everyday mistakes […]

Anthony reveals the one hair mistake millions of women make every night to 9Honey Style

Celebrity hairdresser Anthony Nader reveals the one hair mistake millions of women make every night Many hair and skincare trends are simply passing fads. Some, however, are here to stay. Silk pillowcases for hair and skin health have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. What was once a luxury item for the wealthy is now a must-have […]

RUSSH’s Beauty Editor shares her exhaustive guide to styling short hair

‘RUSSH’s’ Beauty Editor shares her exhaustive guide to styling short hair \ Short hair is fun (just ask Hailey Bieber), but it does require a particular styling skill set, especially if you’re going after that undone, effortless aesthetic. Too textured and it can look dirty; too soft and it feels suburban. The perfect m 3iddle ground is […]

What is standing in the way of you and ‘it’ girl hair? With Anthony and Marie Claire

The 7 Hair Concerns Standing In The Way Of You And ‘It’ Girl Hair “Put down the bleach, have a decent trim, and invest in a quality restorative treatment – STAT.” – by Francesca Hartley.  The bad news: between Covid and the cost of living crisis, people are getting fewer haircuts. And with that arises a […]