SPEAK TO YOUR STYLIST Have you ever slapped on a fake smile, blinked away tears and told a hairdresser “I love it”, only to sob your heart on the moment you get in the car? Hairstylist Anthony Nader gives his top three tips to prevent this scenario.   PREPARE YOUR SCREENSHOTS “Visuals should be a […]

Kendall or Farrah? What to ask for when you go back to the hairdresser… Seen SMH

Kendall or Farrah? What to ask for when you go back to the hairdresser The smug reign of the bald over those with lockdown limp layers, straggly split ends and hair growing horizontally from their temples, like the ears of an unkempt koala, is coming to an end as hairdressing salons in Sydney and Melbourne […]

How DOES Gladys’ hair still look so good? Internet erupts with speculation NSW Premier has a secret hairdresser because of her ‘short, sleek’ hairstyle – as top stylist weighs in

How DOES Gladys’ hair still look so good? Several have speculated – without any evidence – that Ms Berejiklian must have a secret hairdresser working on her in the background tackling her regrowth. ‘Has Gladys had a haircut & dye job? Just asking?’ one said, in a common refrain. ‘Hair is looking very fresh Gladys, […]

Natalie Bassingthwaighte, 45, shows off her ageless visage as she debuts glamourous new hairdo… Seen Daily Mail

Natalie Bassingthwaighte, 45, shows off her ageless visage as she debuts glamourous new hairdo She’s one of Australia’s most renowned blondes. And on Thursday, singer and actress Natalie Bassingthwaighte, 45, debuted a fresh new hairdo. Posting to her Instagram, the former Neighbours star revealed she’d had her hair chopped by celebrity hairstylist Anthony Nader. Wow! […]

FRIZZ FIGHTERS: Beat the fuzz with these handy tips… Seen Woman’s Day

FRIZZ FIGHTERS August is “anti-frizz month” so beat the fuzz with these handy tips… FEEL THE CHILL Cooling down your water, tool and air temperatures can really make a difference to your strands. Celebrity hair stylist and owner of RAW Salon in Sydney, Anthony Nader, recommends “rinsing strands in the coldest temperature you can handle […]

LOCKDOWN BEAUTY HACKS: Advice from the experts on all your haircare woes

Grey re-growth, split ends, and iso haircuts, we have the answers for you. Body+Soul speaks to the haircare experts on how to maintain and care for your hair in lockdown. If you’re starting to channel Dua Lipa with your roots and severely worried about what your ends are going to look like after lockdown, never fear. While experimenting with […]

LOCKDOWN HAIR REHAB: Exactly how to care for your iso-locks, according to expert hairdressers.

Look, there’s no denying that most of us are in need of some serious at-home hair rehab. With lockdowns across multiple states, salons shut and hairdressers not allowed to operate at all, our poor locks have seen better days. So, we turned to the pros. Speaking to David Connelly, hair colourist and owner of David Connelly […]

Top Insider Styling Tips For Fine Hair by Celebrity Hairdresser Anthony Nader

  Many of us are struggling to get a bounce in our tired lockdown manes. We reached out to celebrity hairdresser Anthony Nader to get his insider tips on how to instantly add volume to our tresses. Here are his top styling tips for fine hair… You need some grit! And Fine/thin hair strands need all the extra loving they […]

THE WOLF CUT IS A THING Seen The Daily Telegraph

THE WOLF CUT IS A THING   FASHIONISTAS are joining the growing pack getting the ‘wolf cut’ – a new hairstyle dubbed Gen Z’s unisex answer to the mullet.  A bold 1970’s hair trend originally made popular by rock legend David Bowie (far right), the cut has made a revival in Sydney where a growing […]