3 of the hottest hair trends to try this Summer

Chop chop.

Written by Ashleigh Austen for Body and Soul. 

Gigi Hadid's beach waves require minimal styling for maximum impact. Image: Instagram

Gigi Hadid’s beach waves require minimal styling for maximum impact.

To save you time scrolling social media for inspiration, we’ve rounded up the top three updates to make this season.

You know what they say: a change is as good as a holiday. And if you’re craving a change that doesn’t require booking an Uber to the airport, switching up your hair is a good place to start.

While a drastic colour makeover will certainly do the trick, for many of us lobbing off a few inches of hair is much lower in terms of commitment.

To get the low down on which styles are trending, we asked Sydney-based hairdresser and editorial stylist, Anthony Nader, to explain what’s good – and exactly what to ask your own hairdresser for.


The 90s mid-length bob

The inspiration: Hunter Schafer. 


If you’re looking for a cut that will make a big impact with minimum styling, the lob – or long bob – is your best bet. “It’s that signature bob that isn’t dramatically short, nor is it a length that loses presence,” explains Nader. It’s still chic and directional even for those among us that might not be brave enough to make a drastic change.

The beauty of this lo-fi one-length haircut is that it doesn’t require much volume, and in turn, equals less styling. Nader advises applying a heat protector spray to shield your strands against any heat and then layer over the top of this a straightening lotion from roots to ends and blow-dry in. “When blow drying, attach a narrow nozzle on the end of your hair dryer, as this ensures a cleaner surface which will make your blow-dry last longer throughout the week.”

If your hair is quite unruly, however, it might be worth giving the lob a miss. “For those of you that have wavy or curly texture, this isn’t impossible by any means but to have that polished contemporary surface, you’ll need to stay on top of it by blow-drying and maybe ironing straight for longevity.”


Banging bangs

The inspiration: Jennifer Lopez


While cutting a full fringe as the weather warms up isn’t usually advised, the latest take on the style is softer and more humidity-friendly. Bangs that are longer, slightly overgrown and sweeping across the tops of the cheekbones are the look du jour this season.

“Bangs are downright sexy at all ages,” says Nader. “If you like to wear your hair up, there’s something so gorgeous about bangs framing delicately around your face.” Better still, if you’re noticing fine lines on your forehead, a fringe is a needle-free way to disguise them – although styling shorter strands does take a little work.

“Invest in a medium-sized round brush to create a gorgeous curve and then direct the ends to kick out. Smooth over the root area with your blow dryer while keeping that middle section flat-to-the-scalp so then the rest of the bangs fan out with volume.” Fine to medium textures work best, and if you have a small, square or round face proceed with caution: a fringe can make your face size appear shorter and even smaller.


Beach waves

The inspiration: Gigi Hadid


If Gigi Hadid’s laidback looks weren’t already on your spring mood board, it’s safe to say her naturally wavy hair will be. “This works wonderfully for hair textures that have a kink or wave and it just needs a kick with the right haircut,” advises Nader.

You’re aiming for defined beach waves that look a little tousled, without tipping into va-va-voom curls territory.


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Of course, having some length will help you to achieve this style, and Nader says you should ask your hairdresser for textural layers “throughout the interior” as this will add longer-lasting volume in between salon visits. The best part? Styling couldn’t be easier. Maximise your newfound beach waves by applying a sea salt spray on freshly washed hair and then scrunching it in for the next couple of hours or until air dry.

For hair types that are curly or wild, this style isn’t necessarily a no-go zone but it needs to be tamed. Apply a smoothing balm from roots to ends and sculpt with a hairdryer and round brush. Once it’s dry, however, try not to touch your hair again otherwise your strands may become frizzy.

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