32 best masks for face, hair and body for 2022…Seen news.com.au

32 Best Masks for Face, Hair and Body for 2022 By Hannah Paine | 02 May 2022 – news.com.au  When it comes to masks you shouldn’t forget your hair too, with hairdresser Anthony Nader advising incorporating one into your routine when “your hair isn’t performing and not giving your hair style the longevity”. “Whether your […]

The 8 Hair Cut And Colour Trends You’re About To See Everywhere This Winter…Seen Elle Australia

The 8 Hair Cut And Colour Trends You’re About To See Everywhere This Winter To chop or not to chop. BY DIANDRA MALIVINDI Let’s just say that the first few months of 2022 have been, well, interesting. And while our hopes for a calm and more easygoing year have well and truly diminished, there’s one thing we […]


BIG HAIR IS BACK Get Anthony’s top tips to get that iconic 70’s Farrah Fawcett blowout in no time at all. There’s something beautiful about hairstyles being reinvented. As they’re passed down through the generations, each puts their own spin on that season’s style for a look that’s as “in vogue” as it is steeped […]

Ultimate Guide To Sydney’s Best Hairdressers…Seen The Daily Telegraph

Ultimate Guide To Sydney’s Best Hairdressers ANTHONY NADER – RAW SALON, SURRY HILLS A leader in the industry, Anthony Nader keeps it fresh after more than three decades cutting hair. Based out of his Surry Hills salon, Raw, he has worked behind the scenes for the major fashion houses internationally and tends to the locks […]

SUMMER’S TOP HAIR TRENDS FOR 2022…Seen A-Beauty Australia

SUMMER’S TOP HAIR TRENDS FOR 2022 by CHELSEA TROMANS | January 10 2022 When you think of summer hair, chances are your mind immediately imagines carefree beachy waves and fuss-free updos. While summer certainly is a time to go low-maintenance, it’s also a season full of social gatherings and new beginnings – which both call for great hair. […]

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BEST AUSTRALIAN HAIRSTYLISTS TO FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM by CHELSEA TROMANS Looking for inspiration for a new cut, colour or hairstyle to kick off the new year? While celebrities may be your usual go-to for influencing your new look, we prefer to turn to the pros. Scrolling through the Instagram accounts of Australia’s leading hairstylists and their […]

How To Manage Going Grey (When You’re Not 100 Per Cent Grey Yet).. Seen Gritty Pretty

HOW TO MANAGE GOING GREY (WHEN YOU’RE NOT 100 PER CENT GREY YET) by ROSE GARNETT When it comes to hair, any in-between phase can be seriously tricky. Change can be a scary thing. Whether it’s moving house, a breakup (or makeup) or travelling to a new country, change has the power to thrust our flaws into […]