The Best Hairdressers in Sydney for Everything From Going Blonde to Curly Cuts A bad haircut can ruin your week, but a great one can lift your spirits for months. Here are the best hairdressers in Sydney, according to beauty editor Iantha Yu. Whether your ride-or-die stylist moved overseas or you’ve simply never found someone […]

FROM DRAB BOB TO CHIC BOB. See how to shake up your next bob seen YAHOO.

How my bad coronavirus haircut became the perfect choppy bob I’ve always had a thing about layers – I don’t like them. It all began in 2010 when I let a friend give me a ‘layered chop’, all the rage at the time. The resulting mess is hard to describe, but it took around 3 […]

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How to pick the best hair dryer, according to a celebrity hair stylist Look in any woman’s bathroom cabinet and you’re sure to find several universal items, one of which is undoubtedly a hair dryer. A hardworking hair tool that creates voluminous or sleek hair at home, hair dryers are a non-negotiable addition to your […]

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5 expert tricks to save your hair from winter dry scalp hell Award-winning hair stylist Anthony Nader shares his best tips to salvaging your itchy, dry scalp. Hear me out: I don’t think there’s anything worse than having a dry scalp. Firstly, you manage to turn heads – but for all the wrong reasons. Hello, snowflakes/chicken […]

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The 6 Bob Hairstyles That Are Trending For Winter 2020 What is about the bob hairstyle that gives it such eternal allure? Season after season, trending cuts and colours rise in popularity and then fade into oblivion (pardon the pun), but the bob haircut’s ‘cool girl’ factor somehow remains. Perhaps its magic lies in its […]


An Expert Guide To Recreating Kate Middleton’s Latest Blow Wave Style Just when we thought we could file Kate Middleton’s glossy tresses under ‘perennially polished albeit somewhat predictable’, the Duchess of Cambridge decides to prove us all wrong. In fact, Middleton switched up her signature cut (swapping long length for a collarbone-grazing chop) and her […]

WHATS YOUR POST LOCKDOWN HAIRCUT GOING TO BE? Anthonys latest haircuts for new beginnings seen Marie Claire magazine.

Bobs Are The Post-Lockdown Hairstyle Everyone Is Craving Right Now Bobs are back and it’s not just fun to say, it’s true. Although if you ask us, chic short hair is always in style and taking the plunge to transform your lengths with a signature chop can be a truly defining moment – just ask […]