Endless Good Hair Days Ahead: Sydney’s Best Hair Salons

Written by Briar Clark

Finding a good hairdresser (especially when you have curly hair) can often feel like an unnecessary installment in an action-adventure film franchise. There’s always a clear goal in sight, but an inevitable series of diabolically frustrating challenges to overcome to get there.
A quick Google search will leave you metaphorically thumbing through the digital pages of the online business directory for hours, weighing up an unsettling salad of first-person reviews.
Following a friend’s recommendation can lead you down a similarly treacherous path; just because they’ve had a good experience doesn’t mean you’re also going to have one.
Researching hair salons on TikTok is like falling into the final circle of hell. Except instead of a freezing tundra-scape complete with demonic dragons, it’s just video after video of salon-goers who look like they’re being held by gunpoint getting too-good-to-be-true transformations. There’s also the occasional person with a bad haircut who’s blood-vessel-bursting angry about the state of their strands (understandable), ready to fight their way to a better hair day, or at the very least, a refund.
All the reasons above (and many more) have forced us to hold a curated list of Sydney’s best hair salons very close to the chest, but now we’re ready to share.
Among these is RAW Anthony Nader.
Anthony Nader has garnered a reputation as one of the most formidable names in the Australian hair industry, thanks to his poetic affinity for creating truly special, tailored hair looks for his clients.

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