The Kitty Cut is predicted to be the biggest hair trend of 2024

Animal-inspired haircuts like the wolf cut, the cub cut, the jellyfish, the butterfly cut and the butterfly bob were the hair trend du jour as far as 2023 was concerned.

And by the looks of things, 2024’s hair trends are only seeking to add to the veritable menagerie of fashionable chops on offer.

According to Anthony Nader, the Founder of RAW Anthony Nader salon, he predicts the biggest hair trend of the next 12 months is going to be the ‘Kitty Cut’ haircut.

“I know, we have another animal in the salon. As if the wolf, butterfly, and cub cuts weren’t enough, but this creature is different,” Nader tells BEAUTYcrew.

“The kitty is less shaggy, but still offers subtle, sophisticated layers to give hair structure and movement all at the same time,” he explains. “With the length falling between the shoulders and collarbone, it’s shorter than say that ’90s cult haircut ‘The Rachel’, but it’s longer than a bob.”


The key to pulling off the kitty cut is ensuring that your hairdresser is able to create cascading layers that blend delicately and complement the cropped length. The result should look like a “polished, sexy and feline” haircut, he explains.

As for styling the kitty cut, the hair expert recommends consulting with your hairdresser.

“Look at your natural hair texture and how much time you have in the mornings to style it,” he advises. Informing your hairdresser about your specific needs will allow them to customise the haircut to better work for you and your lifestyle.


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