Sydney’s Best Hairdressers For A Good Hair Day Every Day.

By Phoebe Youl

Here at Urban List, we’re big fans of finding “the one”, but whether you’re in a committed relationship with your stylist, or you fall into the not-so-loyal category, choosing a hair salon can almost be as difficult as deciding what type of cut to get.

While we can easily equate finding the right salon to the pitfalls of dating, this time we’ve done the matchmaking for you, and compiled a comprehensive list of the best salons to visit in Sydney/Eora. Keep scrolling through to check out the list ahead—and don’t forget to bookmark these for your next appointment.

RAW Anthony Nader

If it’s expertise and experience that you’re after, look no further than RAW Anthony Nader. With nearly two decades’ worth of experience, salon owner and famed stylist, Anthony Nader, is likely the man behind many of your favourite celebrities and influencers’ hair transformations.

Whether you’re envisioning a complete refresh with a stunning colour makeover or simply seeking a flawless blow-dry, you can trust that your hair is in capable hands when making an appointment here. Also, the salon’s incredible head massage experience is one of the best in Sydney.


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