Celebrity hairdresser Anthony Nader reveals the one hair mistake millions of women make every night

Many hair and skincare trends are simply passing fads. Some, however, are here to stay.

Silk pillowcases for hair and skin health have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. What was once a luxury item for the wealthy is now a must-have self-care item you will find in the bedroom of millions of women.

Internationally renowned hair stylist Anthony Nader is an entrepreneur who knew early on the incredible benefits of silk pillows. The award-winning business owner – who runs RAW in Surry Hills – released his own line of 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcases.

Speaking to 9Honey Style, Nader says silk has endless benefits for both your hair and skin.

Anthony Nader hairdresser

“Unlike cotton or manmade fibers that can draw moisture from your skin while you sleep, silk does the opposite,” Nader explains.

“Mulberry silk can replenish that moisture that would otherwise be lost to keep skin supple and fresh. This also works beautifully for those with dry or flaky facial skin.”

Everyone knows the feeling of waking up after a long night’s sleep to a messy bird’s nest on your head.

Silk pillows, Nader says, help you wake up feeling fresh and keep your hair glossy and smooth.

“Silk fights frizz, which helps your hair strands retain moisture,” Nader reveals. “Silk is also a friction-free material that allows your hair to glide and move freely over your pillowcase while you sleep.

“[This means] less snagging and damage, which (as you’ve probably guessed) means less frizz.”

As a hairdresser, Nader was also invested in his clients and their hair staying bouncy and gorgeous for longer.  “As hairdressers we can give our clients the best blow dries and muscle power,” he adds.

“But then we want them to sleep on the right fabric so the blow dry has longevity.”

Anthony Nader hairdresser

Silk pillowcases are slightly more pricey than your average cotton ones. So, it is important to care for them and ensure they last for years.

Nader advises people to wash their pillow cases every 7-10 days, which is slightly less frequent than your normal sheets.

His instructions are to:

  • Turn inside out to wash
  • Hand washing in lukewarm water is desirable
  • Use a pH-neutral detergent
  • If machine washing, use a delicate setting (max 30°C)
  • Line dry in the shade (do not peg), or lay on a flat surface in the shade
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Iron on the lowest setting under a cloth

Silk does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to looking after your hair, but Nader warns there is one thing you should never do: go to bed with your hair wet.

He explains that wet hair is more fragile and can snap easily, especially during a fitful night’s sleep.

“Ideally you should be going to bed with completely dry hair to reduce the risk of fungal infections and hair breakage,” he says.

“Basically, your hair strands are most fragile when wet! So if you go to bed with it damp and you’re a light sleeper and toss and turn against your pillow you can run a high risk of breakage.”

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