BIG HAIR IS BACK Get Anthony’s top tips to get that iconic 70’s Farrah Fawcett blowout in no time at all. There’s something beautiful about hairstyles being reinvented. As they’re passed down through the generations, each puts their own spin on that season’s style for a look that’s as “in vogue” as it is steeped […]

A Guide to the Best Barbers and Hair Stylists in the City…Seen Broadsheet

A Guide to the Best Barbers and Hair Stylists in the City Treat yourself, or someone you love, to the best Christmas gift there is: a truly fantastic haircut. In partnership with the City of Sydney, here are six salons for Sydney’s inner-city set. As Helen Garner wrote, the only difference between a bad haircut […]

We tried 6 of TikTok’s weirdest beauty trends, and the results were wild… Seen Body & Soul

We tried 6 of TikTok’s weirdest beauty trends… and the results were wild! We put our skin and hair on the line, so you don’t have to.   The internet is full of handy hints – but do all of them stack up? We investigate. From rubbing lube on their faces to washing their hair in rice water, […]

THE WOLF CUT IS A THING Seen The Daily Telegraph

THE WOLF CUT IS A THING   FASHIONISTAS are joining the growing pack getting the ‘wolf cut’ – a new hairstyle dubbed Gen Z’s unisex answer to the mullet.  A bold 1970’s hair trend originally made popular by rock legend David Bowie (far right), the cut has made a revival in Sydney where a growing […]


Five ways to treat your dry scalp Award-winning hair stylist Anthony Nader shares his best tips to salvaging your itchy, dry scalp. Hear me out: I don’t think there’s anything worse than having a dry scalp. Firstly, you manage to turn heads – but for all the wrong reasons. Hello, snowflakes/chicken salt/or whatever you want to call that blanket of […]