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Anthony Nader shares his top five ways to ban the breakage as seen in GRAZIA.com.au

Keeping your hair healthy and gloriously glossy can often be a most difficult task.

With so many variants that persist to harm our hair, often just trying to sustain a damage-free ‘do’ is the hardest part.

Congratulations, because from here on in you’re free to go to bed as early as you want, and if your partner says, “Why so early?”, your sweet reply will be, “Do you want me to lose my hair”? Sleep is so essential for not only your hair but your whole body to repair itself correctly. If you don’t find time to get those #zzzzzzz in, your body is going to lack the nutrients and minerals and your hair shaft will become weak. This will cause each strand to thin out and may result in hair loss, damage and maybe even balding.

We all love the sun being down under and all, but too much over exposure of the sun will cause damage to your hair. Natural hair oils are vital for longevity and this comes from the scalp, which is technically called sebum. Sebum helps protect each hair strand from the natural elements like the sun’s rays to create a barrier. Without this one main property coating your strands, this can result in hair breakage or shedding.

And by this I mean the base of the tail ladies, unless of course you’re embracing a wild ’60’s dance routine that you’ve been practising on the low down. Sporting the same ponytail in the same position every day can wreak havoc and cause serious hair breakage around the hairline over time.
So from here on in, position your ponytail in semi different areas. This can also change up what outfit you’re wearing that day, which always adds more fun too.

This is one of the worst habits you may fall into and it’s so easy to do without even thinking you’re guilty of it. Reason being is the hair strands are at their most sensitive and fragile when wet, and when the strands are being combed with a fine tooth comb they tend to not bounce back and can even snap off. Ladies with highly coloured hair, this screams your name loud and clear and from here on in…..go easy on your most prized possession!

I know, I know, but, the natural fibres of the cotton fabric will cause friction to your strands while you sleep, and especially if you’re a rough sleeper. Opt for changing your pillow cases to either silk or satin, as these fabrics are smoother and don’t rough up your cuticle at all compared to cotton. You may have found that those of you with lighter coloured hair need more lovin’ here compared to your darker haired counterparts. Note also, that if your hair has bleach in it, you need to definitely venture over to the silky smooth road, for better hair days ahead.

By Chrisanthi Kaliviotis for GRAZIA.com.au
Daily Mail


Anthony Nader spoke to Daily Mail Australia about which hairstyle works for which face shape.

While you might think that opting for a new haircut or style is as simple as pointing at a celebrity and saying ‘recreate this on me’ to your hairdresser, it pays to be a little more prepared when you walk into a salon.

From oval-shaped like the Duchess of Cambridge, to round like Emma Stone, here FEMAIL reveals how to get your best locks ever before Christmas.

When it comes to what hairstyle will suit you, it’s in fact down to your face shape – if your face is oval, like the Duchess of Cambridge’s, you’ll more than likely pull anything off


For anyone with this face shape, just remember you’re lucky – according to Anthony, this is the ‘most perfect shape’:

‘The oval-shaped face has got the symmetry and even dimension for you and your hair stylist to have fun creating different hair shapes – because of its evenness,’ Anthony explained.

‘The haircut can also have fun with layers around the face – either short or long.’

Among the celebrity examples with this face shape are Selma Hayek, Julianne Moore and Kate Middleton.

‘You can also embrace the ’70s vibe with this and have your hair one length and long – your facial features will still look incredible,’ he added.


‘The oval-shaped face has got symmetry and even dimension and your hair stylist can have fun creating different shapes – because of its evenness,’ Anthony said (pictured: Julianne Moore)

While Anthony admits round faces, like Emma Stone (left) and Kirsten Dunst (right), can be tricky, he recommends going to a WOB - or wavy bob - in order to nail the style

While Anthony admits round faces, like Emma Stone (left) and Kirsten Dunst (right), can be tricky, he recommends going to a WOB – or wavy bob – in order to nail the style



While Anthony admits that having a round face can be ‘tricky’, he also has a few celebrity go-tos, who quite simply nail the style.

‘Emma Stone, Mila Kunis and Kirsten Dunst rock a round face,’ he explained.

‘If you’re thinking of trying a bob, I would go for a WOB – that’s basically a wavy bob. This will help to camouflage and soften a round face shape.’

He added that having a side swept fringe ‘complements and elongates’ this face type.

‘If you want to wear your hair down, you can also go in a totally opposite direction and iron your hair poker straight, making sure you keep the shape closed in around the cheekbones,’ Anthony said.

Reason why?

It disguises the ‘apples of your cheeks and the wideness of your jawline, rather than having layers that flick out and expose the roundness’.

How to know if a hairstyle will suit you 

* Make an appointment with the hairdresser and let the receptionist know over the phone that you want to create a different YOU.

* Block out 45 minutes to an hour and send references to the hairdresser of what you’re thinking in regards to the different hair shapes ahead of time.

* Go to a wig shop and have a chat to the person working there. Tell them you’re thinking of changing your hair, but don’t want to sacrifice having all your locks chopped off just yet.

* Try on wigs of different textures and length to compare. Make notes.

'For a square face, the ideal haircut is not angular and box-like, as this is only going to emphasise the squareness of your jawline and the outline and width of your forehead,' Anthony said (pictured: Natalie Portman)

‘For a square face, the ideal haircut is not angular and box-like, as this is only going to emphasise the squareness of your jawline and the outline and width of your forehead,’ Anthony said (pictured: Natalie Portman)


Even though you might think that a square face needs an angular cut, in fact the opposite is true.

‘For a square face, the ideal haircut is not angular and box-like, as this is only going to emphasise the squareness of your jawline and the outline and width of your forehead,’ Anthony said.

Instead, he said it’s ‘always best to soften the corners of your face by adding a wave or a curl or even having your hairdresser cut an off-centre fringe that sweeps dramatically over to one side’.

‘For those of you that have a pixie-like haircut, just be sure to keep the hair around your hair and neckline a bit longer and softer,’ he advised.

‘This will always camouflage the bone structure of your face.’

Celebrity examples of this style are Natalie Portman, Sandra Bullock and Olivia Wilde.

Anthony recommends softening the corners of your face (pictured: Olivia Wilde)

Anthony recommends softening the corners of your face (pictured: Olivia Wilde)

Sarah Jessica Parker (pictured) is one purveyor of the rectangular face shape - others include Meryl Streep and Liv Tyler

Sarah Jessica Parker (pictured) is one purveyor of the rectangular face shape – others include Meryl Streep and Liv Tyler


If your face is cut something like Meryl Streep’s, Liv Tyler’s and Sarah Jessica Parker’s, then you need to add volume at the cheekbones to make your face look more oval in shape:

‘I would also suggest a long, overgrown curtain fringe that is shorter in the middle and blends out longer on the corners and sweeps off, as this is the perfect fringe for shortening the face,’ Anthony said.

Opt for an off-centre parting to offset the symmetrical shape of your face, and if you’re pulling your hair back, then do something back and low rather than back and high.’


Between Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry and Kourtney Kardashian (pictured), the heart-shaped face is well-represented in the celebrity set

Between Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry and Kourtney Kardashian (pictured), the heart-shaped face is well-represented in the celebrity set



But how should you style your locks if your face is shaped like an emoji?

‘Incorporate a soft high swept fringe to accentuate your eyes and draw away the focus from a pointy chin,’ Anthony said.

‘One thing to note, however, is that you need to ensure you don’t have a blunt straight fringe, and that the edges of it are cut below the edge of the brows, with soft texture.

‘If you’ve got a bob that’s all one length, this helps to counteract the narrowness of the jawline, because you’re creating width in the right areas,’ the top hairdresser added.


Incorporate a soft high swept fringe to accentuate your eyes and draw away the focus from a pointy chin,' Anthony said (pictured: Reese Witherspoon)

Incorporate a soft high swept fringe to accentuate your eyes and draw away the focus from a pointy chin,’ Anthony said (pictured: Reese Witherspoon)



Finally, if you have a long face like Blake Lively, Alexa Chung or Jessica Alba – who all wear their God-given looks fabulously – then you need texture and a fringe to add width:

‘Bobs will also suit a longer face shape, as this creates an illusion of shortening the face which is key,’ Anthony said.

‘Have fun creating waves and a haphazard bend in the hair, which will give you the extra oomph and add width.’

Anthony concluded by saying that you’ll notice that people ‘like Blake Lively avoid too much volume on the top of their head, as this only emphasises the length of the face and what you’re trying to detract from’.

‘Keep your volume from the temple down,’ he said.

By Sophie Haslett for Daily Mail Australia


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Going in for a chop or change isn’t as simple as pointing to a picture and wishing your way to stardom status hair. In fact, your face shape is the true determinant when it comes to picking the perfect hairstyle. But what works best for your face shape? Vogue sought out to answer your every hair query from celebrity hair stylist, Anthony Nader, ahead of summer to ensure your next chop is your best one yet.

The tip? “Because of its symmetry and balance, the oval face shape is your ultimate goal to reaching when thinking about your new haircut,” says Nader.

Click through to discover the style you’ll be opting for the next time you hit the salon.



Round shaped face 

“Go for side swept bangs as this softens around the edges,” says Nader. “The angle of the bangs create more length in your face and provide a more oval shape – which is key.”

Longer hairstyles: 

“Long hair is totally a goer here, however, ensure to have a few chunky pieces cut in and around the face,” says Nader. “This opens up your tiny features, rather than closing them in and hiding them away.”

Shorter hairstyles: 

“Shorter hair shapes work a dream – and have fun experimenting with them,” says Nader. The trick? “Steer clear of the jawline otherwise the roundness of your face will only be enhanced,” he confirms.



Square shaped face 

“Bangs are all about illusion and this is key for square face shapes which tend to be wider at the cheeks and more angular around the jawline,” Nader shares. “A soft A-shape cut works best for women with square faces. The textured ends create angles, which help to soften the jawline and draw attention to your eyes.”

“No matter the length you choose to wear, from here on in, keep your hair strands with movement and not perfectly straight,” he says. And why? “Because having straight strands will only showcase your angular features.”

Nader recommends those with square faces to style a bend or a haphazard wave throughout hair to soften the overall look.



Oblong shaped face 

According to Nader, “Opting for a layered fringe and creating an A-shape look will help soften and balance your features. Actually, any strong angular features will be taken down a notch and softened,” he adds.

Nader’s tip? “Keep the length in your hair here and make sure you add some layers around the jawline as to allow the oblong shape to appear more symmetrical and balanced,” he says.



Heart shaped face 

“Heart shaped bangs for a heart shaped face as these will soften your look,” says Nader. “This means your bangs will be longer on the outer edges and slightly shorter in the middle.”

“The beauty about these bangs are that they are ideally overgrown and wont need a lot of upkeep due to the natural shape which blends beautifully with shorter, skimming layers around your face,” he shares.

He continues, “You can keep your hair length from medium to longer here, keeping your layers textured and not just one length.”

Why do heart shaped faces want to achieve textured layers? “Having one length will only emphasis your cheeks and small forehead,” Nader confirms.



Long face shape 

“Longer face shapes allow for more experimentation around the higher forehead region,” says Nader. “This is where you and your hairdresser can be more strategic about which parts of your face you wish to highlight or soften.”

For example, Nader tells us, “Creating a diagonal angle on your face will help keep people’s eyes focused on your centre features – like your eyes, and lips – rather than on your forehead or lower parts of your face.”

“This summer think 60s Woodstock era. Keep your tresses long and at one length.”

Alternatively, “Shake it up and make sure you create shorter triggers around your face, allowing for the overall style to blend through to the base line length.”


Anthony Nader for vogue.com.au

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If your hair will not hold a curl to save its life, join the club.

When done professionally, it doesn’t look half bad, but when you try to do it yourself, it doesn’t stand a chance. It’s frustrating. All you want is what you don’t have, waves! We get it, we see you, we know.

Here to share all his tips to stop your curls from dropping like it’s hot is award-winning hair stylist and owner of RAW salon, Anthony Nader. No longer will your hair be a timestamp for the night; the goal here is hair that looks the same from the first Instagram picture to the last. Sound good?




Contrary to popular belief, more product does not a longer-lasting curl make. Nader says you don’t need to “layer” on several styling products as residue can have the opposite effect of weighing hair down. Moreover, it’s an indication that your product is filled with silicones. “Less is more,” he claims. Use only one or two targeted products. For longevity, apply a medium to long-hold hairspray or mousse. (We love: Bumble and Bumble Curl Conditioning Mousse, Kérastase Discipline Mousse Curl Idéal and Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong Finish.)


If you’re not a fan of hairspray or mousse (something about the texture), Nader says “a curl-enhancing shampoo and conditioner is an excellent start to vamping up your limp hair strands”. (Try: Bumble and Bumble Curl Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Curl Custom Conditioner.) Any good hairstylist will tell you that styles that last start in the shower, and they’re right.

“I think the most beneficial product is a curl defining cream (or a sea salt spray) on damp hair. It all has to start when your strands are damp so the ingredients can more thoroughly absorb into each strand than when applying to dry hair,” he adds. (We love: ELEVEN Australia Keep My Curl Defining Cream and Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer)






To create the incredible hair look featured in this post, Nader dampened the model’s hair and then misted it with sea salt spray (we love: Sachajuan Ocean Mist and Beach MUK Sea Salt Spray). Following this, he blow-dried hair with the diffuser head attachment to separate strands and encourage natural movement.

Ensuring the hair is heat protect, when dry, Nader started curling at random. “I just picked up chunky sections, from 3-7cm and wrapped them around a hot barrel tong,” he says. “You’ll notice some ends I left straight and others I added a slight curve. Some roots I curled and some I left out,” he adds. For longevity, finish with hair spray (or prep hair the night before with a curl-enhancing shampoo, conditioner or balm – see above: ‘prime, prime prime’).


To “restart” second-day curls, Nader suggests quickly running the irons/tongs over some of the curls again. Then, “give the roots ignition by spraying them [with a styling powder or dry shampoo], massaging in and you’re good to go.” If waves are part of your uniform, “ask your hair stylist for some shorter layers to be cut through the interior of your next haircut, which will keep your curls lasting longer and not flopping,” he adds.




By Wendy Hoang for grittypretty.com

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Does it all really start in the shower? Anthony Nader sets us straight……………well kinda……as seen on Vogue Australia


Hacks for managing hair humidity that actually work


Looks like we got off on the wrong foot.

We’re officially in the transeasonal time of year where, although bare skin and beach visits are revving up, there’s one woe we just can’t sidestep: the dreaded combination of humidity and hair.

So before attempting to tackle romantic waves for a day at the races or straightening your strands ahead of a night out, Vogue spoke with celebrity hair stylist, Anthony Nader, for every humidity hack from his book of hair secrets to ensure your styled tresses aren’t compromised between seasons.

According to Nader, it all starts in the shower. “Reset your [shower] temperature down to the coolest you can withstand by running the water down your hair from roots to end. This closes your hair scales tight, maximising glossiness and manageability, leaving your hair shape polished,” Nader shares.

Once washed, another key step to prevent hair from fluffing and frizzing comes in the technique of drying. Nader says, “When drying off your hair, rather than rubbing your strands up and down, blot hair.”

“Rubbing your hair will only aggravate each hair strand to become fluffier, whereas if you blot, you’ll beat off the humidity ahead of the day,” he finishes.

As for styling, Nader says the key to avoiding humidity from wrecking your look lies in taking smaller sections when it comes to styling. “If you’re ironing your strands straight or even wanting to apply a wave, make sure you take finer sections, rather than thicker ones,” he shares.

“By taking smaller sections,” Nader continues, “It allows you to have more control of moulding your hair, combatting the day ahead with frizz-free hair.”

And when it comes to picking the perfect humidity-battling hairbrush? Nader swears by a 100 percent pure round bristle brush, sharing, “They really do smooth over the hair beautifully and I tend to bevel the ends as well so they look finished and not entirely dead-straight.”

So once you’ve styled your hair to perfection, it’s time to “seal the deal” Nader shares. “Anti-humidity sprays aren’t a gimmick and are far from it.”

“An anti-humidity spray is the holy grail of fighting frizz,” Nader shares. He continues, “Once you have finished styling your hair, give your entire head of hair a spray and you’ll be set for your day ahead.”

But when it comes to beating humidity long term, rather than just day-to-day, Nader confirms, “Moisture is the key for protecting your strands and building a barrier to seal out the natural elements, like humidity.”

To conclude, Nader tells us, “Your strands can’t get enough moisture over the next few months, so keep on hydrating and you’ll have top performing hair from the boardroom to drinks with the girls in the evening.”

On that note, we’ll both hydrate and cheers to that.

By Jessica Arrowsmith for vogue.com.au

Daily Mail


Hey hair mid-life crisis………..we’re talkin to you! As seen on Dailymail.co.uk

As we age, our locks undergo many changes. For women, this is often related to stress and hormones; and while grey strands and hair loss might be the major concerns for women, loss of volume, dullness and dryness can be all signs of your hair’s unhealthy state.

Celebrity hairstylist Anthony Nader says his female clients often complain about grey and lacklustre hair that is dry and without volume.

‘They all come down to basically each hair strand becoming dehydrated and losing it’s plumpness which, in turn, becomes like an autumn leaf,’ he says.


Celebrity hairstylist and owner of RAW Salon in Sydney, Anthony Nader, says many women experience hair loss, dullness and dryness in their 30s and 40s.

Celebrity hairstylist and owner of RAW Salon in Sydney, Anthony Nader, says many women experience hair loss, dullness and dryness in their 30s and 40s.


‘You need to keep each hair strand plump and full of life so it performs.’

Mr Nader, who has worked alongside Kendall Jenner and Gisele Bündchen, says stress and hormones can affect a woman’s hair throughout her life.


Anthony Nader, Kendall Jenner, NYFW 17

Mr Nader with Kendall Jenner recently at New York Fashion Week


‘Breastfeeding, menopause and stress can be huge contributors to losing your hair and dealing with calming down your over active hormones,’ he explains.

‘Hormones will wreak havoc and you need to be always one or even two long steps ahead of them.

‘While your body is going through any of these transitions that occur at some point in your life, this is where you need to take extra care in treating the cause of the problem,’ he adds.


Keeping your hair one colour will make it look flat and dull. Grey strands can be given new life with 'dimensional colour', says Mr Nader

Keeping your hair one colour will make it look flat and dull. Grey strands can be given new life with ‘dimensional colour’, says Mr Nader


‘Going grey can be dealt with by colouring to suit your complexion, the pregnancy thankfully is a time when you need to balance out the supplements and add more nutrients in your day to day diet.’

However, Mr Nader says menopause is particularly ”trying” for women.

‘I’ve seen this stage on many of my clients, and with the right shampoo and conditioning products and styling you can create the illusion of thicker hair and fool the crowd confidently,’ he says.

‘You need to take extra care of maintaining and treating your hair to always feel supple and beautiful.’

Mr Nader recommends getting six-weekly haircuts, avoiding too much bleach and adding layers.


* Sweep your hair over to the opposite side. It will give you more volume

* Use a dry shampoo to achieve more hair texture

* If you want extra height on the crown area, use a brush, not a comb

* Opt for a thickening shampoo and conditioner

Mr Nader regularly shares images on social media with celebrities like model Kate Upton

Mr Nader regularly shares images on social media with celebrities like model Kate Upton

‘Layers are always a fabulous idea when you want and need to bring life back into your hair and especially around your face,’ he explains.

‘Go easy on the bleach and other heavy duty colour treatments as this can over time put stress on your poor hair strands.’

By Sheree Mutton for Daily Mail Australia

Harpers Bazaar




If you’re anything like us, as the weather gets warmer and summer approaches, you start thinking about changing up your hair somehow. Usually, that means going lighter. And in 2017, there are so many lightening options that trump the tried-and-tested half head of foils.

Here, we round up three hair colour trends that are just starting to take off now—meaning, they’re likely to be everywhere by Christmas.


See you tonight @Swarovski 💎✨ #BrillianceforAll

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Style muse: Karlie Kloss

For the woman who doesn’t do anything in halves. If you’re going to go blonde, take a leaf out of Karlie Kloss’ book and really go blonde.

Recent advances in hair colouring systems minimise the damage bleach afflicts on the hair and the scalp. “New technology provides amazing results,” says Shari, Colour Director at Barney Martin. “These include lipid rich on-scalp bleaching and lightening products to lift whilst protecting the hair and scalp, as well as Olaplex treatments to repair and smooth the surface of the hair.”



A post shared by Georgia May Jagger (@georgiamayjagger) on

Style muse: Georgia May Jagger

All-over pastel colouring was a trend in late 2016 and apparently, it’s not going anywhere soon. “Pink and grey are the new neutrals in hair colour,” Shari explains. “At Barney Martin, we bleach and lighten, then tone using bespoke formulas to achieve the look.”


Style muse: Olivia Palermo

According to Aleks Abadia, Director of Hair at Esstudio Galleria, tasseling is the updated version of balayage: “It differs to balayage and hair contouring as it is applied closer to the root for a longer lasting result, with a soft transition of colour between dark and light.” This freehand method is hard to master, but when done right, stylists can seamlessly blend highlights throughout your natural colour. The trick, Aleks says, is to “make sure you feather the colour towards to roots to create a soft effect, rather than a hard line.”


Thank you @jasonwu for having me open your beautiful show today❤️You are so special 🖤🖤

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Style muse: Bella Hadid

According to Anthony Nader from RAW Anthony Nader, this year, brunettes are getting a cool-toned makeover, a la Bella Hadid: “and yes, I mean cool.”

“Forego the warmer tones of reds and copper and ask your hair colourist to put a dash of violet or deep midnight blue in the base,” Nader says. But be warned, you might need to update your makeup kit to include cool shades of bronzer and eyeshadow too.


By Erin Cook for Harpers Bazaar, Australia


Get our major cool girl haircut crush for summer as seen on ELLE Australia

 This year’s go-to cut just became more effortless.




The cool girl cut has undergone a bit of a transformation: from bobs with bangs trending earlier this year, to ‘rich girl’ hair in the recent past, a clear move has been made towards less layering and a look of effortlessness. This summer’s go-to cut is even simpler: shaggy with focus on ease, wearability and minimal maintenance, perfect for the warm months when the last thing you’d want to do is take a hot blow-dryer to the scalp.

According to Sydney-based hairdresser, Barney Martin, this summer’s preferred cut is focused on versatility. He recommends asking your hair stylist for “a shag cut that works with [your] hair’s natural movement and texture”, and references British it-girl and model Edie Campbell shoulder-length cut as a prime example of this kind of style in action.

Bridesmaid wenches about to board a ship to the underworld

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This low-maintenance cut will work for those who love an ‘undone’ look, and a style that you can wash-and-wear, but still like to have the option of upping the glam if needed.

Being an esteemed member of the Photo Jury at Hyeres Festival 💅🏽

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Fellow Sydney hair stylist, Anthony Nader, has also taken hairspiration from a British model, citing Ruth Bell as his “absolute go-to for short hair”. Nader has noticed many of his clients bringing in pictures of Bell’s cropped cut, meaning he’s not the only one that loves her ‘do. “I think…that her choppy cut is super feminine and soft, which is workable when creating different hair shapes, and grows out a treat.”

A post shared by Ruth Bell (@ruthnotmay) on

For those who aren’t willing to go the full chop this summer, Nader also suggests a cut for longer hair that is equally as low maintenance. He finds “American model Kaia Gerber is a draw card for many… you can’t go past a beautiful classic haircut that works day in, day out”. To achieve this look for your next cut, ask for a few longer layers throughout the interior of the haircut. This way, your hair won’t appear layered but will still have a slight “swing” to it.

get the girl a brush

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coming soon

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So put those styling tools in storage this summer, and get on board with these cool girl-endorsed styles.

By Ana Eksouzian-Cavadas for elle.com.au