6 FRESH RUNWAY HAIRSTYLES TO TRY THIS SEASON. Hair by Stella Greenwood, Sabrina Maxwell & Anthony Nader. Seen – GRAZIA

UPDO AND AWAY: SIX FRESH WAYS TO STYLE YOUR HAIR THIS SEASON By Emily Algar If there’s one message we can take from the scope of fashion weeks this year, in particular the Fall/Winter 2019 runways, it’s that a sense of nuanced refinement is back. It’s less grunge, less cool girl and more polished, poised […]

5 GOOD REASONS TO WEAR BRAIDS OFTEN. Anthony’s latest shoot and quotes seen GRITTY PRETTY

What is it with women and braids? We’ve never met a braid we didn’t like, but they aren’t exactly an everyday style after your teens – unless you’re Beyoncé. (This needs to change, but more on that later.) Braids are a lot like romantic comedies. They seem complicated, but most abide by the same format. If […]

IS THIS THE MOST CREATIVE BRAID YOU’VE EVER SEEN? Anthony dishes up on how to get Lady GaGa’s Grammy Awards Hair seen BYRDIE.

So, it’s safe to say that Lady Gaga just owned the 60th annual Grammy Awards red carpet by means of hairstyle domination. Paired with a show-stopping black gothic gown and heavy pink glitter on her eyes, we’re 99 percent sure this is the most epic braid ever created. While it does look like the work of […]