Regrowth’s a curse, isn’t it? Especially when you can’t get to the salon to disguise it. The only person it possibly has ever looked good on was Lady Gaga in the Netflix documentary Five Foot Two.

If you’re finding it hard to get into Raw Hair for your regular colour touch up, don’t despair. Our online store has just the trick to tide you over.

Oribe’s Airbrush Root Touch Up Spray, available in six hot hues for all shades of strands, will brighten lacklustre locks and all but eliminate those sneaky greys. And it does it all in less than 30 seconds.

You simply spritz into the root section of your hair ‘et voila’ – instant shine, colour and gloss! You’ll love it so much you may even ditch your boyfriend for it.


Rewind regrowth for brunettes with either light brown or dark brown  depending on the depth of your colour.

If you have black hair, your grey strands are likely to be more evident, because #contrast. In this case, you should reach for  Oribe’s Black Spray.

The micro fine pigments blend seamlessly with your current colour and will save you in between your salon appointments.


Red heads are always ‘head turners’ and total glam babes, however the curse of this colour is that it fades fast. The molecule is smaller than most and is easily leached from the hair strand. This means more frequent visits to your colourist. So clearly, you’ll adore Oribe’s Red Airbrush Touch Up, as it will keep your mane full bodied, shiny and voluptuous between visits!


Perfecting platinum blonde between visits is easy with Oribe’s  platinum while those with flaxen locks, reminiscent of the Californian sun, will lap up  Oribe Airbrush Touch Up Spray in Blonde.  These two sprays work a treat on camouflaging regrowth on light to medium natural bases. They’re also perfect for neutralising brassy tones that somehow always seem to sneak through.

How To Use

These sprays are so simply to use it’s not funny. Simply follow these steps: 

– Hold the tip of the nozzle approximately 10 centimetres away from your part line. Spray a fine mist, in a line beginning at the front of the hair and finishing at the crown. Do this in one clean sweep to ensure an even result.

– Repeat this process again, but this time, mist along the part line about one centimetre on each side from the first line.  

– Don’t forget to give a light spray around the hairline framing your face.

– Finish by lightly combing or brushing the product through the hair. We love Mason Pearson Styling Comb for this, as it evenly distributes the pigment without messing with your ‘do.

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