What to Look for in Hot Rollers

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Smooth Coverings

According to hairstylist and salon owner Anthony Nader, the best kinds of rollers have a velvety-smooth covering over their metal body. “These don’t leave indentation marks on hair strands like older style rollers,” he says. With that in mind, it’s best to avoid rollers made fully from metal.

Pin Fasteners

Nader also says it’s best to opt for rollers that fasten to the hair with metal pins. “These secure to the hair beautifully compared to using a hair clip with claws,” he says.

Sets That Include a Range of Sizes

Nader recommends investing in a set that contains rollers of different sizes, which will allow you to create a multitude of looks. “You’ll also then have the choice to give your hair extra body by using the smaller rollers, if needed,” he says.


How do you use hot rollers?

According to Nader, hot rollers are perfect for creating smooth, voluminous curls. His advice is to wait until the rollers are properly heated and then wrap sections of hair around each one. For more volume, roll the hair up and away from the direction of growth, and downwards for a sleeker finish.

Nader points out that the golden rule is to leave them in until completely cooled down. If you take them out prior, you won’t have the same longevity.

Once unraveled, use a boar bristle brush to break up curls and give the hair a smooth, sleek, glamorous finish.

How long do you leave hot rollers in?

For the best result, be sure to leave the rollers in until they’re completely cooled down.

How do you use hot rollers on short hair?

According to Nader, the rule of thumb is “the smaller the roller, the tighter the result.” If you don’t want to lose too much length and want a smooth result, go for a larger roller. If you have shorter hair, you’ll want a smaller roller so you get definition and a little extra lift.

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