We Asked Three Hairdressers To Share
This Year’s Top Winter Hair Trends

Winter is well and truly here, and with it, the desire to change our hair. Unlike summer, the colder months call for different cuts and colours. Before you go booking an appointment, marie claire Australia has asked three top hairdressers for their expert opinions.

Below, they’ve outline seven of the top winter hair trends for 2021. From embracing natural curls to copper tones and shaggy bobs — there’s something in here to suit everyone, no matter your personal style.












Kaia Gerber via Instagram


Anthony Nader, Salon Owner and Creative Director at RAW:

“This Winter is about a hair texture that is more relaxed……. your texture is officially on vacay! but you know there’s a strong technical haircut behind this relaxed vibe where seeing.

To achieve this, it is super important to have a clean, crisp baseline (that’s the length), and then the party is the interior texture which has soft and #seamless layers, which is key here.

Spray a little sea salt spray into the roots and mid-lengths and let your bob dry naturally if you wish. Or use a hairdryer, but do not forget to attach a defuser on the end so you can embrace your newfound texture instead of blowing it all out to smithereens.”













Dua Lipa via Instagram



Amanda Tua, Founder & Creative Director at Amanda Tua Hair:

“Block colouring has really taken off, with a lot of clients asking for contrasting panels of colour that really make an impact. The bigger the contrast the better! There are a few different variations of this trend: The Half & Half — either left to right side, or top to bottom (Dua Lipa); Face Framing — using face framing highlights to contrast with the rest of the hair; or Hidden Panels —  Inserting random panels of colour for maximum impact.”













Valonz Salon via Instagram


Renya Xydis, Creative Director and Founder of Valonz and Salon X by Renya Xydis:

“Winter is the perfect time to give your hair a break from excess heat styling this autumn/winter and embrace the natural curls.

Styling your natural curls or natural hair, in general, can be a fun and unique journey, learning about your hair texture and type.

I would recommend looking for products that suit and enhance your natural hair type, texture and style that will allow your natural hair journey to become enjoyable and fun. If you have natural curls to enhance, chat to your stylist to get a cut that will embrace your curls.”











Billie Eilish Via Instagram



Anthony Nader, Salon Owner and Creative Director at RAW:

“When Billie Eilish went peroxide platinum blonde a month ago, the hair and fashion industry crazy……literary!!!! Our DMs were working overtime. Since then, we have seen women taking the plunge to go to the lighter side and with complete confidence in force. Taking your hair to this level takes commitment, though, and it’s not a service that takes an hour or two.

This isn’t a full head of highlights!!!! This is a full head bleach from roots to ends.

Ask for a consultation first so you can have a chat with your Colourist so you can plan the journey together.

I’m such a fan of Billie’s blonde and works so gorgeously with her milky complexion and striking eye colour.”














Jennifer Lopez via Instagram



Renya Xydis, Creative Director and Founder of Valonz and Salon X by Renya Xydis:

“A winter classic is warm, bright caramel tones creating depth and light to darker, deeper browns. By adding a warm caramel tone you can warm up and brighten those darker brown strands.

For a more modern look from the classic caramel, you can add a more ‘ashy brown’ to lighten up the look and create a bit of edge for your look.

These tones can be added by doing babylight, balayage or the classic highlights.”



Amanda Tua, Founder & Creative Director at Amanda Tua Hair:

‘Everybody wants copper right now, it is my most requested shade of the last 6 months! Blondes are changing up their look with strawberry blonde toners, or peachy hues. Brunettes are taking the plunge and going all out copper from the root or opting for rich warm copper highlights.”












Daisy Edgar-Jones via Instagram



Anthony Nader, Salon Owner and Creative Director at RAW:

“Going bolder with your fringe gives your haircut more presence if you will. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but when the shape and density is cut incorrectly … it will turn heads! It’s really important, though, to keep the ends looking and feeling soft and ‘lived in’ looking and no harsh, blunt lines. Oh, and one last thing, always keep your fringe looking more overgrown than too short. You want your fringe to flutter over your eyelashes.”


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