How to turn thin hair thick

For anyone with thin hair, you’ll recognise the struggle to maintain voluminous hair. Sure, it looks good the moment you put the hot tools down or step out of the salon, but 20 minutes later you’re left looking like you have three flat, oily strands framing your disappointed face.

We understand the quest to turn thin hair thick, so we called up two of the best hair pros in the country — Anthony Nader, creative director at RAW Anthony Nader and Joey Scandizzo co-creative director for ELEVEN Australia and 2018 Hairdresser of the year — to get their expert tips and tricks to master luscious-looking hair forever.

It’s all about the products

Nothing comes for free, unfortunately, not even thick hair — unless you were born with it, then good for you, you probably don’t need to be reading this (give this a read instead). So, if it’s full-bodied texture you’re after, you’ll have to get spending. But don’t be tricked into thinking you need every product under the sun.

According to Nader, there are four products you need in your hair styling arsenal.

DRY SHAMPOO: Everyone owns dry shampoo, and most only think it’s good for soaking up the oil slick that’s formed in your part. Of course, second to actually washing your hair, it’s the best for that but it’s also the dream product for anyone looking to beef up their hair. Nader calls it a “magic wonder spray” because it coats each hair strand to make them appear and feel thicker.

“When you invest in your dry shampoo make sure you choose the right shade for your hair so it blends beautifully,” recommends Nader.

POWDER: All the goods haircare brands are dabbling in volumising hair powders and for good reason, they’re a great way to pump up the volume at the roots.

“This product is super fine, baby fine and almost see-through, which is fantastic,” says Nader.

“Sprinkle a little on the area you want a bit of va va voom, and you’re good to go.”

THICKENING SHAMPOO: If you’re serious about thickening up your hair, it’s definitely worth considering a shampoo that works to thicken as you wash. According to Nader, thickening shampoos are far from a gimmick.

“You’ll notice that the more you wash your strands, the plumper they will seem and will quit feeling so fine and wispy.”

VOLUME SPRAY or TEXTURE FOAM: Post-wash, while your hair is still damp, make a choice between a volume spray or a textured foam. If a spray is more your thing spray directly onto your roots and mid-lengths, if your hair is long. “Then blow dry in with your fingers, stretching up the roots. Before you know it you’ll have hair reaching up to the heavens,” says Nader.

If sexy, tousled hair is what you’re after, Nader recommends using a foam and scrunching it into damp hair. “Don’t comb through as you want your new found texture to be more disheveled than glam.”

BUT it’s also all about what’s inside your products

If the haircare aisle is all a little too overwhelming, there’s a way to navigated it like a professional hairstylist, thanks to Nader and Scandizzo (professional hair stylists).

“I’m a huge fan of protein treatments because it doesn’t weigh strands down, unlike its other friends ‘moisture’ and ‘oil’, which you need to steer clear of,” says Nader.

“Protein works brilliantly for strengthening and building up the mechanics, if you will, for creating thicker strands and starting from the inside to the outer layer.”

For celebrity hair stylist Scandizzo it’s all about wheat proteins in your shampoo and condition if volume is what you desire.

“Something that has wheat proteins will help add volume and thickness to hair. A good one is ELEVEN Australia I Want Body Volume Shampoo and Conditioner,” says Scandizzo.

“Wheat proteins and silk aminos are the best as these penetrate the hair shaft and don’t just sit on the top.”

Once your hair is dry, choose products that aren’t waxy or oily.

“It comes down to using products that make hair look thicker,” admits Scandizzo.

“Firstly, stay away from waxes and oil-based products that can weigh hair down or cause it to separate and appear finer.”

What you want are lightweight products that won’t weigh down finer hair.

Train your hair thicker! It’s a process, but it’s possible

It might seem hard to believe but you can train your hair to act thicker.

It’s all about boosting new hair growth, and Scandizzo puts it down brushing your hair (taking care of your scalp by massaging your head when you wash is also a great way to stimulate growth too).

“Don’t forget to brush your hair! Brushing brings natural oils down the hair shaft to hydrate while also stimulating the scalp to boost new hair growth,” says Scandizzo.

So if it’s fuller, thicker-looking hair you’re after, you now know what to do.

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