The best way to update blonde hair in winter

The warm weather has officially come to an end, and for all the blonde-haired babes out there, it’s time to ease the bright, icy and bleached yellow hues that carried you through the sun-kissed summer into warmer, muted blonde shades for the cooler season.

To ensure you’re taking all the right steps towards winter-friendly blonde hair, we reached out to Klorane’s training manager Janis McMannis and Leading Australian hairstylist and owner of RAW Salon, Anthony Nader, to guide you through a seamless summer-to-winter blonde hair transition.

What are some ways for blondes to update their hair for winter without dying it darker etc.?

To give your blonde hair a seasonal update, Anthony says the best place to start is to wash away the platinum and icy bleached tones from summer then to add a toner before updating your mane with more creamy soft blondes – “a toner is non-permanent and fades out beautifully. You could say that it’s a colour process that really does “kiss” your strands lightly without drying it out.”

He also gives his ideas for more winter-suited blonde hues, “My go-to colour shades for winter are Vanilla Blonde, Peachy Blonde, Strawberry Blonde, Blush Blonde, Caramel Blonde, Champagne Blonde and Buttercup Blonde and this is just the start but don’t they all sound tasty?”  If they sound good enough to eat, then they’ll look just as enticing as a hair colour!

Janis also favours rich warm tones for the cooler season and mentions pigmented coloured shampoos which “provide interesting temporary tones.”

What’s the best way to get rid of that super bleached blonde summery look?

Anthony warns that the bleaching from summer can take a toll on your hair and it’s best to go easy on the peroxide and bleaching of your hair in winter. He highly recommends using hair treatments from brands such as Olaplex (a treatment that is available at his salon,) to save your locks and get them ready for your winter transition.

Similarly, Janis recommends using a weekly treatment to prep your hair for a more winter-friendly blonde. She emphasises that this is essential for deep hydration and will also add gloss and shine. This is a great way to prep your hair for a ‘winter blonde’ as Janis informs us that “blonde hair is more vulnerable to climatic aggressions and pollution than darker bases  which can then become damaged and dull quickly.” She recommends using gentle lightening sprays to “create soft baby lights on blonde hair or warm caramel tones on dark blonde hair without sensitising or compromising the hair fibre.”

What’s the best way to transition your bright summer-blonde into a more muted and soft winter-suited blonde?  

Janis says to ensure a richer effect for winter; you should gradually introduce “multidimensional hues from beige to honey tones.”

Anthony’s tip? Asking your hairdresser this exact question – “Let them know your thoughts and concerns before the bowl and brush come anywhere near your hair.”

What products are best to use for this?

The more product knowledge and suggestions we have available to us the better, as every head of hair (even in various shades of blonde) is different.

Olaplex is the standout brand again for Anthony which he says is the “lifesaver for nutrition and strengthening each hair strand from the inside out.”

Janis recommends an illuminating ritual with Chamomile from Klorane Laboratories. “It is a range that naturally enhances blonde to light brown highlights. The natural pigments of the plant bind to the hair cuticles, creating an effect that will brighten or soften the tone of blonde hair and give pretty natural blonde highlights to light brown hair.”

What products do you recommend to enhance and maintain a more winter blonde?

“For blonde hair that has an undertone of warmth, or with “natural grey highlights” that want a more neutral or cooler tone, an anti-yellowing shampoo with Centaury from Klorane, will gently cleanse, reducing brassiness or warmth without overtoning (no purple reflect). It is also fantastic on naturally grey white or platinum hair to reduce the effects of oxidation. For hair that is colour treated, in need of a shine boost, I would recommend a Colour Enhancing Conditioner with Pomegranate, to naturally preserve colour, nourish and enhance shine.” advises Janis.

Anthony’s pick – Hi Lift True Hydrate Nourish and Repair Shampoo and conditioner.  “Thirsty hair strands will thank you for this and start behaving again for better hair styling days ahead.”

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