As far as essential hair products go, you probably think you’re pretty well-stocked for dry winter hair at this point. Your hydrating shampoo and condition, your moisturising hair mask, and maybe even heat protection products. So, what else is there to consider? Just when you thought you had your tresses under control, there’s an additional product hairdressers are raving about – hair serum.

To get acquainted with this (to us) new product, we reached out to Anthony Nader, Salon Owner and Creative Director at RAW in Sydney for your guide to hair serums.

So, first things first, what is hair serum? Nader explains “Not to be confused with hair oil, a serum is a silicone-based (also available silicone-free, of course) styling product that is designed to smooth over your strands to help maximize shine, moisture and, of course…smooth over the unruliest hair textures”

Nader goes on to explain how hair serum work; “the benefit of a serum is that you can apply it to damp or dry hair…it’s your call here, ladies. What I find, though, is when I apply the serum on damp hair, it will absorb into the hair cuticle far better than if you were to apply it on dry as it sits on the outer layer and doesn’t absorb as beautifully”.


And according to the celebrity hairdresser, you can add a little when you’re prepping for styling with your other styling products and the serum is perfect for the days you are time poor and you want to give strands a punch of instant shine without being a slave to your hairdryer.

And now to the bit on how to apply the serum which is worth paying attention to. Nader says; “for best results for your hair not looking greasy/dirty is to apply a few drops on damp hair and then blow-dry as usual. I always start by only applying to the mid-lengths to ends and then once dry, see how the top area is and only then if you have a few strays that need controlling….then run a drop in your palms and glide over the troubled area. The saying “Less is More” is definitely one to stick by here when using a serum”.

But can hair serums be used on every type of hair we ask and according to Nader it’s a matter of trial and error. He explains; “if someone is in my chair and has finer hair strands, I tend to apply much lighter than someone with coarse grey hair. Curly, unruly, coarse strands, I know I can play more with adding more drops if needed as this texture is always thirsty for more juice (so to speak)”. And we wouldn’t be speaking to a hairstylist without asking for some inside tips and this is what Nadar has up his sleeves; “a trick I like to also use for these hair textures for extra conditioning is to add a little cream conditioner into your palms along with your drops of serum. Whereas fine hair that is less coloured, I would be more cautious but confident that my end result won’t make the hair shape flat as I didn’t apply anywhere near the root area. Bleached hair absolutely loves a serum so go for it here, as your strands will thank you for the extra hydration.

And lastly, in your guide to hair serums, why should we use a hair serum and what kind of result can we get? According to Nader, serums have wonderful properties that magnify the integrity of the hair and especially dull, lacklustre hair strands to see better days ahead. Serums are getting a bad rap because they’ve been used (applied) incorrectly. But when used correctly, serums work magic. And we agree with Nadar who says: “who doesn’t want that beautiful hair campaign looking hair that exudes health and wellbeing!!!! I certainly do!” And, so do we.

Some of Anthony Nader’s favourite hair serums


Your Guide To Hair Serums

GHD Smooth and Finish Serum 30ml

Suitable for all hair types, the fast-absorbing formula smoothens from root to tip and conceals the appearance of split ends for super-sleek, salon-style results with every use.

RRP: $30.00

Your Guide To Hair Serums

Nioxin 3D Intensive Care Night Density Rescue 70ml

An overnight leave-in treatment clinically proven to boost hair density in 2 months* and combat hair loss, including curly hair loss. This antioxidant hair serum leaves your scalp feeling refreshed and promotes hair density.

RRP: $60.00




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