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6 FRESH RUNWAY HAIRSTYLES TO TRY THIS SEASON. Hair by Stella Greenwood, Sabrina Maxwell & Anthony Nader. Seen – GRAZIA


By Emily Algar

Deliberate though as this season’s trends may be, they aren’t necessarily tricky or time consuming. At least, they need not be. Rather, it’s about reinventing the classics; just fresh enough to quell hairstyle fatigue, but simple enough to execute in real life. Think insouciant ponytails, a new take on texture, and blunt cuts that do all the talking (so you don’t have to). It’s styled, up and away from your face, but not stuffy or complicated. As far as hair types go, there’s something for everyone, too, from textured to stick straight, long to lob. The best part is that there’s no need to chop, change or colour.

To bring our bourgeois hair dreams to life, we tapped into the expertise of Sydney-based hairstylist Anthony Nader, who knows how to toe the line between styled and simplicity with finesse. Here, he maps out a visual menu of styles to inspire change this season – just not the drastic kind.


In some instances, a great cut is the only style point of reference you need. If your hair is already short, take it up a notch by way of a bowl cut and blunt edges that graze the nape of the neck. Keep things running smoothly by blow-drying with a rounded natural-bristle brush after every shampoo. Finish with a silicon-free serum for hair that shines like glass.

NADER’S EXPERT TIP: “This style is not for the faint of heart. Ask your stylist for a sharp-bowl style where the focus is a clean edge. This style means business, but it’s beautiful.”


Take a trip back to the school yard with two braids. Best suited to long hair, this eternal style is the gift that keeps on giving. Mist hair with a cloud of styling spray for grip, enforce a slick centre part, and work from the hairline all the way down. Once secure, loosen just a little with your fingers. This will last you 48 hours, minimum.

NADER’S EXPERT TIP: “Skip a plastic-tooth comb and use metal instead. It will give you a cleaner result and more longevity.”


Short hair, while chic, can feel limiting as far as styling prospects go. Ignore this hypothesis and try a low-slung knot on for size. Don’t worry about shorter pieces escaping when you twist – the more movement and defiance, the better.

NADER’S EXPERT TIP: “Take a bit of gritty paste, warm between the fingers and scrape damp hair back. This will ensure dimension and hold.”


A prim-and-proper low pony fits the bourgeois bill this season to a tee, but make it interesting by incorporating a loop. It’s a modern, purposeful take on the world’s easiest hairstyle – a reinvention of the wheel, so to speak.

NADER’S EXPERT TIP: “This is perfect on second- (or third-) day hair as natural oils will give it grip. Pull hair into a low ponytail, and on the last loop, only pull halfway through before securing with an elastic, leaving the ends of the tail free.”


Curls are a dichotomy: beautiful but difficult to wrangle. Instead of fighting your texture, give it freedom to dry naturally and then pile it high on top of your head. Use a soft, natural-bristle brush to sweep upwards, and secure with a bungee cord. Skip gels and mists and just lean into your clean, airy strands. Don’t worry about baby hairs either – they’ll just add softness.

NADER’S EXPERT TIP: “You can define fluffy curls with an extra-small hot tong. Once it’s tied up, wind to the ends and let them drop naturally so they bounce freely.”


Up the ante on the classic high pony with an unexpected wrap-around. Once secured at the crown of the head, take the top half and sweep around the elastic, securing with pins and bringing up the length. Thicker hair types should be sure to subscribe, as this will lighten up your hair for maximum swishy-ness.

NADER’S EXPERT TIP: “Give heavy ponytails a kick-start with an extra-large curling tong. Wrap up from ends to roots, hold, remove and pin while it cools. Once set, unravel and push ahead with the wrap-around style pictured.”





Every year, there’s two things that get me with the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. One – those perfect bodies (I actually tried to commit to all the booty/ab exercises they do this year, but instead I ended up addicted to The Crown on Netflix). And two – can someone just give me those damn perfect hair waves? PLEASE?

I have a lot of hair and it’s long, so I figure of the two life goals, the Victoria’s Secret hair waves are the most achievable. I’m actually pretty decent at waving my own hair with a hair straightener, but it’s pretty unpredictable as to how good I can get them. I did pretty well on the weekend (that’s me in the middle):

Girls girls girls. #sundaysundown #diveintosummer

A photo posted by Melissa Mason (@melissamason_) on

I like when the waves are loose and natural-looking, and I felt like that’s how they did them this year at Vic Secret.


Like, bit less glamour-queen, bit more chilling-at-the-beach, you know? Anyway. If you didn’t get bombarded with backstage Victoria’s Secret pics yesterday, you would have missed the constant references to this hair curler, which was as present at the show as those iconic pink robes.

The curler was created by celeb hairstylist Sarah Potempa, and its unique selling point is that it rotates, looping your hair around the barrel for you.

Obviously, if it was hailed as the reason all the Victoria’s Secret models had perfect, low key waves, I had to try it. It’s available in Australia now via Sydney Salon Supplies, so I hit them up for one to trial.

I’ve struggled with hair curlers in the past. I have a LOT of hair and minimal patience, so the process of separating small amounts and wrapping them around a wand, then WAITING (waiting is the devil) for them to set is torture to me. I much prefer taking larger chunks and running them through my straightener. But the whole rotating curler thing did intrigue me.

I started with the bottom section of my hair. You basically clip the base of your hair piece into the curler, and then hit “go” on the handle. The Beachwaver PRO rotates and wraps your hair around the barrel, and when you release “go” is when it stops. There are three ways to do your hair with the curler – waves, curls and vintage, tight curls. It’s all in how you hold the tool, and for waves, you hold it vertically. This is probably the biggest plus of the tool besides the rotating business. It can be really hard to get the exact look you want using ANY heat tool, let alone a curler. Having a foolproof method for achieving your ideal style is great – and the vertical holding thing definitely gave a wave over a tight curl, as you’ll see at the end of this.

Here’s the bottom section of my hair after using the Beachwaver PRO. Note that I haven’t actually brushed these out yet hence why they’re tight and weird looking.


I kept going, doing sections the same as I would with a straightener. I burnt myself once, but I’d probably attribute that to the fact that I rush through everything and take on heat tools with the kind of devil-may-care attitude you really shouldn’t have around 210C items. Speaking of heat – the Beachwaver PRO has a heat adjustment, which is great because you shouldn’t go at your hair with 210C unless it’s very thick and coarse. It also tells you which heat will suit your hair type in the instructions.

Another benefit, and an important one if you want a natural finish – the Beachwaver PRO can rotate right OR left. You just hit the specific buttons to change its direction. I tried to remember to alternate so every second curl was the opposite direction – this is key to getting waves that don’t look too “done”.

When I finished, the instructions were to separate the waves with my fingers. I didn’t think this worked for my style so I did what I normally do and brushed out the waves. Here’s the final result.



Obviously they’re not heavily styled – I didn’t want that kind of finish and I think I could have gotten it if I did the curling “hold” from the instructions. I wanted loose waves and I got them!


Would I use it again? Look I’m pretty set in my ways and because I can do straightener-curls, I like to stick with that. Using a hair curler – even a fancy, rotating one that heats up really well like this one – does take longer than straightener curls if you’re a pro at straightener curls. But I would highly recommend this guy to anyone who struggles to curl their hair. The rotating function is easy to use and takes the guesswork out of things. It’s powerful and it only takes a few seconds to get each curl. And it does what it says on the box, which is give you the style as per how you held the wand. Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017 – meet your new angel. Me.

By Melissa Mason for primped.com.au



1. The 2017 Pirelli calendar features celebs like you’ve never seen them before.
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2. This is what it’s really like to tattoo your brows.
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3. The curling tong used backstage at Victoria’s Secret is now available in Australia.
It’s time to celebrate because Sarah Potempa’s Beachwaver is FINALLY available on our shores, thanks to both Sydney Salon Supplies and TVSN. The rotating curling iron is the only hot tong used backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to create those signature curls, and is the secret behind many an A-lister’s glossy waves.
4. Vaseline + eye shadow = DIY lipstick.
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5. For those of us with watery eyes…
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By Victoria Hoff for byrdie.com.au


This is how you can get Victoria’s Secret Angel hair at home.

Victoria’s Secret models are known for their luscious, shiny locks and now you can re-create the look.

Candice Swanepoel's hair looked beach chic on the Victoria's Secret runway.

Candice Swanepoel’s hair looked beach chic on the Victoria’s Secret runway.

We spoke to Australian stylist Anthony Nader from RAW hair in Sydney for his tips on nailing Victoria’s Secret volume and bounce at home.

1. Build volume
The first step to achieve the Angels’ sexy undone hair is to apply a foam (or mousse product) instead of a sea salt. “A sea salt spray which will make your strands look dull and fluffy,” Nader says. “A foam will keep your strands more polished and smooth”.

Pureology Colour Stylist Silk Bodifier - $34.95

Pureology Colour Stylist Silk Bodifier – $34.95

2. Always use a bristle brush
When your blowing out your hair use oversized radial boar bristle brushes. “These brushes ensure a smoother finish, give more body and will make even the frizziest of hair controllable because of the bristles,” he notes.

Lady Jayne Essentials Radial Brush - $5.99

Lady Jayne Essentials Radial Brush – $5.99

3. Add shine
“When clients want this famous hair style I always spray a light weight shine spray on the mid lengths and ends only and skip the roots,” Nader tells us. “By adding in the spray on damp hair, it absorbs into each hair strands far better than on dry hair.”

Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Medium - $24.50 (30ml)

Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Medium – $24.50 (30ml)

4. Invest in two hair curling irons
To achieve the Angels’ signature bounce you’ll need two different large sized barrel tongs. “After drying your hair, take haphazard chunky two to three inch vertical sections and wind each away from your face,” he says. Apply the large tong to every second section. “When your done shake the curls out to become large rippled waves,” he says.

Remington Perfect Curls 2-in-1 - $49.95

Remington Perfect Curls 2-in-1 – $49.95

4. Backcomb
This is the key step for added volume and height! “Back comb the top area around the part-line and crown and give them a light spray,” Nader notes.

Kendall Jenner gets her hair curled backstage at the Victoria's Secret Show.

Kendall Jenner gets her hair curled backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Show.

5. Add more hair
For even more bounce, try adding volume with hair extensions. “Visit a wig store and match your own colour,” Nader suggests. You can personalise hair pieces with baby clips so you can easily add them any time you want, giving the illusion of thicker hair. “Trust me this is what all the Victoria’s Secret Angels have on the runway!”

6. Refresh your colour
“Ask your hairdresser to lighten up a few block pieces around the face,” Nader suggests. A different variety of colour tones and highlights can create the impact of thickness and added texture.

By Sarah Carty for Lifestyle, Yahoo7


The first week of spring marks our last week with Anthony Nader, purchase and boy, pharmacy did he make sure to bounce out with a bang! Shot in New York for German magazine Madame, no rx Anthony orchestrated a look with the sole purpose of creating contrast and movement around the highly graphic, structural styles that were worn on the day: “I wanted her hair to personify freedom, vitality, and high energy, so I made sure that the curls looked full and, in a way, kind of radical.”

The whole idea of countering an outfit with makeup and hair to achieve a kind of irreverent elegance is by no means a strictly editorial concept. Pair this ‘do with a boxy shift dress and white sneakers, and whip your hair back and forth into the weekend!

Get the look below:

1. Wash strands with Oribe Moisture & Control Shampoo and Conditioner to give more hydration and smoothness, then blot dry.

2. For enhancing and ensuring supple looking strands, use a golf ball size of Curl Shaping Mousse and Royal Blow-Out Spray and work through from roots to ends, then comb through with a wide tooth comb.

3. Section the top half away and clip, then smooth over the underneath section with a large paddle brush, as this makes drying a whole lot quicker. Then unclip the top section, place in your part, and smooth over here now as you did the underneath layer.

4. Now get your hot sticks, approximately 12. Take your time here and section out 12 even sections and clip them as you go so you don’t get lost with all your hair.

5. Wrap your sections now, ensuring you tuck the ends under and wrap the rod all the way to the roots, as this will give that extra body we’re looking for.

6. Once cooled right down, you can unravel the rods, tilt your head over, and give your new curls some energy and bounce by shaking the curls out. Pop your head back upright and then place into shape and you’re good to roll for the day.

Book your appointment with Anthony Nader at RAW. For more information on Oribe stockists in Australia, call 1300 725 122.

Oribe Curl Shaping Mousse

Oribe Curl Shaping Mousse

Oribe Shampoo for Moisture Control

Oribe Shampoo for Moisture Control

Pribe Conditioner for Moisture and Control

Pribe Conditioner for Moisture and Control

Oribe Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray Argan

Oribe Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray 

by Rose Howard for pagesdigital.com