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You know the poor innocent serum does still get a bad rap doesn’t it!
But if you use it properly your hair strands won’t look oily or dirty which,
we know can happen at some time when hair styling.
We’re big fans of using a serum and our clients are too but why?
Here’s our top do’s & dont’s for when your using this liquid gem in a

* Always apply your serum on damp hair strands and then blow dry in.
By doing this the serum and the other styling products you’re layering the
hair with, will absorb far better than on dry hair.
The serum in this case will never make your strands appear oily nor dirty
and will dry…………….which is key.

* Squeeze a few drops into your palms and then lightly work them through
your mid lengths and ends then finally the root area ‘if’ needed.
If you feel you need a few drops more because of the density of your hair,
then squeeze a few more drops and re apply.
But always think twice here before you take the plunge.

* For unruly course/curly/frizzy hair strands, a serum will be your always
be your bestie for the Summer months ahead.
Blow drying on damp hair with your serum applied will always give an end
result of mega high voltage shine factor.

* Never apply directly onto the root area as this will be the sure sign your
just got caught in a rain down pour.

* Be mindful when investing in a serum that you can test it before, so you’re
not wasting your hard-earned bucks.
Keep in mind that the heavier the oil, the oilier it may appear which will
also weigh down your hair strands quicker.

* For those of you with finer strands just keep in mind to go easy when
applying your serum and don’t be heavy handed.
Remember less is more.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years RAW fans and also the biggest thank
you for your support for 2018 we really appreciate your ongoing loyalty.
Can’t wait to see you on the other side and look out for our January issue
of VOGUE for our next campaign.



We have to confess it was us and guilty as charged but, we bet you couldn’t have guessed that our model featured is sporting one, did you?

It’s good right?

In this month’s VOGUE campaign, we wanted to voice that its totally a-ok to slip on a wig if your heart desires.

Be it a night out, a formal occasion, drinks with the girls, or as simple as going to the mall there’s really a “no access area” at the end of the day so this is your time to explore the beauty world of wigs.


The reason why we popped this #LaceWig on our beautiful international model is that, Mili has fine long dark hair and we wanted to change her look completely.

Check out her website if you don’t believe us.

We may note that before the shoot date one week before this #HumanHairWig was 100% brown and long, so we gave the unit (another name for wig) a honey blonde balayage colour application and razored it to precision, gave the mid lengths a twirl with a #GHD flat iron so the end result had a RAW undone cool vibe to it.

Wigs can look absolutely natural which when done right………. looks beautiful.

Our main aim with this month’s campaign is purely to say and show you that you shouldn’t be afraid to try a wig.

If celebrities and models are sporting these on red carpets, tv interviews, and fashion events well why can’t we?

You may not notice to the untrained eye but, do you think Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Cate Blanchett, Emma Stone, Heidi Klum and the list goes on and on about how these stars have needed that extra longer length because they may have a sharp jawline bob existing? Or maybe adding a little extra thickness on the sides above the ears for volume?

Or dare I say adding a fun fringe piece to change your look up for the night?

Have we opened your eyes wide open yet with the secrets on how celebrities and models trick us?

We’re going to finish off by saying that when you go to the wig shop make sure you do/ask the below pointers and enjoy the new you in the making.

  1. Go to a reputable wig shop (ask your hairstylist here).
  2. Purchase a human lace/front wig (they have a invisible hairline and blends beautifully with your own hairline) and not a regular old fashioned one which will only make you look clown like which defeats the whole message).
  3. Gel or tape adhesive to secure wig around the hairline.
  4. Ask your hairstylist very sweetly if they could tailor your new trademark with a haircut and maybe a hair colour if needed.
  5. While you’re at it and bonding away with your hairstylist ask them to give you a lesson on the do’s and don’ts in caring for it.


Have a great month RAW fans and feel free to ask us any questions about the new you in the making.




This is our latest blooming campaign that is featured in this month’s Australian Vogue magazine.

I guess you could say that our inspiration derives from those plump velvety rich roses that you see in an established garden.

These roses are old worldly and rich in pastel pigments and far cry from today’s bright coloured manufactured roses.

Think here pink parfait, peach, sugar baby, bourbon, mint, blue silk, antique lavender, and whipped cream just to name the very few hues we’re channeling.

Are you smelling the same rose garden we are now?

Our aim for this campaign and salon clients was playing with our colour palates, and really watering down the strength the colour pigments.

The word “diluted” is definitely our holly grail here and not thinking like your wanting to join the loud bright circus when it rolls into town.

Our mind set when a client is sitting at the colour bar and wants some kind of “difference” but, still something that is fashion forward and soft which is always our goal set and also working with each clients skin complexion to match.

We’ve had fun introducing these ultra-soft velvety pastels tones that, work beautifully from brunettes to blondes and coppers are just another scale of so much fun that can be had.

There really are no limits of how little or how much you want your new hues to highlight, as it all comes down to the placement of the application when the colour is painted on by the hair colourist.

The end result is if you restrict your hair into a sleek braid or clean ponytail your colour will look tame and quiet.

When you have your hair out and showcasing the length and thickness, your velvety rose shades will be at full maximum impact of what lays beneath.

Have a great month RAW fans and feel free to ask us any questions about your next rose shade.

WHO’S YOUR CELEBRITY HAIR COLOUR CRUSH? Gigi Hadid ? Jennifer Lawrence? Or maybe Olivia Palermo? Seen BEAUTY CREW

Having your hair coloured can be a tricky business. With so many different colouring techniques and shade variations, it can be hard to have a clear picture of how you’d like your colour to turn out. That’s why taking a picture of a celebrity’s ‘do as a reference is the easiest way to ensure both you and your colourist are on the same page. But how do you know what colours are trending and which celebrity look to go for? We spoke to four of Sydney’s top hairdressers who revealed their favourite and most-requested celebrity hair colours this year.

Anthony Nader, RAW, Surry Hills

Gigi Hadid
“Without a doubt, Gigi Hadid’s look is definitely the most sought-after when it comes to hair referencing, and I think you can see why. Her hair has a naturally light base, which helps immensely when creating this combination of multidimensional colour,” explains Nader. He adds that what makes Gigi’s colour so popular “is the bold lightness and framing around [her] face, which adds dimension and makes complexions pop”.

If you’re looking to achieve the look yourself, Nader explains the secret is “precision sectioning around the front half of the head, backcombing larger sections and then applying colour and leaving the root area. I guess you could say it’s balayage that’s been taken to another level.”

Jennifer Lawrence
Although practically all of JLaw’s various hair colours will have been used as a hair reference at one time or another, it’s her lower maintenance look that Nader sees most often. “What clients love most about her trademark colour is that it’s 100 per cent achievable.” Specifically, how her “darker, natural roots melt slowly and beautifully into blonde hues”.

Olivia Palermo
If Nader had his way, Olivia Palermo’s colour combination would win a Hollywood Oscar. Her look is achieved by ensuring the “darker brunette depth on the crown of her head flows through to the back,” before lighter shades of warmer blonde are added to the front half area. The trick to this colour, Nader explains, is all about “deepening the back half of the hair by applying a glossy semi-permanent, sprinkling in some weaved highlights throughout the front area and making sure there’s at least three different complementary shades that define the hair’s texture.”



Spring is finally in the air so it’s time to shed that Winter hair don’t you think?

This is our latest fresh campaign that is featured in this month’s Australian Vogue magazine.

What we wanted to capture with beautiful Lily’s hair is the feeling and essence of an “airiness” if you will which promotes texture.

I think consumers can be a little put off by layering one length hair as, its kind of like a security blanket but what’s not happening here is that lightness and texture at the same time.

The beauty about long hair like Lily’s is that you can still rejoice your long prized mane and from now you can introduce some light texture (layers) throughout the interior only.

What we really love about this haircut also is Lily’s airy soft textured bangs.

The secret to cutting these bangs is by using a razor and a sharp one at that and on this note RAW fans, please don’t try this at home cause you might end up accidentally nicking your face…..  #HaircutGoneWrong.

Here are some key points to recreating our Spring hair and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

  1. First things first and make sure you ask your hairstylist for some “airy” texture.
  2. On damp hair maximize your new found texture with a medium hold foam and scrunch this in.


Yes scrunch.

Don’t comb the foam through evenly from roots to ends like the regular predicable times as we want a more haphazard lived in texture.


  1. Attach the diffuser to the end of the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer and using a circular motion all over till 90% dry.

The diffuser encourages the natural texture which is vital as there’s no powerful air blowing your strands everywhere.

OUR TOP TIP – Give your brushes a well-earned rest here and dry only with your fingers lifting your strands for volume and movement.


HAIR – Anthony Nader

Hello RAW fans & hope you’re all keeping dry and warm today.

We just wanted to show you our latest shoot which came out in July issue Vogue.

It’s masses of waves topped up with volume & cool texture for good measure.

It’s important when you want to achieve & enhance your natural texture, is by using a diffuser which we absolutely love.

The beauty about the diffuser is that you only get the heat distribution & not all that air, blowing your hair strands around like you’re in a wind tunnel.

Here’s how we got the look for our latest campaign for our best hair salon Sydney.

  1. On damp hair apply your volumizing product from roots to ends.
  2.  Shake out the excess moisture up to 80% with your hairdryer so your arms don’t get tired.
  3. Rake your strands through from roots to ends with a wide tooth comb.
  4. Attach your 385 Parlux Diffuser on the end of your Parlux hairdryer
  5. Now use circular movements all over your head & making sure your scrunching up your hair into your palms to give that extra oomph.
  6. Then always finish with 30 seconds of the cool shoot button on the hairdryer, as this sets the hair shape into place which gives more longevity……you have to give this trick a whirl Best Hair Salon Sydney readers.

Here’s our top products used from

+ Parlux Hair Dryer

+ Parlux Diffuser

Best Hair Salon Sydney