Spring is finally in the air so it’s time to shed that Winter hair don’t you think?

This is our latest fresh campaign that is featured in this month’s Australian Vogue magazine.

What we wanted to capture with beautiful Lily’s hair is the feeling and essence of an “airiness” if you will which promotes texture.

I think consumers can be a little put off by layering one length hair as, its kind of like a security blanket but what’s not happening here is that lightness and texture at the same time.

The beauty about long hair like Lily’s is that you can still rejoice your long prized mane and from now you can introduce some light texture (layers) throughout the interior only.

What we really love about this haircut also is Lily’s airy soft textured bangs.

The secret to cutting these bangs is by using a razor and a sharp one at that and on this note RAW fans, please don’t try this at home cause you might end up accidentally nicking your face…..  #HaircutGoneWrong.

Here are some key points to recreating our Spring hair and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

  1. First things first and make sure you ask your hairstylist for some “airy” texture.
  2. On damp hair maximize your new found texture with a medium hold foam and scrunch this in.


Yes scrunch.

Don’t comb the foam through evenly from roots to ends like the regular predicable times as we want a more haphazard lived in texture.


  1. Attach the diffuser to the end of the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer and using a circular motion all over till 90% dry.

The diffuser encourages the natural texture which is vital as there’s no powerful air blowing your strands everywhere.

OUR TOP TIP – Give your brushes a well-earned rest here and dry only with your fingers lifting your strands for volume and movement.

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