You know what they say: a change is as good as a holiday. And if you’ve used up all of your annual leave, a haircut is your next best bet.

So, if you’ve been contemplating a style switch up, listen up, because we sat down with Anthony Nader of Sydney’s RAW Anthony Nader salon to get the down low on what’s #trending right now.

1. The blunt, angled jawline bob

The beauty about this angular haircut is the sharpness of the V like shape that takes place in the middle of the nape area, then bevelling on a 45 degree angle over your jawline. Home care should be always kept to a minimum because it’s all in the technical execution of the hairdresser first and foremost.

By all means if you’re short on time, run a flat iron over your hair strands so they appear polished and shiny and use a smoothing shampoo and conditioner that contains a fraction of silica as this coats your strands to last longer.

2. The raw, textured shag

There’s a very fine line here between shag and “shag”. You don’t want to go all the way back to the 70s – it’s more about bringing that feeling and texture back, but this time around you need to keep the baseline of your length more solid as opposed to wispy. A solid, clean polished base line paired up with scattered textured layers will give your mane that airy appearance.

At home, use a light foam and apply to roots and ends and scrunch hair up with your palms using a diffuser on the end of your hairdryer. This promotes and pumps up your natural texture, rather than blasting your hair around with all that unnecessary air flow. If you’re wanting more curve or bend in your hair, grab a large barrel tong and wrap hair around the barrel for a few seconds leaving the ends free.

3. The grown out pixie

This style is exactly how it sounds: it’s as if you had your hair chopped into a short pixie cut three months ago, and has now it has grown out softer, with the hair hugging around your hairline – instead of looking like you’ve just been to the salon. Longer, choppy texture is the key, (where you can push back the sides and run your hands through the top for instant texture) with it meant to fall in a rebellious shape.

Keep on the drier side with products and invest in a dry paste or dry texture spray that will give your hair the Anne to showcase what it can do. Also don’t wash it every day – the dirtier the better.

4. The no fuss lob

This cut is to be executed with ease, with no harsh lines or serve angles – it’s almost like a lazy hair shape in holiday mode. Keep the edges soft and delicate and the interior weightless enough that it moves and isn’t weighed down, especially around the crown area.

When styling your new NFL at home, use a flat iron and create the slightest haphazard wave and movement all over, then shake it out afterwards. Also when washing your hair, be sure to invest in products that aren’t high in synthetics or alcohol as these will only dry out your hair strands.

5. The curtained face frame

What do you get when you mix a curtain fringe with curtained face framing? The curtained face frame. It’s almost like you’ve had curtain fringe cut in, but then the length around your face was kept one length and long and now the line continues all the way around your face. These softer face framing tendrils will give you more to play with as well which adds that little bit more cuteness and playfulness.

Maintaining this at home is super easy because you can either blow dry it around the face if you want more of a voluminous vibe, or leave it to dry naturally and you’ll have a more natural flicks happening. Showcase your face framing softness by spraying this section dry with a gritty spray that has a fraction of wetness to it.

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