New year, new hair – who dis?

Hello, ’tis I, Lisa Hamilton, editor of, MTV News presenter and your freshly announced host of TRL. As we enter 2019 I decided to shake up my look, and get a little ~experimental~ with my hair. For the past few years. I’ve sported some variation of a brown hairdo – yep, I’m not too proud to say I’ve been a little beige when it comes to my barnet.

For those of you playing at home see exhibit a. for a glimpse at my stock standard hairstyle: brown with a gentle curl that just screams, “I’ll take a hot almond latte.”

She’s cute but she needed a change. So without unloading my deepest darkest secrets, I’ll just say in brief, that there was always something inside me that wanted to try ginger hair. My uncle has flaming red hair so I know genetically I fit the mold but something always held me back. I would see the likes of Emma Roberts going ginge and thought to myself, “she looks amaze but I can’t pull that off.”


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Itching to go red again…should I? 👩🏼‍🎤

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But then something changed. A few weeks ago my queen and angel, Katherine Langford, debuted a flock of angelic ruby locks and I had to copy it immediately!!! She is the key!!!!


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She (red)y 💇💁

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This was going to be a wild change and I had to enlist the help of some gorgeous experts. Cut to me trotting off to the team at Raw who I knew would give my tired strands as much care as Lady Gaga gives her McQueen Armadillo boots.

First off I needed to have a chat with the man, the myth, the legend himself, hair stylist to the stars, Anthony Nader, to make sure that I was going to get the right kind of red, you know? I also wanted to know why so many people were making the shift to ride the crimson wave (wait, not that kind).

“Titan Copper is a must for this season to plump up dull lacklustre hair tones. It showcases healthiness, sheen and makes your eye colour POP,” he told me.

After a few hours and a few champas in the salon, the team had fully transformed me from basic bitch to HELLLLOOO EDGY COOL GIRL. That’s moi.

I’m now writing to you as a ceritfied, converted, red headed lady and I’m loving it. My advice to anyone out there uhhming and ahhing about whether or not to take the plunge on a risky hair transformation…and you’ve heard it before…life is too fricken short. Dye your hair red, shave it off, cut it short. It’s just hair! And the good news it can totally give you a new pep in your step.

You better believe I am sashaying my way through the halls of MTV with a new attitude. I AM Katherine Langford. But not. But like I totally am.

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