Expert tips to hide the fact that your locks are overdue for a good shampoo. We all know the feeling of thinking we can stretch to one more day without giving our hair a well-deserved wash, only to find a grease pit staring back at us in the mirror. Batiste ambassador and all-round hair guru, […]

LET’S TALK ABOUT MEGHAN MARKLE’S TRADEMARK HAIR. Anthony’s latest how to seen The Sydney Morning Herald.

Let’s talk about Meghan Markle’s trademark look If you’re reading this, and you’re in a good place emotionally*, then you’re into Meghan Markle. Maybe not in an obsessive way (although, no judgment if you are). Maybe just in a “Huh? That’s an interesting fashion choice” way and I bid you welcome. While the former-actress-turned-royal-fiancee is […]