Expert tips to hide the fact that your locks are overdue for a good shampoo.

We all know the feeling of thinking we can stretch to one more day without giving our hair a well-deserved wash, only to find a grease pit staring back at us in the mirror.

Batiste ambassador and all-round hair guru, Anthony Nader, shares his top ways to save the look of your hair on those non-wash days.

In addition to using a dry shampoo, here’s how you should style your locks to make your hair look fresh.

Cover up

“To cover up those oily roots in no time at all, brush your strands clean to the head surface into a low ponytail and secure at the base,” Anthony advises.

If you want to get even more on trend, try making a deep side part before sweeping back into a ponytail and you’ll be mirroring a few catwalk-worthy looks.

All about the bun

Make your strands rise to the occasion by scraping them back loosely into a low chignon bun at the nape of the neck and pop a few pins in to secure.

“I suggest embellishing the front of your hair with a colourful headband or scarf,” Anthony tells.

It’s all about style

The ultimate way to disguise dirty hair, Anthony reveals is to hark back to your shcool days.

“Plaits are a great way to disguise dirty hair and are so low maintenance and easy to do yourself,” he explains. “A simple plaited style can take you from day to night.”

For shorter ‘dos

If all this twisting and tucking your hair isn’t for you because your tresses are of the shorter variety, Anthony suggests investing in some hair accessories.

“Invest in a few different chic and on-trend, coloured silk head scarfs to disguise your dirty hair,” he suggests. “You can go from Pucci-inspired with bold neon 70’s patterns, to simple and under-stated, and don’t forget the power of that traditional Burberry print.”


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