Look, there’s no denying that most of us are in need of some serious at-home hair rehab.

With lockdowns across multiple states, salons shut and hairdressers not allowed to operate at all, our poor locks have seen better days.

So, we turned to the pros. Speaking to David Connelly, hair colourist and owner of David Connelly Darlinghurst, and Anthony Nader, stylist and founder of Raw Salon, we learned exactly how to care for our hair during lockdown, what products to reach for and things we should steer clear of.

Here’s what they shared.

How often should we really wash our hair during lockdown?

When out of lockdown, many of us wash our hair fairly often to keep it looking fresh in between attending the office, going to the gym and seeing friends. According to David and Anthony, that’s completely unnecessary while at home.

“[Wash it] as little as possible,” David said. “Allow the natural oils to build up and minimise the amount of mechanical heat damage.”

“No one is going to judge you when you’re on your Zoom meetings,” Anthony agreed. “I’d only recommend you shampoo once a week… twice maximum.”

What about freshening it up after our daily exercise without having to wash it?

“Dry shampoo is your absolute saviour,” Anthony said.

“After your workout, spray on the root area (approximately 10 centimetres from the scalp) where you want any excess natural oils soaked up and then massage it in and style your hair as you wish.

“The best part about using a dry shampoo is that extra added volume you’re going to get as well. I recommend one from Oribe.”

Oribe Dry Texturising Spray

If you want a cheaper option, David has an affordable favourite.

“Klorane is cheap and cheerful, and does the trick nicely,” he said.


How about split ends? How can we fix them?

Unfortunately, once your hair has split, there’s no turning back the clock. So, both hairdressers recommend you take the time to focus on incorporating hydrating products – such as masks and treatments – to keep your split ends as healthy as possible.

“Try incorporating a bond builder into your at-home routine. Olaplex, Wellaplex or Smartbond are my favourites,” David said.

“Also, check out some overnight hair treatments too. Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Overnight Serum is a dream,” he added.

Now, cutting your hair at home can be a dangerous game. But if your split ends desperately need a trim, read our earlier article here.

How can we prevent our colour from fading?

If you’re someone who regularly dyes their hair, you’ve probably been worrying about your current colour, how to maintain it and when you can next get it done (blondes, we’re sending you thoughts and prayers).

There are a few ways to keep it looking fresh.

1. Always use a heat protector.

“Think of this as armour that covers your hair cuticle completely. I use a heat protector on every client that sits in my chair,” Anthony said.

2. Turn down the heat.

“Turn down the water temperature in the shower,” Anthony insists.

“As much as it’s lovely and warm, you’re actually zapping out the shine and moisture with added heat. This also applies to your hot tool appliances.

“Go easy here and always invest in tools that have a heat setting. Start on the lowest temp to create your desired result and if you’re getting what you need at this temp why do you need to take it higher?”

3. Invest in a colour masque.

“Chat to your colourist about a custom made colour masque to revive your colour,” David suggested.

“Evo Pro have an amazing range of personalised masques. Christophe Robin also have some temporary colours too to enrich your colours.”


Hairdressers’ top tips for keeping hair as healthy as possible during lockdown.

We don’t know about you, but our end goal is to come out the other side of lockdown without looking like a hot mess. So, these are the tips Anthony and David suggest we follow to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Anthony recommends investing in a scalp scrub and hair supplements, saying: “When your scalp and hair is healthy, it results in faster hair growth and shine. Think of your new weekend ritual as a tuneup for your scalp.”

“I’m such a fan of AÉDE and have been taking these for about a year now,” he added.

“They’re designed to support healthy hair growth, boost collagen production and include a nice blend of antioxidants and vitamins.”


Meanwhile, David insists on avoiding box dye and looking at lockdown as a blessing for our locks.

“Try to resist box colours. They have such a high chance of going wrong. And they’re very costly to remove in the salon once lockdown ends,” he said.

“Use this time to avoid mechanical and chemical damage. I noticed a huge difference in clients’ hair condition in lockdown last year,” David continued.

“Invest the money you would have spent on cuts and colours on home care that will make a huge difference to your hair. You’ll be glad you did when this is all over!”

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