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It used to be that a bad hair day meant scrunching up your hair into a messy ponytail and trying to avoid the world.

But these days there are a whole host of glamorous ways to cover up the fact that you overslept and didn’t wash your locks this morning.

From scrunchies to silk scarves, headbands and more, here FEMAIL takes a look at the five ways you can cover up your bad hair day and look good at the same time.

The silk scarf

A glance through Instagram will reveal countless pop stars, actresses and It girls wearing colourful silk scarves in their hair.

And if you’re missing hazy summer days, there’s something delightfully Riviera chic about this look.

You could make like YouTube star, Pia Muehlenbeck, or Anna Heinrich, and tie your silk headscarf around the top of your head, flaying it off to the side.

Alternatively, you could channel Georgia Love’s style – and use your scarf to tie a ponytail or a chic half up, half down style.

‘It’s time to bring out your fun, patterned scarves and turn that negative hair day into a positive one from hereon in,’ celebrity hairdresser, Anthony Nader, told FEMAIL of this style.

‘A different patterned scarf will always brighten up your day.’

For those looking to emulate the look, Sportsgirl and ASOS have some pretty options around the $15 mark.

Anthony is also a fan of Ivana Scarves’ emerald offering, which retails for $99.

And while those with shorter locks or others wearing a top knot should pick a handkerchief-sized scarf for balance, others with long hair could pick a long scarf – which can act as the centrepiece to your look – and allow the scarf to flow out behind you.

The scrunchie

It was the trend spotted on runways everywhere from Paris to Melbourne.

And celebrities have been quick to pick up on the scrunchie’s revival, with Hailey Baldwin, Gigi Hadid and Ariana Grande all rocking the trend.

‘There’s no better time to embrace the fab 80s trademark scrunchie,’ Anthony Nader told FEMAIL.

‘Rake your strands up into a high pony and secure into one or two patterned numbers and let the hair around your face frame it – as these little flyaways will make your style more runway.’


For those wanting to try the original Sloane Ranger look, head to ASOS to get cheap, colourful-looking scrunchies.

Then, either channel a sports-chic hairstyle or something more preppy – to be at the vanguard of fashion and hide your two-day-old locks.

The headband

Blame Leighton Meester’s character, Blair Waldorf, in Gossip Girl.

But ever since the iconic TV programme hit screens, we’ve all been going wild for headbands – which offer coverage for greasy roots and a chic alternative to an up do.

‘Show off your facial features by investing in a soft gel to hold and slick your baby hairs and flyaways back into a soft style, away from your face,’ Anthony told FEMAIL of this style.

‘Then, place a headband on top for a pretty, different style.’

Free People offers pretty tie-back headbands for around $30, while ASOS has a pretty metal style reminiscent of something Jodi Gordon would wear to the Spring Races.

Simply brush you hair, sweep a headband over the top of it and channel your inner fairy. Blair Waldorf would be proud.

The ribbon

All that’s old is new again, and while you might remember first wearing a ribbon when you were five years old, these days the little girl hair accessory is the next word in cool.

‘If you’re feeling romantic, take yourself for a spot of shopping at the fabric store and purchase a few long pieces of narrow ribbon,’ Anthony told FEMAIL.

‘Black will always be a winner and it’s a staple because it goes with everything. Try weaving a piece through a loose braid or plait for winning extra points with your girl squad.’

Steph Claire Smith is one such star who pulls this look off with aplomb.

Pairing her printed ribbon with gold hoop earrings, a pretty dress and neutral make up – she looks pretty as a picture.

You should be able to pick up ribbons from any number of high street stores – but Boohoo has some pretty options, with reasonable price tags.

The clip

Last but not least, who needs kirby grips when you can use something chic, shiny and metallic instead?

Stars including Gigi Hadid, Alexa Chung and Jodi Gordon are all fans of this style.

‘Take your haircut to the next level by twisting your hair up into fun coils or buns in the nape of the neck,’ Anthony told FEMAIL.

‘Twist a special piece or two into secure.’

Again, you can head to ASOS to shop the style or Showpo, which also has some pretty pieces.

Lady Jayne also sell a packet of metallic swirly slides for $9.99, while Anthony recommends Kela Charms’s Shine on charms for a pretty, romantic look.

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