Sydney-based hair stylist Anthony Nader shares the five things he want all clients to think about before sliding back into the salon chair, for their own good. And the good of their locks.

Ask any Australian who suffered through the recent round of lockdowns what they’re most excited about, now that restrictions are easing, and I bet they don’t say picnics. I also bet, as cynical as it sounds, that they don’t say international travel. They might say seeing loved ones… but in their heart of hearts I think what most people are looking forward to is seeing their hairdresser again.

Zoom meetings around the country have been blessed (?) with our long, lank and regrowth-adorned tresses for months, and now that hairdressers are allowed to operate again under State health orders they have been inundated with clients keen for a tidy-up.

But how do you make the most of that precious, long-awaited first appointment? I asked Sydney-based celebrity hair stylist and founder of Raw Hair salon Anthony Nader for his expert opinion and, surprisingly, there are a few crucial things to consider not only before you walk in the salon door, but before you even make the appointment.

Double vaxxed

“As much as we all want to see you in the salon chairs again, it is vital for us to have a safe workplace for our community and staff by adhering to the latest government COVID guidelines. A condition of entry is that all clients and staff are double vaxxed, so please bring your vaccination records.”


Plan for your revamp

“It may have been three or four months since you have had your haircut and coloured, and I keep hearing from our RAW community that they want a complete makeover, which is fantastic. If you’re not after the same look as usual, get your screenshots ready – but don’t flood your hairstylist with an abundance of images. Time is of the essence, now more than ever, when it comes to appointments. We want to give you the best makeover experience possible… so let your hairdresser know when you make your appointment that you’re after a new look. By doing so, our staff is able to best allocate the right timing without short changing you. ”


Masque on

“Give your hair strands a kickstart now that lockdown is over and treat them to a lush hydrating masque… they’ve earned it. A masque is vital for restoring and strengthening strands for longevity, and especially now we have hit spring, especially if you have highly coloured hair. Your hair colour will always last longer when you show it more love, as it won’t fade as fast.”


Love your new lockdown length

“This could be the new you …. for now, anyway… so let’s embrace it. When deciding to keep your hair on the longer side, I would suggest that you make sure that you maintain healthy blunt ends. You can afford to forfeit a full cut, but you’ll still need a “dusting’ off the ends, so they don’t appear frail and wispy, or continue to split.”


Rebrand your regrowth

“I love a bit of well-calculated, worn-in regrowth, but there’s a fine line between looking like a cool girl and looking like a hot mess. Once upon a time we had to have these perfectly woven highlights right up to the scalp, but thanks to the French girl ideal of that lived-in-but-still-polished hair colour, we are seeing more dimension and texture now. Ask your hairstylist about how much regrowth might be worth holding onto.”

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