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From beard trims and shoeshines to manicures and blow-dries, these are the city’s best places to get primped and pampered.


Best barber

The Barberhood

Walk-ins are very welcome at this old-school barber best known for its traditional techniques. All cuts come with a hot towel and a dash of cologne at The Barberhood’s two CBD locations and clients also have the option of selecting their own playlist. Pull up a Japanese-made Takara Belmont chair and prepare for some serious man-time.



Best shave

Men’s Biz

Set aside half an hour to experience a hot-towel shave at Men’s Biz in the CBD’s Strand Arcade. The space is masculine and sleek – all timber, marble and metal. You can stock up on high-end grooming products while you’re there, too, including Amouage, Acqua di Parma and Geo. F. Trumper.




Best for beards

District Salon

This top-floor, light-filled, industrial haven in inner-city Surry Hills is nothing short of cool. Book in to District Salon for a beard trim and ask to see Stewart or Maddison – both know their stuff. The best part? You can sip a whisky (or beer) while you’re being clipped.

Best massage

The Day Spa by Chuan at The Langham

A “sub-basement” may not sound like the most enticing location for indulgence but The Day Spa by Chuan at The Langham will change that perception. Check in for the Absolute Aromatherapy massage and check out of reality. This “hero treatment” releases tension using neuromuscular and Swedish techniques. Afterwards, take a dip in the subterranean pool with starry sky mural overhead – it may be Sydney’s most striking spot to swim.


Best shoeshine

Prince Consort’s Shoe Shine Service

There’s shoeshine then there’s Prince Consort’s Shoe Shine Service. Established by Peter Cooke in 1990, the iconic kiosk in the city’s Strand Arcade offers four options. But choose the top-of-the-line Executive service; for $16, your best leathers will be washed, conditioned, polished and waxed – with a heel stain thrown in.


Best blow-dry

Raw Anthony Nader

It’s no secret that industry veteran Anthony Nader is a go-to for taming the tresses of some of Sydney’s most stylish women. A blow-dry at Raw means you’ll be whisked to the sanctuary at the back of the Surry Hills salon – a dimly lit, soundproof space where your hair will be washed with Oribe products and your head massaged for 10 glorious minutes. A blow-dry with Mr Nader himself will set you back $150 but the compliments you’ll receive are worth it.




Best facial

Melanie Grant

Jessica Gomes, Lara Worthington, Nicole Trunfio and Montana Cox all trust the same woman with their gorgeous complexions: Melanie Grant. The official skin expert for Chanel in Australia, she’s known for her exceptional facials; in particular, the Camera Ready Facial, comprising a customised antioxidant peel, hydration infusion and light therapy. Her eponymous Double Bay salon is a chic oasis decorated with bold shots of iconic ’90s supermodels, fresh flowers and covetable coffee-table books.

Best nails

Jocelyn Petroni

Jocelyn Petroni’s flagship salon in Woollahra counts Miranda Kerr, Gemma Ward and Megan Gale as clients. The meticulous Classic manicure includes cuticle trimming, a hand and arm massage and a coat of Chanel polish.




Best brows 

Sharon Lee

At Sharon Lee, tweezing and waxing are tailored to an individual client’s skin tone and bone structure, as well as hair colour and texture. Settle in for a Brow Wow treatment and a glass of bubbles (champagne is included). You can splurge $180 for an appointment with “brow queen” Sharon Lee or $100 for a senior stylist – be sure to book ahead.

Best massage

The Darling Spa

Sprawled across the second floor of the luxurious Darling hotel, this softly lit space is serene, despite being metres from The Star casino. Indulge in the Bamboo massage, which combines Eastern and Western techniques. Designed to ease muscle tension, promote deep relaxation and slow down fast-moving minds, the treatment is 90 minutes of heaven. 

By KATE PHILLIPS, Junior Producer for travelinsider.qantas.com.au

Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 11.11.40 pm


Credit: Instagram, @gighadid

Credit: Instagram, @gighadid

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Instagram, @gighadid

Credit: Instagram, @gighadid

Time for cropped blonde bob? If Hollywood is anything to go by, we think yes. Anthony Nader has stepped in with some hair wisdom to consider before you go the full chop ‘n’ bleach.

Before going the shear, be mindful of your face and head shape and ask your hairdresser for their expertise on what length will enhance your new platinum tresses.

Hairdresser’s “talk” when you’re wanting blonde, and they automatically think of the colour chart scale 1 – 9; 9 being the lightest (think Katy Perry), and 1 being black. Remember that the darker you are naturally, the more process you will need to acquire the ideal blonde, and this also comes down to handing over more money because of the extra appointments, time allocation and product use. Keep in mind though, that if you’re on a budget and your hair is still orange, you need to have another bleach application to take the hair level lighter.

Just because you’re totally inspired by Kristen Stewart’s Chanel blonde crop, that doesn’t necessarily mean her tone will work with your skin tone. For instance, if you’re complexion is warm, you need to make sure your deserved blonde tone is learning more on a cooler / ash tone so this balances out.


Anthony Nader on Kate Middleton’s new haircut and who suits it best for body+soul!


Anthony Nader hair tips


You might never be able to find your Tupperware lids, or rely on your mate turning up to Saturday brunch on time, but if there’s one thing you can count on, it’s Kate Middleton having perfect hair.

The Duchess of Cambridge debuted her new ‘do at Wimbledon this week, wearing it down in a bouncy blowout.

While it’s not a Katy Perry style drastic chop, you can definitely tell that K-Middy has lopped off about 8-10cm of her famous tresses.

“Before, Kate’s haircut was long and drab,” says international hair stylist and founder of RAW Hair Sydney,  Anthony Nader. “This new style, which is a long version of the lob, is far more royal.”

That’s a long long bob, FYI – and a great gateway cut, for long hair lovers.

“Kate’s shorter length gives her more oomph which emphasises more texture and volume, and defines her beautiful facial features, cheekbones, and elongates her neck,” explains Nader.

If you’re thinking #hairspo, Nader says the style will suit both thin and thicker hair, but that you’ll need to consider your face shape before getting snip happy, and give your stylist some instruction.



“An oval is the most perfect face shape for Kate’s long lob, as the layers around the face will define your features. But if you’re more angular, like a square or diamond face shape, be wary that those same layers framing the face aren’t cut as short as Kate’s, otherwise it will make you look even more angular. Ask your hairdresser for them to fall at the jawline,” Nader recommends.

Cut conquered, next step is getting that bouncy glossy blowdry synonymous with George and Charlotte’s mum.

Nader has this easy to follow four-step advice for you.

  • For the best blowdry result, always start on freshly washed hair. You need a palette clean.
  • Be sure when conditioning beforehand, not to be precious, and put conditioner on the roots because this will only weigh your hair down. Instead, try a leave-in spray.
  • Next, with the hairdryer make sure you have a nozzle as this helps direct the air onto the area you want to sculpt. A round brush is really vital for that beautiful curve in the hair, and the more bristles the better, as this will help tame even the frizziest hair.
  • Finish by adding a super lightweight spray sheen, and my rule here is less is more.

Hair fit for a queen.

By Melissa Shedden for bodyandsoul.com.au


Anthony gives the scoop on why, this haircut is just so damn cool seen on 9Style



Actress Mila Kunis is the latest celebrity to swap her long locks for a short and sleek lob cut.

The low-profile star debuted her new ‘do, which sits effortlessly above her shoulders and perfectly frames her face, when she stepped out on a shopping trip in Los Angeles with husband, actor Ashton Kutcher, earlier this week.


Mila Kunis steps out with a fresh new lob cut. Image: Getty

The short, blunt cut is a bold beauty move from the That 70’s Show star, who has rarely ventured away from her signature long, brunette tresses since she wrapped her role on the hit TV show over a decade ago.

WESTWOOD, CA - JULY 26: Actress Mila Kunis arrives at the premiere of STX Entertainment's "Bad Moms" at Mann Village Theatre on July 26, 2016 in Westwood, California. (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

Mila Kunis’s long hair has been one of her signature features. Image: Getty


The lob is low-maintenance but doesn’t skimp on style, which may have added to its appeal for the busy actress who gave birth to her second child, a son, Dimitri, in November last year.
Besides parenting duty, the 33-year-old has been busy filming her new film, Bad Moms 2, opposite co-stars Kristin Bell and Susan Sarandon. The new comedy is set to be released in November and is a follow-up to her 2016 hit flick Bad Moms.

The cool hairstyle has been Hollywood’s most sought-after haircut this year and it’s not growing out anytime soon.

Singer Selena Gomez, model Bella Hadid and Sofia Richie, daughter of singer Lionel Richie, have all delivered their own unique take on the shoulder-length crop.

“The beauty about going short is that you can always style your hair differently which I think is fun and it also gives you a chance to play around with your wardrobe,” hairdresser Anthony Nader told 9Style.

It was also the haircut that you couldn’t escape on the red carpet at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, where actresses Robin Wright and Uma Thurman debuted their own stylish and polished long bobs, proving that it is a style that suits women of all ages.

“Having short hair is fun and you should try it at least once,” Anthony said.


Model Sofia Richie embraced messy lob cut. Image: Instagram/@sofia_richie

Model Sofia Richie embraced messy lob cut. Image: Instagram/@sofia_richie

By Harriet Armstrong for style.nine.com.au


Anthony Nader shares his tips on how to save time in the morning on your “am strand routine” as seen on whimn.com.au

Because the snooze button struggle is real.

Real talk: you’re probably not blow drying your hair as efficiently as you could be. And when it comes to things we’d rather be doing, the list is as long as our Netflix binge queue. To help speed up your AM strand routine, we stopped celebrity stylist Anthony Nader mid-blowout to get his best advice.

Pick the right brush for the job

Different hairbrushes work for different hair types, so it’s important to choose the right brush as the wrong one can damage your hair follicles.

Thick hair works best with nylon brushes as your hair is naturally more resistant and can handle a stronger pull from your brush – the nylon has more power than any other brush to get through to the roots and scalp, and this is exactly what you need for thicker hair.

Thin hair works best with vent hair brushes – the wide spaced bristles protect your hair and stop the thin stands from shedding and causing split ends. The thinner or together the bristles are on the brush, the less volume you’re going to accomplish.

THIS STUNNER @lillehoang 💄Hair colour by Marc using @olaplex ⭐️ #RawAnthonyNader #HairSalon #SurryHills

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Get the settings straight

For curly hair – If you can let your strands dry naturally that’s less dehydrating, but if you have to give a once over with your hairdryer, set it on a lower heat as this will maintain the condition far better than the heat turned up on high.

For short hair – Don’t go too crazy with the heat. This will make your cool girl crop look like your off to the weekly bowling club raffles instead.

For straight hair – For those of you blessed with naturally straight strands you don’t have to turn the heat right up with blow drying. For extra sleekness however, use an extra-large paddle brush with loads of bristles as this helps keeping your hair photo finish.

Work your best angles

Blast your hair until its about 80% dry using only your fingers then use your brush to dry the other 20%. Use the nozzle of the hair dryer to smooth thick hair by sending the hot air downwards. For all over volume or for thick hair, blow the air against the natural downwards fall.

Keep the hairdryer angled so it is parallel to the brush to allow the hair to glide along the surface of the brush. Using the narrow nozzle attached to the end of your hairdryer will help you nail a poker straight mane with longevity and polish. A diffuser on the other hand encourages natural movement, rather than blasting it away with air.

Section off strands

Sectioning off your hair with clips means you won’t get lost and believe it or not, you’ll save time! Even if you only section it in half, you’ll have more organisation and structure and be quicker. Do the front section first, because that’s the focal point and then pin it away. Then divide the rest into four.

By Ashleigh Austen for whimn.com.au


Every woman loves going to the salon or spa for some attention and pampering, but going to your appointment prepared is the key to getting the best outcome.

Every woman loves going to the salon or spa for some attention and pampering, but going to your appointment prepared is the key to getting the best outcome. We went to the experts for their advice on how to make the most of your time.

The haircut

Give it some thought

Before taking the plunge with a new ‘do, take a few minutes to work out what you love about your hair, what you hate about it and what your lifestyle is like. “These three things will tell any good stylist all they need to give you the perfect cut,” says Anthony Nader of Sydney’s Raw salon. “For example, if you’ve got a hectic schedule, a high-maintenance cut may be impractical. Also, if that trendy razor-sharp bob you’re dying for won’t suit your face shape, be prepared to listen to the stylist’s advice. After all, it’s their experience you’re paying for.”

Be realistic

When looking for a change, keep your expectations in check. “Some clients will come in and just say, ‘Give me what’s in fashion’,” says Nader. “The truth is, we would all love to be walking down the catwalk with the latest style, but you have to be realistic about it and find what works for you.”

Get vocal

Getting a great haircut is easier if you speak freely with your stylist. “Your idea of ‘chopping it all off’ will be totally different to theirs, so be very clear about what you want to achieve,” says Nader. Treat every session as a lesson. Ask lots of questions and you’ll pick up tricks that you can use at home.

The hair colour

Have a consultation first

“A chat with your colourist before you book any treatment allows them to determine what you want and how much time to allow for it,” explains colourist Caterina DiBiase of Melbourne’s Heading Out Hair & Beauty Day Spa.

Be honest

Your stylist should know your hair colour history. Do you always visit the salon or have you been using home hair colour? What shampoo do you use? Do you use product every day? Are you a swimmer? All these things can affect your hair colour.

Come clean

Come to your appointment with your hair as you would ordinarily style it. “Hair should not be dirty, as oily hair looks darker than clean hair and we need to see your natural colour,” says DiBiase.

Colour code

If you’re bringing in a photograph of the colour you want, “Keep in mind that the colours in photographs are often retouched and may not be achievable,” says DiBiase. “You are better off coming to the salon early and looking at books and colour charts.”

Consider maintenance

This is especially important if you’re changing your colour by more than a couple of shades. Think about how much time you can spare to maintain your colour. Subtle highlights can be touched up every 12 weeks or so, but if you have dark hair and go blonde, your roots will need redoing every three weeks.

The massage

Choose the right treatment

Before you book in, think about your reason for seeking treatment. Are you in need of relaxation, rehabilitation or nurturing? “If you like really strong, firm massage with a lot of pressure-point work then the best ‘relaxation’ massage in the world isn’t going to be ideal for you,” says acupuncturist and massage therapist Keri Krieger, from Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat on the Gold Coast.

Give a brief debriefing

Tell the therapist about any injuries or areas of concern, and what you’d like them to concentrate on during the session. “It’s always good to simply cover any concerns at the start of the treatment. This includes the temperature of the room, or if the music is too loud,” adds Krieger.

Just surrender

Trust your therapist’s expertise. “Just let go, focus on your breathing and let the other things on your mind fall away,” says Krieger.

Speak up right away

Don’t assume the therapist can interpret your nonverbal cues. If the pressure is too hard or soft, tell them. If you’d like silence during the treatment, speak up or just drift off. “Even the most inappropriately chatty therapist will get the hint if you fall asleep and don’t answer back,” says Krieger.

Manicure and pedicure

Make the most of your next manicure or pedicure with these tips from beauty expert Christina Fitzgerald.

Arrive on time

It’s rude to keep the manicurist waiting. And let the manicurist know at the beginning of the treatment how much time you have and if you have to rush off somewhere.

Have a consultation first

Be prepared to have a proper consultation to determine the best treatment for your concerns on the day.

Be hygienic

Make sure you arrive with clean hands, feet and nails.

Be polite

Don’t spend the whole session talking on your phone.

Honesty is the best policy

Tell your manicurist all the problems you are having with your hands and feet. Don’t hide anything.

Serial smudging

Don’t even think about dipping into your handbag with wet nails! And if you’re a serial smudger, don’t expect your manicurist to fix your nails for free.

Appropriate footwear

If you’re having a pedicure, wear open-toe shoes or thongs.

By Naomi Jackson for bodyandsoul.com.au



Effortless beachy waves made their annual return at this year’s Victoria’s Secret show and the trend is just getting started.

Anthony Nader shares, “Gone are the months (or years) of wasting time sectioning and perfecting hair waves. We’re entering an era of effortless, deconstructed hair — this look is coming in hot.”


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley-relaxed-beachy-waves-just-heating-up

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Read full article on popsugar.com.au




They say that it takes three to make a trend, but this lazy-girl style hit the Golden Globes red carpet no fewer than nine times! So without a doubt the ponytail is our new go-to for every occasion. From cocktail parties and girls’ night’s out, to chilled out beach days and sleek office meetings, you’re going to be seeing a lot more of this simple style.

We’re massive fans, not only because it’s practical and works for all hair lengths and textures, but it’s super easy to give it a personal twist — a la Natalie Dormer’s chic wrap or Maria Menounos’ stunning side-braided style.

Celebrity stylist Anthony Nader, from Sydney’s Raw Salon, says when it comes to picking the right ponytail you need to consider your face shape. “The more oval or symmetrical your face shape is, a high pony works best with your bone structure.” He adds, “If your face shape is more angular, try a low side ponytail that hugs the neckline.”

Malin Akerman


Short, sleek and low works best for lobs and bobs.

Rooney Mara


This braided style is perfect for taming frizzy strands.

Carly Chaikin


Swept back and secured with a clip at the nape of the neck is super-chic for an evening event.

Natalie Dormer


Add a sleek accent to a mid-height ponytail by wrapping a piece of hair around the elestic and securing with a bobby pin.

Sophia Bush


Mist with a strong hold hairspray and use a comb to smooth down any flyaways to get this super-sleek finish.

Caitriona Balfe


To get mega-watt shine, use an oil or serum on brunette locks.

Lilliana Vazquez


This messy, to-the-side loose fishtail ponytail (phew!) is a stunning low-maintenance Summer style.

Carly Steel


High with lots of va-va-voom volume gives you an instant facelift!

Maria Menounos


A side French braided style secured back into a low pony is the ideal day to night look.

By Justine Dunton-Rose for popsugar.com.au



Since we’re only a few days away from 2016, it’s time to start thinking about ways to change up your beauty look. Why? Because every great year starts with a new you!

To get you in the spirit of things, we’ve enlisted the help of international hairstylist and owner of Raw Hair Salon in Surry Hills, Anthony Nader, to give us an insight into his favourite styles for every hair length. From short and textured to long and oh-so voluminous, get ready to be inspired.



Not sure about going the chop? The first thing to consider is your face shape, then use this magic measurement to help you decide on just how short you’re willing to go and browse through our gallery of perfectly cropped chops.

”Jenna’s chopped ends give the illusion of airiness and softness. The broken up shaggy texture keeps Jenna’s style looking cool and casual.” – Anthony Nader



”If only I had a dollar for every client that sat in my chair and wanted Jessica’s shouldering bob. I’d be a very rich man! Her longer length is fun, and the longer, disheveled layers promote thickness which is perfect for hair strands on the finer side.” – Anthony Nader



”This is a bold style, perfect for any girl wanting to draw attention to her high cheekbones.  It emphasise an elegant neck, and the longer length on top ensures this cut remains feminine for anyone brave enough to go for it.” – Anthony Nader



Not quite short and not quite long, medium length hair gets the best of both worlds. When you find yourself in this zone, you’ve got the goods to try out every look under the sun, including these holiday styles. Medium length hair – is there anything it can’t do?

”I love Ashley’s hair as it gives her a more grown up look and a little sexier than the longer length she had for so long. I especially love when she flips all that hair over to one side – instantly there’s a different, more fuller hair shape than the centre part.” – Anthony Nader


inset-alessandra1”Alessandra can do no wrong in my hair books, and I love that her length is shorter and breaks the myth that longer hair is sexier. The bonus here is that all that extra volume Alessandra has now with the shorter length and layers. 10/10.” – Anthony Nader



”This is what a short bob grown out looks. It’s such a great cut because it can be worn wavy or straight. If you are going for this look, arm yourself with a curling iron and dry shampoo to get enough volume.” – Anthony Nader



2016 might be the year you finally decide to grow your locks long, because with all this lust-worthy length, the possibilities are endless. Victoria’s secret status, right here…

”Move over Gigi! This look if perfect for the girl that has a longer length [in her] hair but doesn’t want to sacrifice the full chop.” – Anthony Nader



”Oh yes! The shaggy textured length is so cool right now – very free spirited and uncontrived. The overgrown texture gives it so much body. I call this the haircut you have when you don’t want a haircut.” – Anthony Nader



Even though Selena has some help from hair extensions, it’s the long layers at the front that make this style so versatile. It also helps soften her square shape face, and be worn in a middle or side part. It’s a classic style you can’t go wrong with!” – Anthony Nader

By BH’S ASTRID TAEMETS for beautyheaven.com.au