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We’re a pretty fashion-forward bunch here in SA, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look to the world to see which hair trends are going to be huge in 2019. We’ve rounded up eight nations sporting hairdos that we love and are ready to wear in the new year; because who *doesn’t* want to have a good hair day every day?

1 Colombia

In Colombia, women are staring to embrace their natural hair more and more, and many are growing their fro’s long. This allows for bounce that is slightly weighed down, and the ends? Sheer curly perfection.

2 Brazil

‘Body’ and ‘bounce’ are two words that describe the beauty aspirations of Brazilian women, and the same words could be used to describe their hair. Healthy, voluminous locks in warm, rich tones will always be muito bonito.

3 The United Kingdom

When it comes to hair in 2019, the Brits are going to be veering away from Royal-inspired tresses and getting edgier with their style. This super-short bob with a choppy fringe is going to be everywhere – we’re calling it.

4 South Korea

Instead of poker-straight locks, 2019 is going to see loads of South Korean women sporting a more tousled bob, just long enough to graze their chins. This style is great because it manages to look effortless and chic at the same time.

5 Japan

Just like South Korea, Japanese women are going to be all about the bob in 2019. Theirs differs slightly in that they are leaning more towards the straight ‘n stringy look with a fringe to frame the face. It doesn’t get much cooler.

6 India

Women in India are famed for their long, thick and lustrous locks, but next year many of them are going to be opting for significantly less length. They’ll be trading it in for sleek bobs and lobs, with longer layers at the front.

7 Australia

The biggest hair trend from Down Under is less about length and style, and all about the colour. Balayage is the go-to technique, and it is versatile to suit any hair colour – from chocolate brown to light and bright blondes.

8 The United States

America is a big place, which means that there’s more than one hair trend that’s going to blow up in 2019. One of them is the glass-hair trend, which is originally from South Korea and is all about achieving a smooth, shiny and polished look.

Another biggie is going to be elevated box braids. Whether it’s winding them with string or ribbon, or maybe adding charms and other accessories, this trend is all about the details. We’re feeling it.


The common mistakes artificial blondes tend to make

The common mistakes artificial blondes tend to make.

Having coloured blonde hair may be incredibly pretty (just look to Charlize Theron and Selena Gomez for some major swoon-worthy inspo), but it’s also extremely easy to muck up the integrity of the colour, not to mention the health of your hair. To make sure your hair remains the beautiful blonde hair you signed up for, take note. Here, hairstylist Anthony Nader shares the three most common mistakes blondes make, plus how to correct them.

Mistake #1 / You’re not getting a haircut often enough

Those with bottled blonde hair are more susceptible to dryness and damage due to the intense processing techniques their hair goes through to become blonde. “Blondes need a little bit more loving because each hair strand is plumped up with bleach and peroxide, and maybe even heat to process,” explains Nader. “This is why venturing over to the lighter spectrum does require more upkeep and a commitment to keeping your hair hydrated and healthy.” To ensure your blonde hair continues to look fresh, Nader suggests the following: “I recommend [a haircut] every six to seven weeks religiously. Also, add a few layers throughout the interior of your cut to add lift and energy to your hairstyle so it won’t sit flat.”

Mistake #2 / You’re not preserving your colourists’ hard work

Being an artificial blonde isn’t easy – you’re likely to spend up to three or four hours in the salon to get your colour done, not to mention the money that you’re spending on the appointment itself. “The colour process when you go blonde can take its toll, especially if your natural base is between a level 5 (medium brown) to level 10 (black),” explains Nader. “Basically, the rule is: the darker the natural shade, the more susceptible your strands will be to becoming fragile and split because the colourist will need to use a higher strength peroxide to get the target blonde shade required. The lighter your natural base, the easier it is to get that beautiful clean Scandinavian blonde that we (yes, that’s me included) die for.”

To preserve your colour between appointments, look for purple-toned hair products to reverse orange tones that may appear over time. “I love these pigmented shampoos to fight off brassy tones,” says Nader, “Use [one] once a week to treat your hair, or up to twice a week to maintain cool tones”. We like John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Shampoo (our Review Crew® awarded it four stars!), EVO Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Colour Intensifying Conditioner (fine hair will love its lightweight formula), and Davines Alchemic Silver Conditioner as it’s super nourishing and loaded with jojoba to protect coloured hair.

Mistake #3 / You’re asking for the wrong kind of colour application

With so many hair colour application techniques like balayage, scalp bleaching, hair contouring and 4D hair colouring available to try, how do you pick the right one for you? Nader says you should make your choice according to how much maintenance you’re willing to put in, and how regularly you’re able to visit a salon for a colour refresh. For Nader, he has a clear favourite. “Balayage is the no brainer for the low-maintenance woman who wants to look fashion-forward and effortless. I always suggest keeping the lightness around your face (hairline) rather than having the colour applied too far down the hair shaft. So, add lightness around two to three inches from the roots rather than five to six inches. If your balayage is too far down the hair length, it can look like you haven’t had your hair coloured for nine months and your roots instantly appear dirty and dark.”


From the ‘It colour’ to the ONE style you need to avoid

As we move towards the new season, many women will be considering changing their look.

More often than not, this means a new haircut or colour – which can be tricky to decide on.

If you’re in the market for a refresh, leading celebrity hairdresser, Anthony Nader, has shared what is in and out for the new season.

From the ‘It colour’ to the latest cut, here FEMAIL takes a look at what you need to be trying and avoiding.


According to Anthony, if you’ve been deliberating about getting some sort of fringe, now is the time to take the plunge.

‘Stars including Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Emma Watson have revived the trend for bangs, showing us that they can be super cute and just a little bit sexy,’ he told FEMAIL.

‘More and more of my clients are asking for bangs and I’m all for giving them a new look they might love.’

The hairdresser – who has looked after the likes of Cate Blanchett’s locks – added that bangs can ‘suit everyone’.

‘It just depends on how boldly you want to showcase them,’ he added.


While the celebrities of yesteryear were all about big, voluminous hair, Anthony revealed this is something you’ll want to stay away from this season:

‘Any hairstyle that looks artificially too voluminous and Sixties is on the way out,’ he explained.

‘Your hairstyle can’t and shouldn’t look stiff.’


Again, you can thank the likes of Taylor Swift for the resurgence of the jawline bob, which Anthony said is firmly in vogue.

‘The shorter, the better right now – this new length showcases confidence and power,’ he said.

The hairdresser added that while you might not think it, this style is actually easy to look after.


‘The slept on bed hair look is firmly on the way out,’ Anthony said.

Instead, a more polished blow dry is what the majority of his clients are asking for, with bespoke products tailored towards their specific hair needs.]


So far this year we’ve already had rose gold hair and rose brown hair. But now, there is a new hue set to knock these off their perch.

Cold brew hair is the latest trend to know – it’s a stunning coffee brown hue with hints of warm copper, as if you’ve swirled a spoon around a freshly-brewed cup of coffee.

‘If you are already brunette, this is a great shade to try,’ Anthony explained. ‘Just ask your hairdresser for the cold brew look and expect swirls of browns, deep caramels and a touch of mahogany.’

Exemplars of the trend include Pia Miller, whose tresses are already the envy of women the country over.


Colour-wise, Anthony also said that flashes of ‘bold lightness framing your face’ will also be big this season.

‘Think balayage, but bolder and more block-y in colour, so that you see thick ribbons of blonde highlighting.’

Again, the stylist said this colour works with many people – but make sure you get a tone that fits well with your complexion.


Last but not least, Anthony said that if you’re worried that your balayage colour dating, then fear not.

The It colour is going nowhere.

‘Australia is all about this French colouring technique,’ he said. ‘And we continue to be in love with the look.’

The hairdresser said if you’re looking to get beautifully executed balayage, then it ‘should look natural and sunkissed, rather than a Cadbury’s Top Deck chocolate bar’.

‘I don’t think balayage will ever be knocked off its perch as it perennially looks stylish,’ Anthony concluded.


Hair obsessives, it-girls and those too lazy or busy to commit to regular salon appointments and hours spent styling every morning, listen up!

First there was ombré, then there was balayage; ‘tortoiseshell’ locks made an appearance on the scene, and now, there is a new hair trend taking over and it promises your colour will last six months and styling will become a breeze.

I’m intrigued, what IS this trend you speak of?!
It’s called lived-in colour, coined by celeb-frequented Los Angeles based salon, Ramirez Tran. It’s off-duty model hair; it’s subtly highlighted, it’s healthy and hydrated, there’s no regrowth (no, not ever!). Polished and tousled yet never too “done”—crunchy prom curls are NOT the look we’re going for here! Think polished bed-head, we’re looking at you Kate Moss, Blake Lively, Jessica Alba and Kate Beckinsdale.

Okay. I’m on board. Tell me all about lived-in colour…
Don’t just take our word for it; celebrity stylist and Owner of RAW SALON, Anthony Nader agrees that ‘lived-in-colour’ is SO now.

“It’s the colour for when you’re not really having a colour; there’s no need to have freshly coloured roots—this season is all about giving the illusion that you “don’t really care about your colour” but really, your locks look flawless and you and your colourist have had endless conversations over this very calculated cool-girl appearance.” explains Nader. “It’s so fashion forward, even a bit French in appearance, I might add; it’s effortlessly cool and chic. You’ll look polished and glam without being a slave to the salon.” he adds. Effortlessly cool and chic with only two salon appointments a year?! What is not to love…

So, what do I ask for when I’m in the salon chair?
It’s important to remember that lived-in hair is neither balayage nor ombré; it’s a new way of highlighting and blending colour that allows colour to grow out naturally. You’re not dipping your ends in bleach; nor are you highlighting from the roots. It’s all about creating a “worn-in” application of colour through painting different shades of colour and highlighting the whole head. ‘Lived-in colour’ can work for any hair hue… Brunette? Go for shades of light brown and rich honey tones to lift your base. Blonde and swear you have more fun? You can inject lighter shades of blonde and platinum to achieve this look.

Any tips to make sure my hair stylist nails this look?
“If your complexion is warm, highlighting with cooler tones are your best bet, ask your colourist for the likes of ash browns, creamy beiges and champagne blondes; while if you have a cool complexion, you want to add warmth to your complexion” explains Anthony Nader; because who wants to look washed out, right!? Girls with cool complexions can achieve this through highlighting with “hues of golden blonde and rich honey, almond tones” he explains.

In terms of your cut, opt for long, shaggy layers that frame your face and enhance the natural movement of the hair, they will complement your new cool-girl colour perfectly!

This all seems too easy, what about the upkeep of this look?
All right, so you’re not literally rolling out of bed looking fabulous, but we’re not lying, we promise! You will need to invest in some great quality hair products to ensure your highlighted locks don’t turn brassy and your ends stay frizz-free.

You will need a shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for coloured/highlighted hair as well as a nourishing and protective leave-in conditioning treatment to use pre-styling.

We love:

How do I style my new locks?
It’s all about free-flowing locks that never look overdone, loose waves with a bohemian-luxe vibe.

You want your hair to look full and healthy but not over-styled; you should never need to spend more than 20 minute styling your hair (lazy and time-poor gals, rejoice!)

Look for volume building and texturising sprays to give the hair subtle movement and hold. Find an easy-to-use, quick heating curling wand that is set to become your new best friend every AM, we love the ghd curve soft curl tong.

Products we love to style lived-in locks

So, now you’re good to go! Highlighted, perfectly smooth, luxe tousled locks are yours for the taking. Not too messy, yet not too glossy; from Hollywood’s fashion it-girls to A-list celebs, everyone is on board with the lived-in colour trend—take it from us, you’re in good company!

You can purchase Oribe Dry Texturising Spray and other Oribe Hair products next time when you visit RAW Salon.

By Bree Nowland for theurbanlist.com