Textured, teased and tousled; it’s the hair style of Hollywood, and we want in. Stars hit the Oscars red carpet with variations, but there were two striking constants that remained; volume and ample texture.

Gently frizzed and outwardly teased, Jennifer Lawrence, Great Gerwig and Betty Gabriel all sported tresses which had been curled and textured with both height and volume. The focus was around the mid-lengths, with hair swelling out and around the face with drama (it was the Oscars, after all).

There was also no length prejudice – both big and small, long and short could enjoy the style. Jennifer Lawrence’s longer lengths were curled with a small barrelled tong and scrunched willingly. Greta Gerwig’s cropped, asymmetrical pixie was gritty and kinked to perfection. Hair was even pulled back into a half up ‘do on Get Out star Betty Gabriel, beautifully coiled and romantic.

But how to embrace this trend at home? We asked one of our favourite hairstylists, Anthony Nader, how to achieve those supremely tousled tresses – sans the poodle perm.

How to achieve this look?
To achieve masses of hair, the big secret is layering up the natural texture of your hair strands with product, or, in J-Law’s case….hair pieces en masse clipped in for the night out! Also, using your hot tools and tongs with confidence; curving and waving your hair with a barrel tong and thinking anything but loose and natural, ’cause that just isn’t going to cut it on the red carpet.

What products should we use?
Get your hands on a mousse that’s going to give you the va-va-voom and staying power. If your strands are on the finer side, I’d use a sea salt spray on the root area after applying the mousse to give more grunt to the area because this look is not about flat roots! Use a blow drier with your nozzle attached, as this directs the hot air directly onto the target area you want to sculpt. With your hot barrel tongs, aim for one that is ‘ceramic’ or ‘thermal’, as these benefits don’t zap the moisture out of your hair strands. Smooth over your famous, inspired hairstyle with a lovely cushion brush that has 100% boar bristle, as this baby will keep your hair appearing luxe and controlled all night long. Don’t be shy and invest in some human hair clip-in extensions that match perfectly with your own hair. You’ll be surprised how good they look, and how many celebs use them for red carpet events.

Is there a way to master the trend without the fuzz?
Fuzz is just the worst isn’t it? And hardly a winner in any hairstyle. Start off by always rinsing your hair on the coolest temperature water, as this will keep even the most unruly textured hair at bay and for the most part, looking smooth. Then try this – this is my secret tip to beautiful hair: use a nozzle on the end of your hairdryer always, as this makes your hair foolproof and combats fuzz with ease. Also, make sure you’ve had a “baby trim” before your big event. Snipping off your ends will showcase healthy ends and also appear thicker on the edge which is GOLD…Pardon the trophy pun! And when curling your sections, before you wrap them around your tong to reshape, always comb them smooth. This little trick is so important.

How do we keep it modern and not dated and daggy?
DON’T GO TOO WIDE! Having your hair shaped with width will definitely take you back to the ’80s and then all you need is leg warmers and fingerless gloves and you’re set. Another biggie to avoid is make sure your curl isn’t EXACTLY a curl / ringlet. Notice Jennifer’s big hair? Well her Stylist got it #SOright when it really could have gone SO wrong. It was big but not too big, it was curly but not too curly, there was height but not too much height. It was just SO good and I predict that Jen’s hair is the next big wave across the globe.


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