Going in for a chop or change isn’t as simple as pointing to a picture and wishing your way to stardom status hair. In fact, your face shape is the true determinant when it comes to picking the perfect hairstyle. But what works best for your face shape? Vogue sought out to answer your every hair query from celebrity hair stylist, Anthony Nader, ahead of summer to ensure your next chop is your best one yet.

The tip? “Because of its symmetry and balance, the oval face shape is your ultimate goal to reaching when thinking about your new haircut,” says Nader.

Click through to discover the style you’ll be opting for the next time you hit the salon.



Round shaped face 

“Go for side swept bangs as this softens around the edges,” says Nader. “The angle of the bangs create more length in your face and provide a more oval shape – which is key.”

Longer hairstyles: 

“Long hair is totally a goer here, however, ensure to have a few chunky pieces cut in and around the face,” says Nader. “This opens up your tiny features, rather than closing them in and hiding them away.”

Shorter hairstyles: 

“Shorter hair shapes work a dream – and have fun experimenting with them,” says Nader. The trick? “Steer clear of the jawline otherwise the roundness of your face will only be enhanced,” he confirms.



Square shaped face 

“Bangs are all about illusion and this is key for square face shapes which tend to be wider at the cheeks and more angular around the jawline,” Nader shares. “A soft A-shape cut works best for women with square faces. The textured ends create angles, which help to soften the jawline and draw attention to your eyes.”

“No matter the length you choose to wear, from here on in, keep your hair strands with movement and not perfectly straight,” he says. And why? “Because having straight strands will only showcase your angular features.”

Nader recommends those with square faces to style a bend or a haphazard wave throughout hair to soften the overall look.



Oblong shaped face 

According to Nader, “Opting for a layered fringe and creating an A-shape look will help soften and balance your features. Actually, any strong angular features will be taken down a notch and softened,” he adds.

Nader’s tip? “Keep the length in your hair here and make sure you add some layers around the jawline as to allow the oblong shape to appear more symmetrical and balanced,” he says.



Heart shaped face 

“Heart shaped bangs for a heart shaped face as these will soften your look,” says Nader. “This means your bangs will be longer on the outer edges and slightly shorter in the middle.”

“The beauty about these bangs are that they are ideally overgrown and wont need a lot of upkeep due to the natural shape which blends beautifully with shorter, skimming layers around your face,” he shares.

He continues, “You can keep your hair length from medium to longer here, keeping your layers textured and not just one length.”

Why do heart shaped faces want to achieve textured layers? “Having one length will only emphasis your cheeks and small forehead,” Nader confirms.



Long face shape 

“Longer face shapes allow for more experimentation around the higher forehead region,” says Nader. “This is where you and your hairdresser can be more strategic about which parts of your face you wish to highlight or soften.”

For example, Nader tells us, “Creating a diagonal angle on your face will help keep people’s eyes focused on your centre features – like your eyes, and lips – rather than on your forehead or lower parts of your face.”

“This summer think 60s Woodstock era. Keep your tresses long and at one length.”

Alternatively, “Shake it up and make sure you create shorter triggers around your face, allowing for the overall style to blend through to the base line length.”


Anthony Nader for vogue.com.au

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