The 12 Hair Cut And Colour Trends That You’re About To See Everywhere This Summer

When a new season approaches, it only makes sense that a desire to switch up our look comes with it. And as the weather warms up, the layers of our clothing start to shed, beauty choices alter significantly and our minds turn to fostering new habits, new routines and perhaps even a new ‘do.

Naturally, partaking in a transformation of tresses can feel somewhat daunting. Whether you’re choosing between a dramatic chop or a fresh new hue, a successful hair makeover is all about arming yourself with the most accurate of trend knowledge. While the internet can certainly offer all the resources one could need, why not turn to the professionals for their words of wisdom?

To help you cut through the noise, we consulted some of Australia’s leading hairdressers to get their expert opinions on which cuts, colours and styles are trending for summer 2022.

From high-shine strands to toasty tresses, scroll on to get the lowdown on the biggest summer hair cut and colour trends ahead of the warmer weather.


Textured Mid-Lengths

Amanda Tua, Founder & Creative Director at Amanda Tua Hair

“Mid-length styles are making a comeback as this length suits all hair textures and densities,” Amanda explains. “Ask your stylist for some face framing layers, loads of dishevelled texture and make sure you have an inspiration pic for reference. This style is amazing as it requires minimal styling—just wash, air dry and add some dry texture spray for the ultimate cool girl hair!”

The ’90s Blowout

Barney Martin, founder of Barney Martin Hair.

“The statement making ’90s inspired supermodel blowout,” says Barney. “Bigger is better, this taps into the post lockdown excitement and glamour of not being at home in leisure wear that everyone is experiencing. For big blowouts, I like to prep hair with R+Co Dallas Thickening Spray.”


The Summer Fringe

Anthony Nader, founder of RAW Hair.

Add a bang to your new summer look! Ever curious about asking for a solid bang (like Taylor) or long sweeping curtain bangs?

“The beauty about any bangs is that it frames your face instantly, even if you have long hair as well,” Nader says. “The styling options are endless. Taylor’s heavy bangs are a statement and not to be taken for lightly (no pun intended) either. You can dress up your new trademark look by rounding off the edges using a round brush and hairdryer or go poker straight and swing off to one side.”

Nader suggests dressing up your new ‘do by rounding off the edges using a round brush and hairdryer or opt for a poker straight look and swing your fringe off to one side.


The Natural ‘Do

Amanda Tua, Founder & Creative Director at Amanda Tua Hair

“Lockdown has resulted in a huge shift to embrace our natural hair texture, with as little effort as possible,” Amanda explains. “Whether Afro, curly or wavy hair, people are embracing low maintenance styles that can be simply, washed and either left to air dry or diffuse dried to enhance the natural curl.”

“The haircut is key, so find a reference photo of a style you love and a confident stylist that specialises in curly/wavy hair. There are so many shapes and styles to choose from, the key is to find a stylist that can work with your specific hair type and advise you on a shape that requires minimal maintenance!”


The Shag

Barney Martin, founder of Barney Martin Hair.

Speaking of natural tresses, the ‘shag’ is yet to become passé, according to Barney. In fact, it’s not going anywhere any time soon.

“Embracing natural wave and movement, the shag is here for a while. With a ’70s/’90s vibe it’s super wearable, works with most hair textures and face shapes and can be varied in length,” he suggests.

“A grown out or curtain fringe for a ’70s vibe or taken with a shorter fringe for a more ’90s take. Air dried using R+Co Cool Wind Air Dry Creme or with a spritz with R+Co Sail Soft Waves Spray gives definition and movement.”


Baby Soft Layers

Anthony Nader, founder of RAW Hair.

“Can’t get enough volume in your long hair? My absolute role model and hair crush goes to Shanina,” Nader explains.

“It’s imperative that you have some movement and softness within your summer haircut when you have a longer length. Adding soft layers will not only lighten the load but will also give you endless styling options.”

If you’re keen to add masses of relaxed waves to your mane, then Nader recommends getting your hands on a reliable curling iron, like ghd’s Creative Curl Wand..


Toasty Tresses

Amanda Tua, Founder & Creative Director at Amanda Tua Hair

“Ash tones are taking a back seat with a shift towards honey and caramel blondes, copper hues and rich chestnut brunettes. Warmer tones occur naturally in the hair and are being embraced for their ability to brighten the complexion, remember to always have a reference picture with you when changing your colour,” Amanda explains.

“If you are blonde, request some warmth in your toner to keep your highlights bright. Try out some copper with a semi-permanent gloss initially to see how it suits your skin tone. For the most natural result in brunettes, opt for warm chestnut highlights or rich caramels. For the most natural looking results, always choose warm!”


High-Shine Strands

Barney Martin, founder of Barney Martin Hair.

Rather than embracing endless amounts of highlights, Barney believes that “luxurious, glossy hair with a mirror like shine” is the colour trend to keep an eye on this summer.

“Most of my clients have had the chance to move away from heat styling tools during lockdown so hair is in optimum condition. We are seamlessly blending blondes for a supernatural yet super polished finish,” he says. “Brunettes are rich with depth and high shine. R+Co Two Way Mirror Smoothing Oil is an excellent oil for maximum shine.”



Expensive Brunette

Anthony Nader, founder of RAW Hair.

While the weather warms up, it looks as if our hair is set to cool down. Sun-kissed blondes are being switched out for a rich brunette hue, labelled as ‘Expensive Brunette’, thanks to its deeper energy, dimension and detail.

“‘I’ll have the Hailey Bieber Brunette please’. That’s all you need to say to your hairdresser when you want to emulate her sensational new colour that fired up everyone’s Instagram feeds around the globe last month,” says Nader.

“What makes her colour appear to have dimension and not one flat brunette are those baby pieces of lighter strands framing her face that pick up when the light hits. It is a dreamy colour being asked countless times in my salon for the bright Summer ahead.”

The renowned hair stylist recommends keeping your colour runway-ready at all times by using a coloured pigment shampoo, like Davroe’s Chroma Colour Treatment, once a week.


Colour Blocked Locks

Amanda Tua, Founder & Creative Director at Amanda Tua Hair

“Coloured bangs, face framing highlights, and colour blocked ends will continue to have a moment in 2022,” says Amanda. “This technique involves colouring a section of your hair in a contrasting shade so it stands out against the rest of your mane.”

“This colour can be any shade of the rainbow, from a soft pastel hue to blue-black. Choose your colour placement of choice and the rest is up to your imagination!”


Bright And Bold ‘Dos

Barney Martin, founder of Barney Martin Hair.

“Fun colours. So many clients are asking for a pop of pink, purple or red. Clients dealing with significant regrowth have got the opportunity to try something that they maybe would not of considered,” Barney explains.

“We saw Billie and Dua with their strong block colours last year, and lux healthy looking hair with full rich colour will be big for 2022—check out Gigi and her red hair. Always use a colour safe shampoo and conditioner!”


The ‘Money Piece’

Anthony Nader, founder of RAW Hair.

Made popular by famous faces like Beyoncé, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Sarah Jessica Parker, the ‘money piece’ is making waves once more for its versatile style and brightening abilities.

“And just like that, she’s back and not before time, don’t you think? What I’ve always loved about SJP’s long hair is that her colour has always shown different shades of yummy creamy blondes while keeping the root area natural and untouched,” Nader says.

“With longer manes, you need to make sure when colouring this length is that you have a variation of your blonde colour added with weaves and confident thick splices to add dimension…this is the key always! To add extra punch to your summer glow, make sure your hairdresser adds bolder panels around the face starting from the eyebrow area. This is what the hair industry calls ‘The Money Piece’ because having this is priceless.”

Nader recommends using a hair treatment, like Olaplex’s No. 3 Hair Perfector, to keep your precious blonde strands strong and hydrated through the warmer months.


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