Hair – Anthony Nader as seen on TOMBOY Beauty

Photographer – Simon Upton









We first spotted Roberta (Robbie) at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia back in April, where she walked in almost every show. Her bangs and shoulder grazing hair (which she had just cut, on a combination of gut instinct, and a solid grasp on the girl whom was getting booked) clearly worked in her favour. At our shoot, hair stylist, Anthony Nader, knew better than to fuck with what was going on naturally, his restraint, using only David Mallet’s Australian Sea Salt Spray and Volume Powder, is what makes him the master that he is.

During the time spent on set, and our conversations during the time we’ve spent together since, it clear that Robbie  is not just a model riding the wave. She has a head on her shoulders, is family orientated  (her sister, is Sydney stylist, Jess Pecoraro), and is prepared to put in the work. Since fashion week, she has booked campaigns for Country Road, travelled to Paris to do the shows, and has appeared in editorials for VOGUE and Grazia.

Get to know Roberta Pecoraro



ASL: 22, female, Sydney.

Break: Opening Dion lees show at Sydney fashion week 2017.

Fave gig: When I went to Paris to do  Maticevski showroom.

When I’m not modelling… I’m cooking something.

You in three words:  Thinker, hard worker, energetic.


What does beauty mean to you? 

Beauty doesn’t always come from someone’s appearance. The kindness someone brings through their personality and their actions, is what I see as beauty.

All-time beauty prod? 

I’ve fallen in love with Kiehl’s products. In particular the Ultra Facial Cleanser, my skin has never felt so good!

Beauty advice? 

Keep the makeup simple. The fewer products on your face the more your skin can breathe.


Favourite Book: 

I’m really enjoying ‘Between A Wolf And A Dog’ by Georgia Blain at the moment.

Favourite film: 

Anything with Denzel Washington.

Signature drink: 


Favourite City? 



What drives you? 

I’m driven by the company I surround myself with.

What startles you? 

I’m startled by my overthinking.

What is the best and hardest thing about being a woman in 2017? 

Best thing is our freedom to basically do anything! The hardest thing would be everyone physically comparing themselves to each other through social media.

Women you most admire? 

Those that don’t change for anyone.

Your advice for this generation of women? 

Try to stop thinking that everything you see through social media is real because half the time it’s all an illusion. We all do it, we’re all sucked into that world.

What’s next for you…

At the moment I just want to keep busy with work and enjoy the Aussie summer with friends and family!


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