How to get Meghan Markle’s chic ballet bun

The perfect, pulled-together look for warm weather.







Obsessed with Megan’s elevated bun aesthetic? It’s not as hard to achieve as you’d think.

Once the domain of the prima ballerinas, Meghan Markle has certainly found a way to rock a bun for herself.

Not only is this high bun super elegant, but it’s also a great way to rock a sartorial look in summer without getting your hair all sweaty. In fact, day-old hair is preferred for this style!

Hairstylist Anthony Nader, creative director of Sydney’s Raw Salon, explains how to achieve the chic up-do in four simple steps.

1. Skip the shampooing for this

It’s best to style as natural day-old hair works better for extra grip.

Divide the hair into four even sections, then take one-inch sections from the nape area and iron it straight from roots to ends.

Apply this method all the way from the back of the head, working to the two front sections.

2. Add product

Now that your strands are frizz-free and beautifully straight, spritz your hair all over with a shine spray, then brush upwards and secure a ponytail just below your crown.

3. It’s all about the ‘tail’

Make sure the tail is super smooth here by gliding your brush from the base of the tail, and add more spray if you want a more high-voltage sheen.

4. Wrap it up

In one clean sweep, wrap the tail around the base of your ponytail and tuck the ends under so they disappear, pop in a few bobby pins to secure it in place and you’re good to go.

Expert tip

If you have stubborn shorter strands around your face that don’t want to behave, use a light spritz of hairspray on the tip of an old blusher brush to glide over the troublesome areas.

This is my favourite trick as it really means business and will help your look last all night long.


Bree Player/Body+Soul

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