An Expert Guide To Recreating Kate Middleton’s Latest Blow Wave Style

Just when we thought we could file Kate Middleton’s glossy tresses under ‘perennially polished albeit somewhat predictable’, the Duchess of Cambridge decides to prove us all wrong.

In fact, Middleton switched up her signature cut (swapping long length for a collarbone-grazing chop) and her colour (going from a cool-toned cocoa brunette colour to a sandier, warmer chocolate-and-caramel blend) in a matter of months.
The Duchess has also begun switching things up in the style department, choosing to embrace more modern styles as she attends virtual engagements via Zoom amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
Though while the sleek, straight strands she sported recently were certainly a chic departure from the bouncy blow-dry that has become her beauty signature, it’s still hard to top her trademark cascading curls.
They also, however, have undergone an update in recent weeks, with Middleton opting for contemporary flowing waves from roots to ends, rather than her classic ‘volume up top, curls down the bottom’ aesthetic.
Via: Getty Images and Instagram/@kensingtonroyal
Here, celebrity hairstylist and RAW salon owner Anthony Nader tells BAZAAR exactly how to get the look, whether at home or in-salon. Your mane will be looking Middleton-esque in no time.

How does this style differ from Middleton’s classic blow-dry?

“This updated blow dry is definitely more fun and modern compared to her previous style, which I felt was more highbrow with that added volume on the crown area,” says Nader. “Middleton’s newfound voluminous waves exude shine and a healthy wellbeing. I’m a fan.”
Middleton's updated blow-dry style Via: Instagram/@kensingtonroyal

What are the pros of this kind of blow-dry style?

Middleton’s latest style works wonders for lifting and framing the face, Nader explains: “Having a few shorter face framing layers will always add softness, whereas when the hair is kept at one length, it will close in your delicate facial features and also appear heavy.”
It wins in the longevity and versatility stakes, too. “When you have layers cut throughout the style you’ll also have all that extra body which will give you the longevity for your defined waves to last,” Nader explains. “Another positive with Middleton’s new hair shape is that she can wear her part line in the dead centre for a contemporary feel or switch it up to a deep side part for more of a fun one.”
Middleton's classic blow-dry style Via: Getty Images

What is the best way to have your hair stylist recreate this blow wave?

“It’s very easy,” says Nader. “Show your hair stylist any one of these images of Middleton’s hair and they will get it ‘straight away’; or should I say ‘wave away’. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist).”
Don’t have a reference ready? “Some key [terms] or ideas that you should verbalise would be ‘loose but textured vertical waves’ and to ‘keep the ends wave free and more on the straight side’,” he explains.

How can you recreate the look at home?

“On freshly washed strands, use a dollop of volume foam to give strands more va va voom from roots to ends, then shake out excess moisture to [eliminate] at least 80 per cent,” Nader shares.
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“Section hair up into four even parts, [as this will] make it easier for you to whirl your medium sized brush [in order to create] smooth waves. Start with the two back sections, then unclip the front sections, place in your desired part line and blow-dry your waves away from your face,” he says.
“Once dry, go back and [divide hair using] the same sectioning pattern, then grab your tong and wind in a vertical manner rolling into the centre of the head.”
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“Repeat this technique all the way down, but be sure not to roll your hair up too high [toward the roots when clamped in the curling tong], as you want to leave the area on top more flat. Just pop the slightest bend in the ends, if any, then rake through your waves with your fingers,” he advises. “[Finish with a] texture spray if you feel the need for more ‘grab’.”

Does the style work on all lengths?

“The more length you have, the more vertical waves you’ll end up with, but be mindful that you need to make sure you ask your hairstylist for some layers cut in [to achieve the face-framing effect],” Nader explains.
“The shorter the length, the less wave and texture you’ll have. Middleton’s below the shoulder length is on point and perfect for the next high tea moment.”

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