The summer humidity in Australia has been wreaking havoc on my hair! No matter how hard I try I can’t seem to get my style to last and remain frizz-free beyond the front door. How can I beat the heat and keep my hair frizz-free?

Frizz-fighting starts in the shower. Always use a shampoo and conditioner that’s rich in hydration and moisture as this will make thirsty strands more supple and shiny, which gives them more controllability. I would also recommend moving away from scrubbing your hair and instead move to using a downward motion of shampooing to reduce breakage. Then, roughly 20 seconds before you’re done with the last rinse, turn down the heat and go as cool as you can with the water. This will help to close the hair scales, which imparts sheen and helps keep the frizz away.

Styling-wise, I recommend using the nozzle attachment on your hairdryer as this helps to control air flow and invest in a really good hair brush that won’t tear your hair (think Mason Pearson). My final tip is a silk pillowcase. I swear by this for frizz-reduction and have gotten all my clients onto them.

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