10 Minutes with Anthony Nader

Celebrating a silver anniversary of 25 amazing years in business, with RAW Anthony Nader.

Anthony Nader is no stranger when it comes to being backstage at Fashion Week around the globe, this is where he absolutely thrives. When not in the salon, Anthony’s on photo shoots for print and online publications in Fashion and beauty. In his downtime, Anthony loves to immerse himself in reading autobiographies, updating his Spotify playlists, and sketching.

We caught up with the gorgeous man himself recently, to get a little up close and personal, and to also find out a little more about ‘love thy nader’…

Tell us what you do in the industry today:

I’m fortunate that I can split my time up between being on the salon floor and being on photoshoots for fashion brands and publications. I’ve always loved being on shoots from the very start of my thirty-year young career. It’s an avenue that I feel keeps me excited about playing with hair. In saying this, I love my salon clients immensely and wouldn’t be where I am today without them all. From time to time, I hold editorial workshops on a Monday and the class is capped at seven students which has a mixture of makeup artists and hairdressers. I designed the workshop for those wanting to feel more confident being on a photoshoot and knowing how to master strong hair shapes with an editorial feel.

Help us get to know you a little more with your personal history:

I grew 300 km south of Sydney in a small town called Moruya. My family owned a clothing store and in the back of the store was a hair salon. I loved being in the store as I used to help with the window displays and merchandising in the store. Needless to say, when I hung out in the hair salon, this is where I got my real taste of the ‘what and where’ playing with hair could take me. Years went by, I finished year eleven and said to my parents that year twelve was going to be such a waste of time as I knew I wanted to just start my hairdressing apprenticeship. With my parents blessing I then started my career in my elder sister’s salon up the road. Ok so here’s where I came across old but I’m not ok!!! Back then an apprenticeship was four years, so I used to write letters (yes, write letters) to hair salons in Beverly Hills to see if I could do work experience in their salon for three weeks and without pay. Between you, HAIR BIZ readers and I, it was purely a shopping trip, but I wasn’t going to tell my accountant this each of the four times I made the trek over to America. Then the day I finished my apprenticeship I moved to London for one year, where I worked at a salon in Kensington.

How did you first get involved in the industry?

First and foremost, playing with my twin sisters barbie and ken dolls… she’s still bitter that I did better hair than her. When I turned eighteen, I started my career in hairdressing and I all knew was that there had to be a bigger picture of where doing hairdressing could take me.

What achievements are you most proud of in your life/career?

A small handful as I don’t want to bore you… Living and working in New York for ten years. The AHJ industry awards I’ve won. David and I celebrating our salons Silver Anniversary this year and lastly and most thankfully, good health.

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what alternative career would you consider?

I’d either be an architect or an interior decorator.

Three things you’re passionate about:

My family Fashion and Beauty Scented candles

Describe your ideal Sunday:

Anyone that really knows me well, knows I’m such a creature of habit and Sundays especially. Priority is waking up late-ish, reading my weekly digital magazines in bed with a Sisley Black Rose Cream face mask slathered on, bottomless coffee’s while watching music videos or the latest Netflix series while still in bed, then heading out for brunch before having at least a two-hour nap… and you guessed it in bed.

What’s on your bucket list?

To travel the globe, first class and stay at either an Aman or Six Senses resorts. Have you got a contact you could flick me? I did a three-day photoshoot at the Amangiri Utah, and didn’t want to leave. To this day, it’s the best work trip I’ve done in my entire career.

Craziest, funniest, or most unusual thing/s you’ve ever done?

How about being “pushed” aside quiet abruptly by one of Madonna’s security people when I got too close. I even made the news!!! Please don’t ask me to explain it any further… lol

Favourite Travel Destination you have been to and why?

Mmm that’s a hard one as every travel destination is special in some way. Seville, Spain is wonderful. The fusion of different cultures and architecture in one little city is just so inspiring. The tiny cobblestone streets and the food, the tapas is just incredible. I think I gained three kilos on that Spanish holiday.

What’s playing on your Spotify right now?

Caprisongs – FKA twigs and anything from Sébastien Léger

What trends are you loving right now, in Hair & Fashion?

My hair and fashion aesthetic has really always been the same, I have a bible if you will. My favourite two designers are Hedi Slimane at CELINE and Anthony Vaccarello at Saint Laurent. Every campaign and Fashion Week show they do, hair and fashion is what I look at for future referencing. Then I take that on board and filter this down to a ‘consumer level’ for the salon floor.

If you could leave this industry having achieved just one thing, what would that legacy be?

Staying true to my work and not trying to be someone I’m not.

A career highlight?

Last month David and I just launched the @ ltn range (it only took 25 years!). We have two straighteners/styling irons and a deluxe range of 100% Mulberry Silk pillowcases in seven beautiful colours. This is something I’ve always wanted to do, and it’s a no-brainer to release hair care essentials that I can recommend to my clients in the salon Over my 30+ years in the industry, I’ve always been using other brands in the salon, on shoots, and backstage at fashion shows. The salon’s silver anniversary felt like the perfect year to launch my own brand.

It’s been a fun process and not for the faint hearted that’s for sure. Much respect for anyone with a product range on any scale.

What’s something interesting or quirky we might not know about you?

I don’t wear denim. Is this interesting or quirky? I’ll let you decide. Oh yeah and David just reminded me, don’t ever touch my Adam’s apple!

If you could invite 4 people, living or passed, to a dinner party at your place, who would you invite?

The Fren family from Travel Guides (Channel Nine travel show). My stomach would be in stitches from the second my front door opened to the moment they left. I think they’re hysterical.

What does contentment mean to you?

Having a tight group of people around you that you can trust.

What makes you laugh?

Will and Grace, always every time. David will always say very questionably, “Haven’t you already seen this episode”? My reply “NO cherub never!!! I don’t know how I missed this one” hehehe.

How do you like to unwind after a busy day/week at work?

Curl up on the couch with a nice glass of Rose and switch on Netflix.

Your greatest indulgence?

Surry Hills Dumplings for lunch every Wednesday!

What’s on the agenda for the future?

More holidays and more carbs x

Do you have a motto or signature life philosophy?

I’m not interested in competing with anyone. I hope we all make it.

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