WHO’S YOUR CELEBRITY HAIR COLOUR CRUSH? Gigi Hadid ? Jennifer Lawrence? Or maybe Olivia Palermo? Seen BEAUTY CREW

Having your hair coloured can be a tricky business. With so many different colouring techniques and shade variations, it can be hard to have a clear picture of how you’d like your colour to turn out. That’s why taking a picture of a celebrity’s ‘do as a reference is the easiest way to ensure both you and your colourist are on the same page. But how do you know what colours are trending and which celebrity look to go for? We spoke to four of Sydney’s top hairdressers who revealed their favourite and most-requested celebrity hair colours this year.

Anthony Nader, RAW, Surry Hills

Gigi Hadid
“Without a doubt, Gigi Hadid’s look is definitely the most sought-after when it comes to hair referencing, and I think you can see why. Her hair has a naturally light base, which helps immensely when creating this combination of multidimensional colour,” explains Nader. He adds that what makes Gigi’s colour so popular “is the bold lightness and framing around [her] face, which adds dimension and makes complexions pop”.

If you’re looking to achieve the look yourself, Nader explains the secret is “precision sectioning around the front half of the head, backcombing larger sections and then applying colour and leaving the root area. I guess you could say it’s balayage that’s been taken to another level.”

Jennifer Lawrence
Although practically all of JLaw’s various hair colours will have been used as a hair reference at one time or another, it’s her lower maintenance look that Nader sees most often. “What clients love most about her trademark colour is that it’s 100 per cent achievable.” Specifically, how her “darker, natural roots melt slowly and beautifully into blonde hues”.

Olivia Palermo
If Nader had his way, Olivia Palermo’s colour combination would win a Hollywood Oscar. Her look is achieved by ensuring the “darker brunette depth on the crown of her head flows through to the back,” before lighter shades of warmer blonde are added to the front half area. The trick to this colour, Nader explains, is all about “deepening the back half of the hair by applying a glossy semi-permanent, sprinkling in some weaved highlights throughout the front area and making sure there’s at least three different complementary shades that define the hair’s texture.”

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