Anthony Nader on Kate Middleton’s new haircut and who suits it best for body+soul!


Anthony Nader hair tips


You might never be able to find your Tupperware lids, or rely on your mate turning up to Saturday brunch on time, but if there’s one thing you can count on, it’s Kate Middleton having perfect hair.

The Duchess of Cambridge debuted her new ‘do at Wimbledon this week, wearing it down in a bouncy blowout.

While it’s not a Katy Perry style drastic chop, you can definitely tell that K-Middy has lopped off about 8-10cm of her famous tresses.

“Before, Kate’s haircut was long and drab,” says international hair stylist and founder of RAW Hair Sydney,  Anthony Nader. “This new style, which is a long version of the lob, is far more royal.”

That’s a long long bob, FYI – and a great gateway cut, for long hair lovers.

“Kate’s shorter length gives her more oomph which emphasises more texture and volume, and defines her beautiful facial features, cheekbones, and elongates her neck,” explains Nader.

If you’re thinking #hairspo, Nader says the style will suit both thin and thicker hair, but that you’ll need to consider your face shape before getting snip happy, and give your stylist some instruction.



“An oval is the most perfect face shape for Kate’s long lob, as the layers around the face will define your features. But if you’re more angular, like a square or diamond face shape, be wary that those same layers framing the face aren’t cut as short as Kate’s, otherwise it will make you look even more angular. Ask your hairdresser for them to fall at the jawline,” Nader recommends.

Cut conquered, next step is getting that bouncy glossy blowdry synonymous with George and Charlotte’s mum.

Nader has this easy to follow four-step advice for you.

  • For the best blowdry result, always start on freshly washed hair. You need a palette clean.
  • Be sure when conditioning beforehand, not to be precious, and put conditioner on the roots because this will only weigh your hair down. Instead, try a leave-in spray.
  • Next, with the hairdryer make sure you have a nozzle as this helps direct the air onto the area you want to sculpt. A round brush is really vital for that beautiful curve in the hair, and the more bristles the better, as this will help tame even the frizziest hair.
  • Finish by adding a super lightweight spray sheen, and my rule here is less is more.

Hair fit for a queen.

By Melissa Shedden for bodyandsoul.com.au