It’s time to ban the bleach for now says Anthony but why? Find out why as seen in The Carousel

Deeply-rooted, platinum-dipped, extra-salty locks are the hair de rigueur for many a lass, particularly in Sydney (you can blame Bondi). But celebrity stylist and general whiz with the scissors, Anthony Nader, says it’s time to ban the beach hair. A polished wave is upon us.

“Girls it’s way #overtime to wash away that summer, salty, matted beach hair ’cause, if you haven’t noticed by now, winter has finally hit. Now is the time to start showing your mane the love it deserves,” implores Anthony.


Models pose backstage prior to the Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition Fall/Winter 2016-2017 show at Paris Fashion Week.

Anthony’s Top Tips For Saying Bye To The Beach ‘Do’:

1.Cover up those over bleached, dehydrated mid lengths and ends that screamed #summer and next time you’re sitting at our hairdresser’s colour bar, ask for a creamier colour palate to replace the bleach.
I’m thinking of hues that sound good enough to eat like; Cinnamon, Biscuit, Caramel swirl, Toffee & Honey…sounds good right?

2. Invest in a leave in conditioner and make sure it’s weightless too as who wants to look like they’ve been caught in a downpour of winter rain.

Spray this on liberally (and yes even on the roots), use a wide tooth comb and start from ends first, working your way up to the roots.

By all means you can still use your styling products for volume, or whatever is on the cards for you to create your style for the day.

3.  Blunt, delicious ends are in this season, so get your hairdresser to lay off the razoring and texturizing until spring / summer hits again. The time is so beneficial too as winter is a time to repair your ends and get them looking healthy again.

4. This is fun – create two classic braids (on 80% dry hair) before you go to bed and then unravel your new found waves in the morning! This is so easy to do and the effect of your beautiful waves looks like you’ve spent hours whipping this up (but really you’ve just slept on it overnight!)

5. Turn down the heat on whatever hot appliances you may be using as this is torturing your poor strands. Look out for word terminology on the label / box that say Ionic, Heat Resistant, Ceramic, Heat Proof and even Tourmaline. These keys words are what is going to save your strands and let them breathe.

By Chrisanthi Kaliviotis for Beauty Editor as seen on thecarousel.com