Anthony Nader rounds out his top picks from Paris Fashion Week – the last stop on the international fashion week tour – and shows you exactly how to get them.


You know I can never go past a really polished and slick high ponytail. It elongates the neckline and gives your face shape an instant lift so you look younger, viagra buy which is like winning the jackpot.



1. No need to wash your hair if you don’t have time. Use your neutralising spray to create a clean base to work off, as you need super clean strands.

2. Take finer sections starting from the hairline area and blowdry with your nozzle attached and a large paddle brush to ensure frizz free hair.

3. Once dry and you have a straight, reflective surface, use your light hairspray and give a once over on the area you’re working on and brush clean to the crown area in one sweep.

4. Keep directing your hair upwards and then secure with your snag free elastic when your scalp surface is looking polished.

ANTHONY’S HANDY TIP – To ensure your high pony sits on top of your crown, tip your head over and then brush your hair into place. This way is fool proof. Don’t forget to keep the sides brushed up and high as this gives you that instant face lift look – compared to brushing your hair horizontal in a backward direction.



I know what you’re thinking: “I don’t see a hairstyle here Anthony” but this “undone” & “carefree” attitude of French hairstyling was huge on so many runways this Spring Summer 2015 season. It’s the ‘too cool, I don’t care what you think of my hair’ kinda attitude girls; remember that.


1. Wash your hair with a cleansing shampoo and conditioner to rid away any build-up so your strands look and feel like virgin hair (in hairdressing terms that means natural).

2. Use your UV protector spray and scrunch in all over, combing through with a wide tooth comb.

3. Attach your diffuser on the end of your hairdryer, working in circular movements all over until dry. As you go use only your fingers to dry your newfound French inspired tresses.

4. If you want to add a bit of a haphazard, uneven bend in your hair, pick up two inch sections all over and use your flat iron and give the section a crinkled look. Leave the ends out so it looks more natural then shake out your hair and you’re good to go.

ANTHONY’S HANDY TIP – Remember don’t over style your Chloe look. The less you play with it the better it will look, ’cause remember girls…You don’t care.



Bringing back the old fashioned victory roll and making it modern again and thank you DVN for adding such a fine detail like this and making it wearable.


1. Skip the hair wash today as that little bit of natural movement will work wonders for this hairstyle. By all means if your hair is on the finer side, spray some dry shampoo in to thicken up each strand and brush through from roots to ends.

2. Section out a rectangle shape using the middle of your eyebrows as a guide and to the crown area. Clip that up for now.

3. Smooth over your strands from the front of your hairline and direct away from your face.

4. Unclip the top, and now, brush the whole section over to one side a little then wrap up your smooth victory roll and pin till secure.

ANTHONY’S HANDY HINT – When you’re purchasing your dry shampoo, check out the variety of different colours. There’s a coloured spray that will match your colour perfectly rather than using the original white spray that looks like you’ve got a bad case of dandruff.



This ponytail may look like the others on the street at a distance, but just wait a second and take a look at the details here for a moment. The base of the tail is tucked in tight at the nape, the ears are peaking through the hair shape and the pretty ribbon is the icing on the cake.


1. Use a clarifying shampoo and a leave-in spray conditioner to rid away any oiliness and product residue. You want your strands to feel like baby hair.

2. Smooth over your hair with an extra large paddle brush with loads of bristles so you can tame even the thickest of hair textures.

3. Now sweep your hair clean and smooth from your partline over your ears, securing your pony tight into the nape area. Glide your brush over your tail to get out any stay knots.

4. Get a long ribbon of your colour choice and wrap around the base of the tail, and there you have your most beautiful minimal Dior ponytail.

ANTHONY’S HANDY HINT – Remember the little detail with a little of your ears showing. This is what makes your ponytail far more chic and French. Where’s the French champagne?



Chanel is my all time favourite each and every season; money is never spared and the show is a complete visual delight for me. It’s always a go-to for hair referencing and even though this season was a simple hair shape with a headband, it’s all about the attitude and how you carry yourself – which is most important.
Remember ladies it’s about oozing with wealth and sophistication, with the headband making you stand out from the rest…even if you can’t afford it.


1. No need to wash your French girl inspired hair today, but if your roots are feeling oily you can soak up natural oils by using a dry shampoo on the root area and massage in.

2. Place in your desired part line and scrape your strands back into two loose, low slung ponytails. Secure each tail (think double ponytail here) and let the hair over ears poke out a little.

3. Now use one long clip over the two tail bases and secure, placing your headband of the same colour/texture on top and you have your matching head band and long clip in sync.

ANYHONY’S HANDY HINT – Go bold with your hair accessories here as this is your statement to match your new French confidence.