As the second last stop on the fashion week circuit, sick Milan is known for its super glamorous hairstyles that work both on and off the runway. But it was Fendi, tadalafil Giorgio Armani and Gucci that stole Anthony Nader’s heart this season. Here, viagra sale our fashion week hair guru gives you the rundown.



A faux bob always wins me over and yes, ninety percent of the models that walk on this iconic runway have long hair, so no matter what your hair length, you can achieve this bob in no time at all. Play around with different hair accessories to match your ensemble for the occasion too.


1. Let’s start off by washing your hair so you have oil-free roots, as you want a soft whimsical feeling for this faux bob. Then blast hair 80% dry with your ceramic hairdryer, spray in a light volumising spray all over and comb through with a wide tooth comb from roots to ends.

2. Now place in your deep side part and clip the top half away, and dry the bottom section. No need to use a brush here as you still need your natural movement for the volume (except if you have unruly curly hair). For the top section if your hair strands are too wavy you’ll need to stretch them out with your paddle brush.

3. Gather your hair into a low ponytail shape at the back and secure a snag free elastic on the ends (approx 1 inch up) and now wrap up the hair in a cylinder coil shape just below the ears.

4. Hold the coil firm and secure it by using rippled bobby bins and pinning in a zig zag motion all around the inner base so you can’t see the pins, and slide in a extra long pin in at the front for your staple Fendi look.

ANTHONY’S HANDY TIP – Don’t freak out if the front pieces drop out because you want this over all look to be soft and non contrived. Let them float.



Think carefree; think undone and just embrace having natural texture.


1. It’s really important for this look to always have your hair looking and feeling super clean – just like baby hair that reflects light and embodies a healthy glow. Use a detoxifying shampoo and conditioner this season to rid your strands of any day to day build up that doesn’t make your hair shine.

2. After blasting hair 70% dry on a med/cool setting, spray in a UV protector spray all over as this shields your strands from the sun and elements and protects your hair colour from fading as well.

3. Attach your diffuser on the end of your hairdryer and in circular motions dry your hair off 90%, so you still have some moisture in it and won’t end up looking hazy or frizzy.

4. Now rake through your hair with your fingers from roots to ends and add your desired hair accessory to make you feel even more fabulous.

ANTHONY’S HANDY HINT – The beauty about this is you can still have whatever texture you want for the day, but make sure it looks product free and natural in appearance.



If you want to gain a few more inches this hairstyle is for you. I do like a bit of a chic rockabilly as it still projects confidence and affirms a presence.


1. If you don’t have time to wash your hair you can skip that for now and spray down your hair with a water bottle. It only needs to be approximately 30% wet.

2. Spray the top section with a sea salt spray and dry this rectangle section so you get the height you want with a brush and grip the roots and tug in a upward motion to get your rockabilly quiff.

3. Sculpt in your desired height and then pin at the crown area, then brush your sides slick and clean away from your face and tie both tails at the back of your head into one.

4. Now either leave the natural texture of the longer hair at the back, or straighten it out to match the quiff in the same smooth texture and you’re good to go.

ANTHONY’S HANDY HINT – Go as high or low and as wet or dry with your quiff depending on if you’re in the boardroom or out on the town with the girls.



These fashion men never fail in showing the world what being Italian is – and how the Dolce and Gabbana woman is ever so feminine and traditional – but always with a new seasons twist. The hair shows a softness and elegance without appearing old worldly, which is the key.


1. You can skip washing your hair today as you need day old hair for a bit of grit for hold. Tilt your head back and spray your dry shampoo in on the roots and massage in.

2. Place your part line in at your desired side (if any) then swirl that into the back and make a high ponytail on the crown area.

3. Now with the tail you want to swirl that around the base ever so loosely so it looks soft and free and now use a few bobby pins in the swirl to secure.

4. Take your headscarf and wrap that around and tie, leaving loose tendrils escaping and hugging the hairline for extra softness.

ANTHONY’S HANDY HINT – Don’t go using a regular white dry shampoo. There’s a vast selection of coloured dry shampoos on the market to match your hair now and work wonders to matching your existing colour.



The first word that came to my mind was “Ladylike” when I had my eyes glued to my screen watching it streaming live. I really admire the modern graphic hair shapes that the girls exhibit here.


1. Give your hair strands a wash with a shine enhancing shampoo and conditioner for more high voltage shine then blast hair dry 80%.

2. Douse your strands with a tennis size of medium hold foam all over and rake through and divide hair into two and clip the top half away.

3. Pull the underneath section back into a smooth ponytail, keeping the ends natural and not poker straight. Once secure, place in your desired side part for your fringe, using your hands to sweep it low and over on eyebrow.

4. Brush smooth the rest of your hair and twist into a tight French twist. Pin into place.

ANTHONY’S HANDY HINT – Take control of stubborn strays hairs here and spray a light hairspray on the tips of an old blush brush. Sweep the brush starting from the face and gliding towards the back in one clean sweep.

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