Anthony Nader, hair stylist at Anothony Nader salon, shares his verdict of the hairstyle on show at the 88th Academy Awards.

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Eddie Redmayne

The best part of this disheveled Brit look is that it’s always going to be a hot favorite – in the office or at the party. Eddie’s hairstyle is shorter than usual and makes him look even younger than usual (if that is possible).

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Matt Damon

I prefer Matt with a longer length on top…it lengthens his face and gives more shape and definition to his facial features. I’d let it grow another inch or two.

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Leonardo DiCaprio

Needless to say, the Revenant star is a winner in my books. Leo doesn’t typically change his hair to follow trends, which is what I love that about him. His glossy combed swish is ten out of ten.

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John Legend

If your looking for a reference for “Best Fade” this man is your go to for the perfect clipper cut to show your barber/hairdresser. This haircut is always a classic – notice John’s very calculated day two facial hair? #TopPoints

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Jared Leto

Clean, slick and groomed hair will always win points with the ladies, and I might add those piercing blue eyes just make his look all that much better. Jared’s beard has a indie/artsy vibe to it, which contrasts nicely to the tame top. Whether Jared’s hair is slick for a red carpet or messed up, he always carries himself perfectly.

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Henry Cavill

If your looking for a hero haircut… look no more. This Superman actor is your iPhone reference when sitting in-line at the salon. The longer strands on top and square shaping on the sides defines Henry’s strong jawline and is also a haircut you can change up with different hair styling products.

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Sam Smith

Don’t dislike me here GQ readers but, I just think his beard needs trimming back so that it looks more groomed and tidy. His hair could use a touch of shine product throughout just to make the strands look more polished – rather than the fuzzy appearance they have now.

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The Weeknd

I think it’s time to change up that massive dreaded mass obscure shape sitting on top of The Weeknd’s head. I get that your a newbie on the scene and everyone needs to notice you but trust me…….everyone knows that “I can’t feel my face when I’m with you” kinda deal so contact your hairstylist this weekend.

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