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Ok guys, cialis we know what you’re thinking. You’ve been washing your hair nearly your whole life. It’s not rocket science, order right?

But what if we told you we just found out we’ve been doing it wrong the whole time, capsule and you probably are too?

Let’s take it back to the very beginning. Who taught you to wash your hair? Most likely your mum, while you were sharing a bath with a rubber ducky and Johnson & Johnson was your go-to. Back then, it was simple. Get foamy, and rinse.

Then life got real. Sun and salt water came into the equation and, once again, our mums came to the rescue with the solution – conditioner. And so the routine evolved into 1) scrub-up with a generous shampoo (x 2 on the days when we can actually be effed) 2) conditioner (ends only), 3) rinse and 4) towel or blow-dry.

We’ve never really given it any further thought. Why should we?

Well, as it turns out, there’s a whole lot more to the ultimate wash than what we first thought.

That’s where Anthony Nader, Creative Director of RAW comes in. This guy knows hair. He’s our go-to guy in a hair situation, and he gave us some damn good tips for hair-washing best practices.

Seriously, forget what your mumma told you.

This changes everything.

By Carmen Hamilton.




Brush your hair first.

‘If you have longer hair be sure to brush it first before jumping in the shower,’ Nader says.

‘This prevents your hair strands knotting up in a tangled mess’.



Don’t rub. Ever.

‘Using your palms is a big no. This only matts-up your hair. Blot the shampoo onto the scalp area. Then do a swift massage with your finger tips only,’ says Nader.



Repeat after us – ‘ends to roots’

‘When conditioning, use a wide tooth comb and brush from ends to roots,’ Nader says.

‘This is a fool-proof way of staying “knot free” without breaking your strands.’



A word on towel-drying…

‘When drying your hair, don’t scrub as this damages the hair cuticle over time,’ said Nader.

‘Try to blot from now on and you’ll notice a big difference.’




1. Over-washing your hair is a huge mistake. You don’t need to wash it every day. Leave a few days in-between and you’ll save product + $$$$.

2. Give your hair what it needs. Get your hairdresser to sort you out with products specifically prescribed for your hair problems with the right ingredients to target them.

… Amazing hair, here we come.

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