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Anthony Nader is showing How To get bouncy blowout in few easy steps.

Over the next four weeks, cheap our favourite hair maestro Anthony Nader will be showing us how to get editorial hair just in time for the weekend. Today, treat we’re getting über-glam volume with a touch of the 70s – think Farrah Fawcett but circa 2015. He says of the look, “I wanted to create the most voluminous, luxurious hair on this shoot I did in New York with Victoria Secret model Bregje Heinen.”
Volume is often something we struggle with at home. It either ends up falling flat by the time we’ve walked out the door or otherwise looks like we’ve just rolled out of bed (and not in the good way!). But this is all about to change. Get a hold of your hair dryers and let Anthony show you the light:

1. Prep your hair strands first with Oribe Shampoo & Conditioner Magnificent Volume to plump up the volume, then blot dry rather than rubbing with your towel.

2. Spray in your Royal Blowout all over to smooth over even the roughest of hair strands – it also doubles up as a heat protector – then give your roots and mid-lengths a spray with Volumista Mist to ensure the extra oomph. Comb through with your wide-tooth comb and now shake your hair dry with your hairdryer at 80 percent to cut down your drying time.

3. Divide your hair from ear to ear, clip the top section away, and smooth over the underneath section with your large round brush. Lift each section up towards the sky for maximum lift and then unravel into a twist.

4. Do this all the way around then unclip the top section, place in your deep side part, and do the same method on top until dry.

5. Now grab your one-inch hot tong and take two-inch horizontal sections from the nape area, all the up to your part line, and pin as you go (as this sets the shape until cooled down). Make sure you also wind each section up towards the sky as this is how you get maximum volume.

6. Once your hair has cooled down, unclip your coiled rolls, flip your head over, and brush your hair strands from nape to the front, which encourages voluminous waves, and spray your roots with Oribe Superfine Hairspray.

7. Pop your head back upright and place your hair into your desired shape with your fingers, give a spray again to the top layers, and you’re ready for your night out with girlfriends totally envious of your hair.

by Rose Howard for pagesdigital.com