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Anthony Nader talks 10 coolest short hairstyles that you must try at least once in your lifetime as seen on style.nine.com.au 

Model and Actress Ruby Rose.

Model and Actress Ruby Rose.

From Kim Kardashian’s sleek lob to Ruby Rose’s rock and roll pixie cut, short hair is here and it’s having a moment.

“Having short hair is fun and you should try it at least once,” hairdresser Anthony Nader told 9Style.

We have all your style inspiration needs sorted with our pick of the 10 chicest, short hairstyles.

The Pixie Plunge

Australian model and Orange is the New Black actress Ruby Rose is the current poster girl for short hair.

The Urban Decay beauty muse has rocked just about every different short style around, but her signature pixie cut remains our favourite look.

Expect to admit your hairdresser into your inner circle if you plan on maintaining the perfect pixie cut. “When you have a short crop you need to commit to your hairdresser every say 4-6 weeks so its kept razor sharp,” says Anthony.


25th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation's Academy Awards Viewing Party - Arrivals

The Bold Buzzcut

Kristen Stewart is not afraid of a dramatic hair transformation and her bright blonde buzzcut is a major hair move.

Warning: As much as we would love to look as bad ass as Kristen, it’s important to know if your face shape is suited to a buzzcut before you commit.

“Be aware of bone structure that appears to be angular, meaning square or rectangle as this will only highlight a fuller jaw line and neckline,” says Anthony.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

The Compromise Cut

Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy Hale’s chin-length bob cut is a perfect happy medium for those who aren’t ready to say goodbye to their luscious locks just yet.

“Keep some fun up top so you can create some soft texture and be able to push the hair into different hairstyles,” says Anthony.


Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale

The Lob aka ‘Long Bob’

Just when we thought that Kim Kardashian West was staying faithful to her favored long hair extensions again, she managed to beat us at our own game debuting a new sleek, lob hairstyle in March.

Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West

The Hot Mess

House of Cards actress Kate Mara’s blonde messy bob cut is the perfect hairstyle for those who are wanting a shorter hairdo that retains a more effortless and carefree feel.

Kate Mara

Kate Mara

The Power Chop

Leave it to longtime hair icon Jennifer Lopez to opt for a shoulder-length haircut that is both feminine and powerful to make a statement.

This cut has style status in spades and doesn’t take too much off your hair length.

“The beauty of having longer strands is you can get away with having an off day as you can twist it up into a high top knot or a cool loose braid,” says Anthony.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

The Risky Business Cut

Cara Delevingne’s chic new lilac-coloured pixiecut is definitely a hair risk and totally throws the rule book out the window, but experimenting with your hair is half the fun of embracing a new look.

“The beauty about going short is that you can always style your hair differently which I think is fun and it also gives you a chance to play around with your wardrobe,” says Anthony.
Cara Delevigne

The Rule Breaker

When pop star Katy Perry says you’re the reason she cut her hair short then you know you must be doing something right.

Scarlett Johansson’s bold, edgy and uber stylish undercut, which is shaved on both sides of the head with the middle section left long, is one of the most desired haircuts among the more adventurous members of the A-list.


Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson

The Posh Cut

Victoria Beckham has certainly made some wrong moves when it comes to her hairstyles in the past (hello multi-coloured hair extensions), but she seems to have gotten it right with her classy lob haircut that still allows for hair to be styled into loose, beachy waves.

“If your wanting texture and volume opt for a product like a soft paste or a soft clay that isn’t too dry so you can define your hair’s texture,” says Anthony.

Vctoria Beckham

Vctoria Beckham

The Metamorphosis Cut

In the wake of her split from boyfriend Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry decided that a fresh new cut was what she needed to turn a new leaf and with her hair continually getting shorter and shorter she hasn’t looked back since.

From her balayage undercut to her blonde buzzcut, it seems that Katy has been converted to short hair for life.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

By Harriet Armstrong for style.nine.com.au


New York Fashion Week hit the runways for Spring Summer 17, mind and while we couldn’t be front row, with the power of google, Snapchat, Instagram and email, we have sort of felt like we were backstage. Adorning the most anticipated fashion pieces of the year were a multitude of inspiring hair looks – enticing in their editorial edge, salon-relevance, boundary-warping creativity or just plain mastery over the enigmatic aesthetic of ‘runway chic’.


While there were more styles than we could possibly ever list, here were 7 shows that caught our eye.

1. Jeremy Scott


Ah, Eugene Souleiman, what would we do without you and your dependable feature looks at fashion weeks? Eugene’s creations are often the most spoken about of the season, and this year was no different when he took the reins for Jeremy Scott. The 80s-centric show (requisite blue eye shadow included) incorporated a ‘camp and fabulous’ (Eugene’s words, not ours) 60s hair look, particularly a retro Vidal Sassoon cut, with multi-hued wigs and the EIMI Perfect Setting tool creating the look. These uniquely shaped looks were worn alongside bright colours, vivid prints and big accessories – in case you didn’t realise, Jeremy Scott hates subtlety.

“It’s always a fun one to do, it’s never serious,” Eugene shared. “People can be a little too serious, but Jeremy puts the character and the freak back into fashion. He addresses pop culture in a very witty way.”


“I went with the 80s mood of the collection, and added a bit of 60s inspiration,” he added about the look. “Haircuts in the 80s were geometric and crazy, but I wanted to create something more beautiful than that. My reference was an old photo I’ve got of a Vidal Sassoon haircut, that’s like a beret. We took that look even further, and cut the hair on the bias, short above the eyebrow, and then longer as it travels around the head.”


2. Gypsy Sport

The hair for Gypsy Sport probably won’t be making its way into salons any time soon ((unless your clients are insanely audacious) but it’s just plain cool to see. The gender-bending show took androgyny to an entirely new dimension, putting boys in bright makeup, sending shaved female heads down the runway, creating different exaggerated hair shapes, playing with colourful accents and conjuring the image of fire in hair. See?


It was all braids, texture, colour and shape at Gypsy sport – where the optimal word had to be diversity. Really, the unique looks have to be seen to be believed.


3. A Détacher


NYFW maestros Oribe, who styled more shows than should be possible in the normal length of a week, created some ultra-cool braids to complement the very trendy A Détacher fashion line. Oribe Educator and lead stylist Kien Hoang created ‘ear-to-ear plaits’ with a fuzzy texture, as if the model was naturally running late, but still managed to look great (if only).


4. Hood By Air

If we had to use one word to describe the Hood By Air show it would probably be… gel, just gel. This was a wet look unlike you’ve ever seen, with an overdose of gel (did we mention that?) and skin made particularly dewy. Models walked the runway variously on their phones (which feels realistic), alongside dogs, with their faces sometimes covered, arms constricted, shoes facing both ways and in increasingly outlandish outfits. Only in New York.


5. Victoria Beckham

This show was notable for simple creating every client’s dream sleek look – so who else would be behind it but ghd and Redken? The three sophisticated brands joined forces once again, with international session stylist Guido Palau using a primer and heat protector to put condition at the forefront of the look. The ghd air and platinum styler were instrumental in creating the covetable style.


“Studying a collection with a designer like Victoria and deciding how to style the hair is an intuitive and instinctive process,” Guido shared. “This time a glossy, sleek and luxurious look felt right. We wanted something totally minimal and modern.”

6. Michael Costello


For designer to the stars Michael Costello (he’s often behind the fashion choices of Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, so take note) Oribe was back with another enticing look (we told you they were everywhere!). Kien Hoang created two botanically-based looks, a wavy, more natural look and a lose chignon, both adorned by over-sized flower crowns (a spring favourite). Well done to Aussie stylist Josh Salib of RAW Anthony Nader, who took part backstage!

7. Monique Lhullier


Moroccanoil have become quite accustomed to creating beautiful hair for fashion weeks worldwide and this season their simple but perfect ponytail for Monique Lhullier stood out as a highlight.

“No brushes required, this girly, top-of-the-ear ponytail has the right amount of punky texture to perfectly contrast the mature and serious design of Monique’s spring/summer collection,” said Hair Director Bob Recine.

by Shannon Gaitz for styleicons.com.au


Anthony Nader splashes out on who are the Met Gala 2014 Ball Red Carpet Hair Winners in vogue.com.au

Dree Hemingway, Georgia May Jagger and Riley Keough at Met Gala 2014

The hair looks that turned up on the red carpet for the Met Ball’s 2014 gala, in celebration of couturier Charles James, were in styles as varied as the gowns being celebrated. Here we profile our favourites and tell you how to re-create key looks.

Hair down

Red carpet waves are a consistently elegant look and were embraced by Dree Hemingway, Georgia May Jagger and Riley Keough. If you’re recreating the look for a special occasion be prepared to touch up throughout the night, as you would your makeup. Hair authority Anthony Nader says he advices clients to take a travel size hair spray in their clutch for the night. “When needed they can give any nasty flyaways a once over in the powder room.”

For Dree Hemingway’s Hollywood ringlets Nader says:

1. On damp hair squeeze a good size tennis ball size of firm hold foam into your palms and work through your hair from roots to ends, rake through and shake dry 80% with your hairdryer.

2. Create a deep side part then take four equal sections. Take three-inch sections starting from the nape area with your large round bristle brush and stretch sections upwards all the way up to the crown area. Do the same with the front sections.

3. Using velvet hot rollers, take horizontal sections parallel to your part line and wind the rollers under from top to nape area. Let them set and cool for longevity.

4. Once cool, unravel the rollers and brush the curls to create volume. Give hair a once over with hairspray.

Soft wave

A romantic take on glamour in the form of soft waves was favoured by Kim Kardashian, Gisele Bünchden and Victoria Beckham.

Short hair

A swathe of celebrities have gotten the chop of late and worked their shorter strands into elegant styles for the Met red carpet. Oscar Oscar master stylist Jacky Chan says the important thing to remember is to choose a complementary style. “Hair always needs to complement the dress and styling. If the dress is romantic and feminine, waves and pincurls always look beautiful and elegant, or if the dress is modern and structured sleek styling is best,” says Chan. His top tip? “Less is more with shorter styles.”

Deep side part

Lily Cole, Cara Delevingne and Emily Cole chose the flattering effect of a deep side part and waves.


Kristin Stewart and Joan Smalls chose to plait their tresses for a fresh take on red carpet dressing.

Joan Smalls

The back of Kristin Stewart's plait


Suki Waterhouse swept her signature fringe into a simple updo for an elegant refresh of her look.

Suki Waterhouse

High Bun

Lupita Nyong’o, Lily Aldridge and Ivanka Trump opted for a timeless style reminiscent of James’s models.

Tousled casual waves

Alexa Chung, Katie Holmes and Kate Mara all sported softly ruffled waves that lent an effortless feel to their ensembles.


The Do’s And Don’ts Of Great Hair With Anthony Nader

Fresh from New York Fashion Week, where he worked as assistant to the famed Guido Palau on the Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs shows, hairstylist Anthony Nader knows how to get the most out of one’s hair. At his salon, RAW Hair, in Darlinghurst, Anthony has been providing Sydneysiders with stunning locks since 1997.

From the best cut to suit your face shape, to the ‘do-able’ styles from New York Fashion Week, international hair stylist Anthony Nader gives us his insider hair care tips.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2014-2015

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2014-2015

TUL: The fall shows are in full swing. Although not all runway trends translate to each of us sitting pretty in the hairdresser’s chair, can you give us your pick of the most adaptable hair trends from fashion week?
Anthony Nader: I’ve noticed this season the look at fashion week is very “do-able”. Take Dianne Von Furstenberg’s show: bold patterned wrap dresses teamed with ballerina buns on the girls, which looked effortless and modern. Victoria Beckham also made headlines with a soft centre part-line and then the length of the hair tucked all under at the back into a ball, which I think glams up your look from day to night in minutes.

Dion Lee NYC Fashion Week 2014 Fall

Dion Lee NYC Fashion Week 2014 Fall

Let’s take it home a minute to our very own Dion Lee. The minimal approach and modern shapes of garments at Dion Lee was reflected in models’ hair on his runway with a clean, simple centre part-line with low ponytail; it’s very fashion without spending hours in your bathroom every morning with a handful of products and hot appliances. Who really has time for that?

Jill Stuart really mixed things up, with her girls showcasing beautifully washed shiny tresses that swung from side to side when they walked the runway. I mean, you can’t go wrong with a hair shape like this as it’s in fashion every season, of every year, but most of all looks super healthy and radiant.

Jill Stuart NYC Fashion Week 2014 Fall

Jill Stuart NYC Fashion Week 2014 Fall

TUL: Are there simple haircut do’s and don’ts depending on your face shape?
Anthony: My big no-no has always been that you shouldn’t lop your hair off to jaw length if your facial features are more on the angular, square side. Instead, go for a longer length as it will give the illusion of lengthening.

Fringes, too, are tricky and not for everyone, so be aware if you have a small round face shape, as this will only make your face look even smaller and rounder. My rule for fringes has always been to curve the ends a little longer on the corners, as this frames the face more, where as if it’s just cut in a straight line your fringe can look “helmet like” and very hard looking.

TUL: And what about skin tone? Are there colours one should or shouldn’t avoid depending on skin hue?
Anthony: To ascertain your skin tone, wear a white top and stand in front of your mirror in natural light.

Yellow tones: If you are fair-skinned with freckles or olive skin and your natural hair base colour is warm brown, strawberry blonde or golden blonde, go for hair colours that are more on the chestnut or auburn side, or even dark golden brown. Be aware not to go down the track of golden blondes as this will only highlight your skin tone, which can look a little unhealthy.

Cool tones: The biggest secret here is to warm up your hair colour as much as you can to neutralise this unwanted natural cool tone. Ask your hair colourist for warm hues like honey, caramel and biscuit. By doing this, you will find that your skin tone has changed to a warmer appearance, which is perfect.

TUL: Could you share some advice on how to deal with day-to-day hair problems.

Dry shampoo: It’s the foolproof way to cheat the crowd and let them think that you spend time every morning on your hair. There are so many different colours on the market now, so choose your shade and spray a little on the roots and massage in and your good to go.
Serums: Whether you have a serum or a shine spray, never apply to your roots as it will look like you’ve just been caught in a downpour of rain. I always apply from the mid-length to ends of hair; your hair’s natural oils will take care of the roots.
Bobby pins: Always keep a couple in your bag as you never know when they may come in handy. If you’re having a bad hair day and finding it unruly, it’s easy to scrape back into a messy chignon.

TUL: How do you prevent strays, flyaways and fuzz?
Anthony: The trick I always use, whether I’m in the salon or on a photo shoot, is my good old faithful blush brush: spray a light whisk of hairspray on the ends and then glide over the troubled area. To help, find yourself a shine-based shampoo and conditioner that can moisturise your strands to prevent them from becoming frizzy and dehydrated later in the day.

Cut dead ends for improved hair health

Cut dead ends for improved hair health

TUL: Any great solutions for dead-ends?
Anthony: The short answer is get them cut off! Nothing can repair dead-ends, however there is a way you can “mask” your straw-like strands for the time being by adding moisture with your styling products and cutting out as much alcohol in the ingredients of your hair products as possible, swaying more into the organic and natural products.

TUL: How do you get the most out of your shampoo and conditioner?
Anthony: Your products don’t need to be used every day and I’m still amazed by how many woman wash their hair daily. In my view if you’re starting off with the right products and your hair stylist prescribes the right products, you won’t be washing your dollars down the drain so quickly.

TUL: What hair treatments do you recommend?
Protein treatments: If your locks are over-coloured and had too much of the bleach bottle you will find that your strands are crying out for help. This hair needs strengthening, and protein is going to be your hair’s best friend for the time being. Give yourself a protein treatment once a week and follow the instructions carefully and your hair will be on the road to recovery in a month or two.
Moisture treatments: There’s no more luxurious feeling than the smooth creamy ingredients of a moisture treatment and every hair type should be absorbed with moisture at least once a week for hydration. However, for those of you with hair on the finer side, always remember to keep the treatment off your roots as it will only weigh your locks down and you will be fighting to get that oomph if wanted.