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Anthony Nader and Davroe Hold Summer Trends Session

Anthony Nader, in partnership with Davroe, held a Summer Trends 2020 session over an impressive vegan breakfast spread. For the event, media gathered at RAW Anthony Nader in Surry Hills, where Anthony explained the purpose of the informal, one hour session.

“We’re going to give some information about what is happening in our world at RAW,” he said. “You’re going to see what’s inspiring us, including some fashion elements.”

Anthony said he also wanted to showcase “at a consumer level, what is happening with haircut and colours”.

Five models, each with their own hairdressers, assembled ion a line where each stylist gave an overview of which look they had created with the assistance of the Davroe range.

Davroe styling products, which are vegan, petro-chemical free, paraben free and sulphate free, were used on each model’s hair, including the Body Volume Texture, Brilliance Shine Mist, Cloud, Smoothing Balm, Murray Rive Sea Salt Spray, Complete Aerosol Hairspray and more.

The first look featured cool, effortless waves, not too set. Inspired by Rosie Huntington Whiteley and capturing someone who could go from brunch to evening, this look was the embodiment of the ultimate ‘cool girl’.

The second look was titled ‘mermaidy, wavy hair’. It was inspired by the Ralph & Russo Spring/Summer 2019 runway show. The look was achieved by creating two French braids, then unravelling them and incorporated lots of blunt ends and no damage to the hair with absence of hot tools.

The third look was an up style that was a simple, soft, up-do with embellishments. The look was perfect for weddings, as its not too neat at the back and dishevelled at the front, as inspired by the Prada and Chanel runway shows.

The fourth look was inspired by the Miu Miu runway. It featured a little quiff at the front, offset with soft natural curls. Made for the creative girl, it was created by backcombing and pinning with bobby pins.

The fifth and final look was a curly, edgy long bob with fringe. Inspired by Celine and Saint Laurent runway shows, the look showcased an overgrown fringe with the corners longer. Clips were used to keep her hair flat on the sides but still retain lots of movement. Think – the flirty but untraditionally sexy girl.

Following the presentation, media were able to get up close and personal with Davroe founder Mary Centofanti, who was also in attendance for the showcase. The models then showcased their on-trend, seriously sexy looks on the media wall.


This season’s hottest hair colour trend is snack-themed

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / August 12 2019

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Great Hair With Anthony Nader

Fresh from New York Fashion Week, where he worked as assistant to the famed Guido Palau on the Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs shows, hairstylist Anthony Nader knows how to get the most out of one’s hair. At his salon, RAW Hair, in Darlinghurst, Anthony has been providing Sydneysiders with stunning locks since 1997.

From the best cut to suit your face shape, to the ‘do-able’ styles from New York Fashion Week, international hair stylist Anthony Nader gives us his insider hair care tips.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2014-2015

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2014-2015

TUL: The fall shows are in full swing. Although not all runway trends translate to each of us sitting pretty in the hairdresser’s chair, can you give us your pick of the most adaptable hair trends from fashion week?
Anthony Nader: I’ve noticed this season the look at fashion week is very “do-able”. Take Dianne Von Furstenberg’s show: bold patterned wrap dresses teamed with ballerina buns on the girls, which looked effortless and modern. Victoria Beckham also made headlines with a soft centre part-line and then the length of the hair tucked all under at the back into a ball, which I think glams up your look from day to night in minutes.

Dion Lee NYC Fashion Week 2014 Fall

Dion Lee NYC Fashion Week 2014 Fall

Let’s take it home a minute to our very own Dion Lee. The minimal approach and modern shapes of garments at Dion Lee was reflected in models’ hair on his runway with a clean, simple centre part-line with low ponytail; it’s very fashion without spending hours in your bathroom every morning with a handful of products and hot appliances. Who really has time for that?

Jill Stuart really mixed things up, with her girls showcasing beautifully washed shiny tresses that swung from side to side when they walked the runway. I mean, you can’t go wrong with a hair shape like this as it’s in fashion every season, of every year, but most of all looks super healthy and radiant.

Jill Stuart NYC Fashion Week 2014 Fall

Jill Stuart NYC Fashion Week 2014 Fall

TUL: Are there simple haircut do’s and don’ts depending on your face shape?
Anthony: My big no-no has always been that you shouldn’t lop your hair off to jaw length if your facial features are more on the angular, square side. Instead, go for a longer length as it will give the illusion of lengthening.

Fringes, too, are tricky and not for everyone, so be aware if you have a small round face shape, as this will only make your face look even smaller and rounder. My rule for fringes has always been to curve the ends a little longer on the corners, as this frames the face more, where as if it’s just cut in a straight line your fringe can look “helmet like” and very hard looking.

TUL: And what about skin tone? Are there colours one should or shouldn’t avoid depending on skin hue?
Anthony: To ascertain your skin tone, wear a white top and stand in front of your mirror in natural light.

Yellow tones: If you are fair-skinned with freckles or olive skin and your natural hair base colour is warm brown, strawberry blonde or golden blonde, go for hair colours that are more on the chestnut or auburn side, or even dark golden brown. Be aware not to go down the track of golden blondes as this will only highlight your skin tone, which can look a little unhealthy.

Cool tones: The biggest secret here is to warm up your hair colour as much as you can to neutralise this unwanted natural cool tone. Ask your hair colourist for warm hues like honey, caramel and biscuit. By doing this, you will find that your skin tone has changed to a warmer appearance, which is perfect.

TUL: Could you share some advice on how to deal with day-to-day hair problems.

Dry shampoo: It’s the foolproof way to cheat the crowd and let them think that you spend time every morning on your hair. There are so many different colours on the market now, so choose your shade and spray a little on the roots and massage in and your good to go.
Serums: Whether you have a serum or a shine spray, never apply to your roots as it will look like you’ve just been caught in a downpour of rain. I always apply from the mid-length to ends of hair; your hair’s natural oils will take care of the roots.
Bobby pins: Always keep a couple in your bag as you never know when they may come in handy. If you’re having a bad hair day and finding it unruly, it’s easy to scrape back into a messy chignon.

TUL: How do you prevent strays, flyaways and fuzz?
Anthony: The trick I always use, whether I’m in the salon or on a photo shoot, is my good old faithful blush brush: spray a light whisk of hairspray on the ends and then glide over the troubled area. To help, find yourself a shine-based shampoo and conditioner that can moisturise your strands to prevent them from becoming frizzy and dehydrated later in the day.

Cut dead ends for improved hair health

Cut dead ends for improved hair health

TUL: Any great solutions for dead-ends?
Anthony: The short answer is get them cut off! Nothing can repair dead-ends, however there is a way you can “mask” your straw-like strands for the time being by adding moisture with your styling products and cutting out as much alcohol in the ingredients of your hair products as possible, swaying more into the organic and natural products.

TUL: How do you get the most out of your shampoo and conditioner?
Anthony: Your products don’t need to be used every day and I’m still amazed by how many woman wash their hair daily. In my view if you’re starting off with the right products and your hair stylist prescribes the right products, you won’t be washing your dollars down the drain so quickly.

TUL: What hair treatments do you recommend?
Protein treatments: If your locks are over-coloured and had too much of the bleach bottle you will find that your strands are crying out for help. This hair needs strengthening, and protein is going to be your hair’s best friend for the time being. Give yourself a protein treatment once a week and follow the instructions carefully and your hair will be on the road to recovery in a month or two.
Moisture treatments: There’s no more luxurious feeling than the smooth creamy ingredients of a moisture treatment and every hair type should be absorbed with moisture at least once a week for hydration. However, for those of you with hair on the finer side, always remember to keep the treatment off your roots as it will only weigh your locks down and you will be fighting to get that oomph if wanted.