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Spring is finally in the air so it’s time to shed that Winter hair don’t you think?

This is our latest fresh campaign that is featured in this month’s Australian Vogue magazine.

What we wanted to capture with beautiful Lily’s hair is the feeling and essence of an “airiness” if you will which promotes texture.

I think consumers can be a little put off by layering one length hair as, its kind of like a security blanket but what’s not happening here is that lightness and texture at the same time.

The beauty about long hair like Lily’s is that you can still rejoice your long prized mane and from now you can introduce some light texture (layers) throughout the interior only.

What we really love about this haircut also is Lily’s airy soft textured bangs.

The secret to cutting these bangs is by using a razor and a sharp one at that and on this note RAW fans, please don’t try this at home cause you might end up accidentally nicking your face…..  #HaircutGoneWrong.

Here are some key points to recreating our Spring hair and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

  1. First things first and make sure you ask your hairstylist for some “airy” texture.
  2. On damp hair maximize your new found texture with a medium hold foam and scrunch this in.


Yes scrunch.

Don’t comb the foam through evenly from roots to ends like the regular predicable times as we want a more haphazard lived in texture.


  1. Attach the diffuser to the end of the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer and using a circular motion all over till 90% dry.

The diffuser encourages the natural texture which is vital as there’s no powerful air blowing your strands everywhere.

OUR TOP TIP – Give your brushes a well-earned rest here and dry only with your fingers lifting your strands for volume and movement.

DON’T BE AGING YOUR HAIR TOO SOON. Anthony’s latest young hair tips seen BEAUTY CREW

4 hair mistakes that make you look older

While many of us are willing to invest in an elaborate skin care routine to ensure we continue looking youthful for as long as possible, we often don’t extend the same courtesy to our hair. Which, when you think about it, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. After all, our tresses frame our face and are one of the first things people notice.

To make sure your hair is a help not a hindrance to your anti-ageing goals, we spoke to hairstylist and owner of RAW salon in Sydney, Anthony Nader, who revealed the top hair care, styling and colouring mistakes that are making us look older.

Not updating your hair care routine

Oil glands don’t produce as much sebum as we age, which means hair becomes significantly drier over time. That’s why it’s important to switch to oil-based products where possible, as they’ll help hydrate and nourish ageing strands. Reducing your use of heat styling tools is also essential, as they’re the biggest contributor to dry and damaged strands.

Severe hairstyles and cuts

Regardless of your hair’s length, Nader explains the key to younger-looking hair is layers and texture. “I’m into hair at any length as long as it has soft, seamless layers and texture that looks effortless.” So, if you have your heart set on a front fringe, opt for a style with long sweeping pieces of hair rather than blunt lines. Similarly, if you have long hair, “ask your hairdresser to cut your baseline (that’s your length) in a curved shape – not straight across. This will give you more movement around your shoulders.”

A monotone hair colour

It doesn’t matter what colour your hair is, if it’s one solid colour it’s going to make you look older. To avoid this, ask your hairdresser to apply strategic and complementary highlights throughout the ends of your hair. Not only will these multi-dimensional highlights add movement and keep your hair looking natural and healthy, but by placing them through the mid-lengths and ends it will ensure the colour grows out without any harsh re-growth lines.

The wrong colour for your complexion

While you may have loved Ariana Grande’s icy blonde hue or Lucy Hale’s recent dusty pink shade, it’s important to consider your personal features when picking a hair colour, as the wrong hue can add years to your look. Your hair colour should complement your skin tone and eye colour. For example, if you’re incredibly pale and have blue eyes, there’s a good chance a jet-black colour will look too harsh in contrast with your softer features. If you’re not sure what will suit you best, have an in-depth consultation with your hairdresser prior to any colour application.


We’re dying over Kate’s take on an elegant up-do but we can’t say we’re all that surprised. After all, find does Kate Bosworth ever get it wrong? Everything she does is effortlessly chic, case and that’s why we love her.


Do you like this look, too? Awesome! Here’s a list of what you’ll need to get hair that looks as red carpet-ready as Kate’s, plus a few tips from Anthony Nader, International Hair Stylist and owner of Raw Hair. After all, every girl needs a back-up up-do she can create with ease, right?

Volume mousse

When it comes to a look like this, you definitely don’t want stiff, flat strands. Start by applying a volume mousse all over damp locks to give your hair the oomph it needs to be workable.

Try: nak body•n•shine volumising foam. This hair styling gem adds long-lasting volume and lift to a blowdry.

A paddle brush

If you want to get some serious lift at the crown of your head, make sure you use a paddle brush to give your hair texture.

Try: Shu Uemura Art of Hair Paddle Brush, as it features an air cushioned head with dual bristles that will be comfortable when brushing.

Anthony says: To get more hold at the crown of your head, backcomb the roots with your paddle brush and then smooth over the top layers. Try using a brush here, as when you backcomb with a fine tooth comb, you will more often than not end up with crazy knots and the effect can also look less natural and harder to brush out too.

Texture spray

Lifeless strands just won’t work for this look. Applying a texture spray will add life to your locks and will also help hold the shape once you start styling. Apply the spray evenly throughout the ends of your hair and massage it in using your fingers.

Try: Joico Texture Boost – dry spray wax. The spray is ideal for tousled styles as it delivers movable texture with long lasting shine.

Anthony says: If your hair is already dry and you’re literally running out the door with a minute or two to spare, spray your roots with a dry shampoo which doubles up to give hair that extra oomph and soak any oil around your scalp, which is fab. Team this with a spritz or two of texture spray and finish your style using the next three products.

Curling wand

If you’ve got naturally straight hair, you’ll need to add a few curls to the very ends of your hair to achieve this look. Don’t overdo it – you only need a little shape to be visible when you pin it up.

Try: Cloud Nine The Wand. The ingenious curling tool features three temperature settings, allowing you to ensure the right setting for the hair type, plus a unique secret ingredient within the barrel, which gives hair added shine and lustre.

Bobby pins

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend had obviously never attempted this up-do. Some carefully concealed bobby pins will be your ally in creating this look. Start by sweeping back the sides and pinning them in place, then start sectioning off what’s left and pin each piece artfully in place at the back of your head.

Try: Lady Jayne Contoured Bobby Pins, as they are curved to shape of the head and are rubberised to prevent slipping.

Anthony says: Don’t be too precious about random pieces floating down around the hairline as this gives a more “effortless” and “casual” feel which is what where aiming for. Go ahead and use a light hold hairspray now to finish off if you wish.

Hair spray

Using a heavy duty hair spray will undoubtedly diminish the natural and effortless effect of this hair style. Opt for a milder, soft-hold spray to keep your hair in place without dulling its natural shine.

Try: Taft Power Lacquer Cashmere Touch. The soft-touch hairspray provides long-lasting hold without weighing down your style.

Written by the Guest Blogger, Anna for beautyheaven.com.au