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Who’s your celebrity crush Spring inspiration hair colour? Seen Harper’s Bazaar

The 5 Hair Colour Trends You’re Going To See Everywhere This Spring

There’s arguably nothing more transformative than a new hairstyle. And while haircuts do certainly provide you with a healthy revamp, there’s something about a fresh colour that takes everything to the next level.
That being said, there’s never really a better time to elevate your colour than at the start of spring. After all, the weather starts warming up, and the desire to lighten one’s locks to match the brighter days beckons.
And if you’ve been looking for your next colour change but aren’t sure where to start, fear not, for we consulted three experts to uncover the five ‘It’ hair colour trends we’ll be seeing everywhere this spring.
From “colour contouring” to “tutti frutti tones”, keep scrolling to find the right hue for you.


The Definitive Guide To Summer Hair

In summer, styling and caring for your hair can be tricky to navigate. From battling the classic summer equation of salt, sand and sun, to heat damage and frizz, managing your hair in the hotter months can be a difficult task. But according to celebrity and editorial hair director, Anthony Nader, it’s actually the “best season to play with hair, as summer gives you the chance to change up your haircut.”

From the biggest hair trends to try (read: the shag is back), to the ultimate summer styling hacks, Anthony Nader discusses how to give your strands the ultimate summer lovin’.

Don’t let it be a Cruel Summer: your guide to summer hair starts here.

1. What are the biggest hair trends coming into summer?
THE BLUNT BOB WITH ADDED DISHEVELLED INTERIOR TEXTURE – It’s like you gain more for your money when you have this Hollywood hot fave thanks to the likes of Margot Robbie and Hayley Baldwin. Think the perfect blunt base line on your bob, that gives even the thinnest of hair strands the appearance of thickness on the ends. Adding some soft, textured layers throughout the inside will shake it up if you wish. Whatever the occasion, you can go super sleek and polished or cool, undone with a bend through your style.

THE CURLY SHAG Let’s face it, if we could all get away with a shag, we would embrace it and not look back. This hairstyle is truly the ultimate for those of you with curls / corkscrew curls that want to be rebellious but still have control. Make sure your hairstylist cuts the weight out of your crown of glory so you maximiSe the full potential of how fab your hair can look this season. Dare I say also that the dirtier you keep it, the better it will behave and won’t look like a huge, hazy fuzzball (as maybe you’ve witnessed at some point). My absolute go-to’s for the shag brigade are Brazilian model Mica Arganaraz and cool girl actress Zendaya.

THE FRENCH GIRL CUT – Now, the beauty about this haircut is that you don’t need to be French but once you style your hair the right way….you’ll look totally French girl – so get your croissant ready, girls. It’s very easy to master this look and the key is not to go overboard with the styling. Always keep it simple and don’t use all those unnecessary products. Always maintain a haircut that has a “lightness“ to it so it moves freely and not restricted, and don’t keep it solid as this won’t do you any favours. My clients are vibing the likes of Caroline de Maigret and Alexa Chung.

LONG HAIR INVISIBLE LAYERS For those of you that want to keep your manes long you’re also in luck this season; but for this summer shake up the heaviness. Ask your hairstylist to point cut the base line (don’t worry your hairstylist knows this term) and seamlessly add layers throughout the interior of this long hairstyle. The beauty here is that you can make this style look clean and poker straight one day, and then the next day if you want to have more volume and texture (by adding a sea salt spray or the like), you already have a new you by simply adding a different product. I would say that the best examples of this hair shape would be any Victoria Secret angel…yep, now do you see the light?

2. Are there any summer hair trends that are on their way out?
I don’t think there’s anything that is really a “no-go” area as such. I’m a fan of all hair lengths and textures and how you wear that hair with confidence. I want to see hair that is cut well and not see hair that is say, highly razored out for no apparent reason and thinned out to the max. There needs to be a purpose for every snip, and what is going to be the end result will in turn enable you to maintain a workable shape at home, and also be fashion forward at the end of the day.

3. What is the most important thing when it comes to styling your hair in summer?
For the warmer months ahead, the most important thing to remember is keeping your hair strands hydrated and then they will perform the way you need them to. Moisture is key to giving your strands the benefits and longevity for your summer hair to behave. If you’re blow drying your hair, it’s key to maximise the quality of your dryer, as a poor quality one might end up doing more damage in the long run. The Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer produces 41 litres of air per second for fast drying and precision styling, without the extreme heat. This is pretty fabulous technology, especially when your hair can already be susceptible to UV damage in summer.

4. What are your go-to summer styling tricks? (I.e. to battle the heat / humidity / frizz)
When drying natural curls, I’m such a fan of using a diffuser and attaching that on the end of my Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer which is engineered to help reduce frizz. I believe the diffuser is still a very undervalued, precious hair tool that doesn’t get the fame it deserves. The Dyson Diffuser is engineered to disperse air evenly around each of your natural curls, simulating natural drying and helping to reduce frizz for improved definition.

Another top tip of mine is rinsing your strands in the coolest water temperature possible. A foolproof trick to locking down the hair cuticle (think fish scales here), it imparts a beautiful sheen to the hair.

5. With summer (particularly in Sydney), comes humidity. What is your ultimate tip to fight the frizz?
Go easy with the thinning and razoring of your strands otherwise your hair will always appear flyway and brittle. Another goodie is very simple: when you’re drying off your hair, never rub-a-dub-dub (so to speak) and always try and blot your hair dry. By blotting hair you are now not disturbing nor agitating the hair cuticle to become frizzy.

6. We also have to combat such things as chlorine, salt, sun and sand. Do you have any tips to help remedy these hair stressors?
Invest in a leave in conditioning spray that has a UV protector and you’re on a very healthy path before summer kicks in. For the best results, dampen down your hair first, and then spray on the spray. Spraying on damp hair will always absorb far superior than say on stone dry hair. If your strands are long enough, spray the hair then whip it up in a fun braid and secure the tail: this is a sure sign you’ve got maximum protection from the sun rays. If you’ve forgotten to spray before you leave the house and you’ve gone for your dip, rinse your hair straight after so the impurities become obsolete.

7. What is the biggest mistake you see girls make with their hair in summer?
Definitely over-colouring with bleach and peroxide. Unfortunately Sydneysider’s are the main culprits.

8. Heat damage obviously plays a huge role in the deterioration of hair. What are some ways you can limit heat damage when it comes to styling your hair?
b. Invest in hot tools and hair dryers that are either ceramic, ionic or tourmaline, and that don’t rely on extreme heat. The Dyson Supersonic™ hair dyer, for example, has a thermistor that prevents the machine from ever exceeding 150 degrees which guards against extreme heat damage and works to protect natural shine. On your non-work days, hang up your hot tools for the day and embrace the wash and wear routine.
c. When I finish a blow dry, I always finish by flicking on the Cool Shot button and working the flow of the cool air through the hair. This not only cements the shape now but also doubles up for getting that last chance of shine by the cooler air sealing the scales compact.

9. After a long day at Bondi (or Freshwater), what does the ultimate post-beach hair routine look like?
Well, this is your time to embrace that summer sea salt! It’s certainly not a crime to enjoy the salt on your skin and your hair, but salt water does leave a layer of salt on the hair that can increase the friction of strands, meaning it increase the impact of mechanical damage. When it’s time to wash away the sea, I’d shampoo and deep condition with products that are packed with moisture. Then if you require more lovin’ to your strands, apply a leave in moisture cream and then style hair from here. If you’re wanting to up the anti even more, squeeze a few drops of a hair serum into your palms, rub together and work your hands through your mid lengths and ends. Semi-dry off the hair with the Dyson SupersonicTM hair dryer, keeping it as natural as possible.

10. You’re going on a summer vacay. What do you pack in your bag?
*Moisture shampoo and conditioner
*Hydrating moisture cream
*Leave in conditioning spray
*Hair serum
*Silk hair ties
*Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer with diffuser
*Silk pillowcase
*Wide-tooth comb


Anthony Nader shares his tips on How To put a little ‘beach’ back into your hair as seen on grazia.com.au


It’s hot. Very hot. So hot, we’re swarming to the beach in droves; swimming, sunning and being generally salty. And whilst we love all things summer, when it comes to our tresses, how to style your summer hair can be quite the conundrum. Too fuzzy? Too fluffy? Too straight, even?

Fear not, lovers of sandy bottoms and balmy nights; we asked one of our favourite backcombing and blowdrying experts, Anthony Nader, on his tips for feeling “more beach” and less blah.

Go on – ride the wave, you salty dog, you.

For starters, don’t wash your hair daily, as you’re only making your strands appear and feel way too soft and smooth. Back off on the washing and also skip the heavy conditioning cream, as this is only going to weigh down your beach hair.

Before you leave the house, on 80 percent dry hair, douse your strands with your sea salt spray and rake through evenly with your hands. For those of you with a longer mane, do a head flip over and get your spray nozzle on the underneath section and spray away. This ensures maximum beach-going vibes.

Don’t want a day off from sunning, but want to give your hair some lovin’? On damp hair, use a leave-in conditioning spray and then comb it smoothly into a fun, high ponytail – wrap the tail around the base and pin, or weave your magic here and create a loose braid. FYI – the best part about any braid you create is when your hair dries, you can unravel it or give it a shakeout and you’ll have fab beach waves.

For those of you who were blessed with a wavy texture, but you need to give it more oomph, my biggest go-to for you girls is attaching a diffuser on the end of your hairdryer. This encourages the texture to maximum potential, now #SayYes. By attaching this to your dryer, you only get the heat and not the fast air, so now your strands won’t look like you’ve been caught in a beach storm.

3-barrel curling irons or ‘waving irons’ can also get you the beach hair look if you’re stuck in the office over the holidays. Handy hint here for loose waves: you’ll want an iron with a larger barrel and, if you want tighter waves, opt for the smaller iron.

Also, try this one if you want that Summer vibe but your reality is being stuck in the office: Spray your sea salt spray on dry hair and then blast the product in by scrunching into your palms. Then divide your hair into two and direct the length down into two low ponytails – no need to secure the ends here. Now, twist each tail in a backward direction from the nape area to the ends and use your diffuser here to put heat on the tails only. Let the tails cool right down (approximately 5 to 10 minutes), then unravel both, rake through your newfound beach wave swirls and you’re good to go.










By Chrisanthi Kaliviotis for grazia.com.au


Get our major cool girl haircut crush for summer as seen on ELLE Australia

 This year’s go-to cut just became more effortless.




The cool girl cut has undergone a bit of a transformation: from bobs with bangs trending earlier this year, to ‘rich girl’ hair in the recent past, a clear move has been made towards less layering and a look of effortlessness. This summer’s go-to cut is even simpler: shaggy with focus on ease, wearability and minimal maintenance, perfect for the warm months when the last thing you’d want to do is take a hot blow-dryer to the scalp.

According to Sydney-based hairdresser, Barney Martin, this summer’s preferred cut is focused on versatility. He recommends asking your hair stylist for “a shag cut that works with [your] hair’s natural movement and texture”, and references British it-girl and model Edie Campbell shoulder-length cut as a prime example of this kind of style in action.

Bridesmaid wenches about to board a ship to the underworld

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This low-maintenance cut will work for those who love an ‘undone’ look, and a style that you can wash-and-wear, but still like to have the option of upping the glam if needed.

Being an esteemed member of the Photo Jury at Hyeres Festival 💅🏽

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Fellow Sydney hair stylist, Anthony Nader, has also taken hairspiration from a British model, citing Ruth Bell as his “absolute go-to for short hair”. Nader has noticed many of his clients bringing in pictures of Bell’s cropped cut, meaning he’s not the only one that loves her ‘do. “I think…that her choppy cut is super feminine and soft, which is workable when creating different hair shapes, and grows out a treat.”

A post shared by Ruth Bell (@ruthnotmay) on

For those who aren’t willing to go the full chop this summer, Nader also suggests a cut for longer hair that is equally as low maintenance. He finds “American model Kaia Gerber is a draw card for many… you can’t go past a beautiful classic haircut that works day in, day out”. To achieve this look for your next cut, ask for a few longer layers throughout the interior of the haircut. This way, your hair won’t appear layered but will still have a slight “swing” to it.

get the girl a brush

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coming soon

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So put those styling tools in storage this summer, and get on board with these cool girl-endorsed styles.

By Ana Eksouzian-Cavadas for elle.com.au


THE BIG EASY – Check out Anthony Nader’s “easy breezy” quick hair tips for this Christmas season as seen in Fitness First magazine.

Summer’s here, so Anthony Nader shows you how to get the easy breezy summertime look that’s on all the runways at the moment.

Judging by the shows at the recent International Spring/Summer 17 Fashion Week there was one main ingredient that stood out to me, and that was how “Easy Breezy” the models’ hair appeared. It looked almost like their hair was on its very own summer vacation.


I was also fortunate enough to work on the rag&bone show in New York in September this year. This same hair texture was really popular on all the models on the industrial runway in the over-sized Tribeca warehouse.

The biggest secret I have to tell you on how this style is done is this: don’t over-style your hair into a frenzy, just add a little product to encourage your natural movement.

My clients in the salon have constantly been asking me what the big trend for this season is and I simply say “embrace your natural texture”.

So here is my latest how-to for you. I hope you’re having an amazing Spring/Summer!

  1. Start with 80% dry hair and apply Prive Weightless Amplifier Mousse all over, comb through evenly.
  2. Once your hair is smooth and dry, take even sections starting from the base of your neck and using your flat iron, bend your wrist to create a ripple effect, leaving the ends free.
  3. With the underneath section complete, make your way up to the top, and remember to bevel your flat iron to create your easy breezy texture.
  4. Finally, give your strands a shake out to loosen up your hair and you’re set to go.

Anthony Nader, RAW Hair (100 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills, 2010)


Anthony Nader’s hair saving tips as seen in The Huffington Post.

Summer is the best for heaps of reasons (we’ll let you fill in your own blanks), but it sucks the life out of your hair.

Longer days in the sun and salty ocean swims coupled with more outings for the silly season (AKA more times you’ll do your hair) often means your strands are a little worse for wear come the end of the season.

The worst culprit in summer?

“One word. Sun. The sun sucks all of the moisture out of hair, especially highly coloured hair,” Hairstylist and owner of RAW Hair, Anthony Nader told The Huffington Post Australia.

Nader lived and worked in NYC for more than a decade before returning to Australia last year. He regularly shoots with the world’s most prestigious magazines, works backstage on major fashion weeks, and has a slew of celebrity clients to his name. Our point is, he knows what he’s talking about.

“In summer, take note that the lighter you take your shade, the more damaged the hair is going to be. Essentially, the lighter the hair the more damage you’ll be more susceptible to,” Nader said.

It’s not all bad, though. Nader has some easy tips (for all hair colours) to protect your strands this summer.

Protect against the elements

Okay, so we know the sun isn’t too kind to our strands, and nor is the salty sea water. If you’re headed for a day at the beach, use protection.

“Invest in a really good UV protector. They do work,” Nader said.

“The other thing to do is, before you go to the beach, apply a heavy product like a mask or a really rich conditioner through the mid lengths and ends. It’s great because a slick ponytail can look fun and sporty going to the beach, but it’s actually serving a purpose — it’s conditioning at the same time and the product acts as a barrier from the salty ocean water.”

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Use your hair dryer’s cold setting

You can’t be blamed for thinking the hottest and highest setting on the hairdryer is the quickest way to style our hair and while that’s true, it’s not the healthiest.

“I swear by the cold setting on a hair dryer. I always end blow dries on the cold setting because it closes the cuticle and imparts sheen and shine. It also sets the style and makes it last longer,” Nader said.

Also, if your hairdryer is a decade old, consider an upgrade. Technology in hair tools has come along way on the past few years.

“When buying a hairdryer look out for buzz words like ceramic, thermal ionic and those tech phrases — they mean something. Those features will help best care for your hair.”

TODAY @ MY OFFICE …… From #Paris with #Shine 💧#Capilo

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Buy heat-adjustable appliances

The same approach goes for conical tongs, curling wands and hair straighteners — super hot isn’t ideal. Think about it — if your hot iron burns your forehead or ear instantly, what do you think it’s doing to your stands?

“When looking at curlers and straighteners, check that the appliance has a heat control setting. You want the temperature to be adjustable — not every hair type can take 230 degrees. Say, fine blonde hair, it would just cause more damage,” Nader said.

“Start at a lower temperature using heat control and then make the heat higher as needed. If you have time, to make your curls or waves last longer, pin them to your head while they cool rather than using a higher heat setting.”

sunburnt country ❤️ @chloelecareux

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Try not to over wash

Let’s blame it on our active lifestyles, but Aussie’s love to wash their hair — more than the rest of the world.

“Unfortunately, over washing hair is an Australian thing. We need to be a little more French in our approach to shampooing our hair,” Nader said.

“In actual fact, the more you shampoo, the more you’re washing out the natural oils that protect the hair ans scalp. Ideally, I ask clients to wash twice a week, if they can. If your hair gets oily, use dry shampoo. The coloured dry shampoos on the market now are great and your scalp won’t go flaky.”

These @gucci #socks are just "everything" ❤️ @bumbleandbumble #HairStyling

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Don’t ignore split ends

This one can be hard if you’re trying to grow your hair long, but split ends evidently mean a bigger trim in the long run.

“You cannot reseal split ends. It’s a myth. What the products do which say they can seal split ends is offer a Band-aid solution. The idea is that those product will tie you over until you can get to the salon for your regular trim — it’s not so you can go another six months without a haircut.”

“No one has invented a product that seals split ends. And when they are split, the damage is done — it’s only going to get worse unless you cut the split ends off. A trim every 6-8 weeks is ideal for managing not only the health of their hair, but the style,” Nader said.

TODAY WITH THIS BEAUTIFUL DIAMOND for the @davidjonesstore #DJSS16 Spring Summer show ❤️ @isabellamanfredi @thepreatures makeup

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By Leigh Campbell for The Huffington Post


Anthony shares the easiest go-to hairstyle for the Summer as seen on BEAUTYcrew.


Sometimes shampooing isn’t on the cards every day of the week. Enter the topknot: it’s the best way to showcase cheekbones and save a bad hair day. And it takes little effort to master. Here, Anthony Nader of RAW Hair talks us through how to get this easy up-and-go summer hairstyle.

Start with second-day hair.
“Don’t be a slave to washing your tresses more than twice a week: it’s best to work off a dirtier palate,” says Nader.

Add grit to your tresses.
To create workable texture, “Flip your head over and give your roots a spritz with dry shampoo and massage it in,” explains Nader. We love Klorane Dry Shampoo With Nettle.


Secure into a ponytail.
“Position your pony high on the top of your crown,” says Nader. To create a more casual look, “use your fingers to scrape up your strands before securing your ponytail.”

Wrap into a bun.
“Twist the tail and pin in place for a soft, romantic look,” finishes Nader. A final blast of hairspray (like Matrix Style Link Style Fixer Finishing Hairspray) will show your topknot who’s boss.



Why is Olaplex so crucial for the Summer months ahead for our hair?

Our Director Marc Armstrong gives us the scoop as seen on style.nine.com.au

Summer prep HONEY crop

Here’s a scary thought. There are only three weekends until bikini-bearing season is officially upon us. That means you have a tick over two weeks to get yourself beach body-ready.

Deep breaths. We have a plan that includes simple steps to a flatter stomach; top tips for glossy, healthy locks and essential treatments for smooth, sparkling skin and stronger nails. Your pre-summer grooming guide starts now.


Exfoliation is still one of the most effective ways to boost a sparkling complexion, but there’s a smarter way to scrub.

“Enzymes are traditionally used to soften and clear skin conditions whilst deeply exfoliating to prepare skin for warmer weather,” says Dr Spiller skincare expert Sue Dann.

Unlike harsh chemical or grainy exfoliators, enzyme masques or peels are powered by natural plant-based ingredients or fruit extracts that gently dissolve dead skin cells on the surface without harming healthy cells beneath.

“Enzymes do the work for you,” says Sue.

“They brighten skin without stripping the natural dermal barrier.”

Sue recommends you try a professional in-salon peel treatment to fast-track the exfoliation process, or incorporate an enzyme-based mask into your weekly pre-summer skincare regimen.

“Finally, feed and protect glowing skin with antioxidants such as vitamin C and E to fight free radicals,” says Sue.

And don’t forget to protect skin daily with a broad spectrum sunscreen.

Elizabeth Arden Pro Illuminating Enzyme Masque, $120

Dr Spiller Vitamin C-Plus Day Cream, $167



Here’s some good news – you can beat bikini bloat with a few smart nutritional swaps.

“Avoid foods rich in sodium such as chips, sausages and other salty condiments and sauces which can cause fluid retention, leading to bloating and puffiness,” says dietitian Kara Landay.

“Go easy on the alcohol, stay hydrated and consume wholefoods such as fresh fruit, vegetables and grilled fish to maintain good gut health and reduce bloating.

A gentle daily yoga sequence can help keep your digestion system in check, too.

“The upward-facing dog pose stretches the chest and spine, and stimulates the abdominal organs to improves digestion,” says Divine Flow Yoga’s Eliza Huolohan “This pose also firms the buttocks and thighs, which is perfect for bikini season.”

Try giving your tummy a gentle circular massage with a hydrating body oil each evening to assist the de-bloating process.

“This stimulates the spleen and helps to guide digestion and regulate the internal organs,” says Huolohan.

Neutrogena Body Oil, $12.99

In Essence Jojoba Massage Oil, $34.95

In between an appointment and a meeting, I found Tom and a Mai Tai. V professional.🍹

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Before you book in for your mani and pedi start giving nails extra nourishment by massaging cuticles with a daily conditioning oil, such as CND’s Rescu RX strengthening treatment.

“It’s keratin formula feels like an oil, but acts like a shield whilst conditioning and repairing the deepest nail cells,” says manicurist Jocelyn Petroni.

Prepare feet for your strappy sandals by applying nourishing treatment cream daily. “Use anywhere where the skin is thicker and drier than normal,” says Jocelyn.

Apply [to dry heels] at night after your bath or shower and pop on a pair of socks while you sleep.”

Colour wise, it’s time to up the ante with summer-fresh high-shine lacquers on fingers and toes.

“I love bright, red-pink shades and pigment-rich blush pinks which compliment [most] skin tones,” says Jocelyn.

Her final tip to make a DIY manicure last the distance? “Always ‘cap’ the edge of your nail plate with polish, which leads to a longer-lasting [chip-free] finish”.

CND Rescu RX Keratin Treatment, $34.95

Uriage Keratosane 30 Nourishing Gel-Creme, $19.95

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 5.34.50 pm

Perfect nails make beach time even more fun. Image: Instagram/@goldfish_kiss


In the mood to lighten strands this season? Consider this new hair colouring technique (because dip-dyed locks are so 2015).

“Colour melting is a step up from Balayage and involves introducing another colour, blending from the roots towards the lighter ends, reducing any harsh lines,” says Marc Armstrong from RAW Hair salon.

If you’re a blonde, look to refresh your look with cool, beige highlights, says Marc.

“Brunettes should try a variation of hues such as rich chocolate and golden brown,” he says.

And red heads, you can dare to be bold.

“Go for burgundy-rich purple tones,” says Marc.

“This trend is going to be big in 2017.”

Keep in mind that coloured locks require extra TLC during the warmer months, so regular salon treatments and nourishing masques are crucial.

Marc recommends Opalex as a top pre-summer treat for coloured strands (Kim Kardashian is a fan).

“It’s a three-part treatment that rebuilds disulphide bonds in the hair, making it stronger and healthier and limits damage during or after colouring,” he says.

Oribe Signature Moisture Masque, $79

Opalex treatment, from $50 (in-salon and at-home options available)

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 5.42.10 pm

Summer means hair that’s laid-back, loose and lovely. Image: Instagram/@emmalaurenpowers

By Mel Cornford for style.nine.com.au



One of the things that definitely sucks about summer is having your hair blow up into a big frizzy mess when you want it to stay Kim Basinger-in-LA Confidential smooth. Thanks for nothing, humidity.

In the interest of helping out our fellow humans (and also helping ourselves), we asked hair legend Anthony Nader to give us his tips on how to get dat sleek look. He came back to us with a bunch of smart advice that we’re keen to try. Click through the gallery above to see the very glam look in action, and read Anthony’s tips below!



When rinsing your hair, turn down the temperature as cool as you can stand. It really does control your mane and keeps the shape more compact to your head.

Smooth out frizzy hair strands by applying product to damp hair — it absorbs in the hair cuticle far better than on dry hair. I used Oribe Gold Lust Oil to tame Amy’s thick mane and maintain a polished high sheen without having her hair look oily. Oribe Supershine Moisturing Cream is another cult product I use, it’s a leave-in conditioner that controls frizz and rejuvenates your hair. But remember not to overload your hair with products!



Choose an extra big round brush made of natural boar bristles. The bristles are the key to controlling crazy hair textures and promoting sheen.

Use the nozzle on the end of your dryer when you’re blow-drying your hair, as it helps control the surface and keeps the frizzes at bay. The more you stretch and over direct your hair sections when blow-drying, the better the results will be.

After blowing out your hair, always hit the cool shot button on the dryer and glide the nozzle down the hair (from roots to ends). The cool air sets the shape and will leave your hair looking shiny and hydrated.

The Oribe range is sold exclusively @ Raw Hair.

Photography: Samantha Patrikopoulos using Fuji Instax Wide 300
Hair: Anthony Nader @ Work using Oribe Hair Care
Make-up: Samantha Patrikopoulos
Hair Assistant: Marc Armstrong for RAW Anthony Nader
Model: Amy @ IMG

By Anthony Nader for Oystermag.com