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Get our major cool girl haircut crush for summer as seen on ELLE Australia

 This year’s go-to cut just became more effortless.




The cool girl cut has undergone a bit of a transformation: from bobs with bangs trending earlier this year, to ‘rich girl’ hair in the recent past, a clear move has been made towards less layering and a look of effortlessness. This summer’s go-to cut is even simpler: shaggy with focus on ease, wearability and minimal maintenance, perfect for the warm months when the last thing you’d want to do is take a hot blow-dryer to the scalp.

According to Sydney-based hairdresser, Barney Martin, this summer’s preferred cut is focused on versatility. He recommends asking your hair stylist for “a shag cut that works with [your] hair’s natural movement and texture”, and references British it-girl and model Edie Campbell shoulder-length cut as a prime example of this kind of style in action.

Bridesmaid wenches about to board a ship to the underworld

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This low-maintenance cut will work for those who love an ‘undone’ look, and a style that you can wash-and-wear, but still like to have the option of upping the glam if needed.

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Fellow Sydney hair stylist, Anthony Nader, has also taken hairspiration from a British model, citing Ruth Bell as his “absolute go-to for short hair”. Nader has noticed many of his clients bringing in pictures of Bell’s cropped cut, meaning he’s not the only one that loves her ‘do. “I think…that her choppy cut is super feminine and soft, which is workable when creating different hair shapes, and grows out a treat.”

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For those who aren’t willing to go the full chop this summer, Nader also suggests a cut for longer hair that is equally as low maintenance. He finds “American model Kaia Gerber is a draw card for many… you can’t go past a beautiful classic haircut that works day in, day out”. To achieve this look for your next cut, ask for a few longer layers throughout the interior of the haircut. This way, your hair won’t appear layered but will still have a slight “swing” to it.

get the girl a brush

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So put those styling tools in storage this summer, and get on board with these cool girl-endorsed styles.

By Ana Eksouzian-Cavadas for elle.com.au