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HOW TO BLOWDRY YOUR HAIR AT HOME. Get Anthony’s insider tips and tricks for the perfect blowdry. Seen news.com.au

The Beauty Diary by Rebekah Scanlan: How to blow dry your hair at home

There’s nothing quite like that freshly blow-dried feeling.

And while we all love a professional blowout, it’s one hair treat that feels like it is impossible to recreate at home (no matter how hard we try).

In fact, it was voted the biggest beauty dilemma in a poll of almost 9000 The Beauty Diary readers, with a staggering 1500 of you calling for help with an at-home blow-dry.

So I’ve brought in the big guns.

Renowned Australian hairstylist Anthony Nader from RAW in Surry Hills, told The Beauty Diary that when it came to recreating a salon worthy blow out, there was one major mistake most of us make.

“People always overdo it with their styling products,” he said. “It’s the biggest mistake I see and hear all the time. Less is always more.”

Martha Kalifatidis had super-long extensions until very recently when she sat in Anthony Nader's chair. Picture: Instagram/Martha Kalifatidis

The MAFS alum was described as ‘unrecognisable’ by some fans when she debuted a much shorter hairdo recently. Picture:

The celebrity stylist recently convinced Married At First Sight alumn Martha Kalifatidis to ditch her extra-long hair extensions in favour of a chic, trendy “lob”. Martha’s loyal fans had a lot to say about the hair transformation, with one declaring on Instagram her new short hairdo made her “completely unrecognisable”.

Fellow hairstylist Justine Eeve from Sydney’s Hair&Harlow told The Beauty Diary the trick was all in what you were using on your hair and catering to your own type.

“The right products make a big difference to making your life easy when it comes to home styling,” she said.

“It starts in the shower but includes heat protection and the right hairdryer. Healthier hair is the easiest to style and hold.”

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For the total novice, the first thing you need to know is to start with wet hair, preferably freshly washed with a product that’s suited to your hair type.

“Use a professional quality shampoo and conditioner as it is so important,” Justine said. “For a good all rounder that works with all hair types, I recommend Evo Ritual Salvation. If your locks are a bit tougher to wrangle, go for the Evo Mane Tamer.”

You can buy the products individually or together in “Buddies” bundles for about $60, like this one from adorebeauty.com.au.

You can buy Evo products in salons and at selected online retailers like Adorebeauty.com.au. Picture: Supplied


Once your hair is squeaky clean, it can be tempting to get stuck into styling while it’s still soaking wet.

But, because water makes it hard for the bonds of your hair to “set” into their natural form, Anthony advises blasting it with your hairdryer first to take some of the weight out.

“A common mistake people make at home is simply blotting dry their hair. If you blast it first, drying it by at least 80 per cent, this will cut down your drying time and mostly, your arms wont feel like you’ve just done shoulder presses at the gym,” he said.

Justine advises against rushing though this process, pointing out one reason a lot of us love a salon hair job is because it’s not done fast.

“The key is patience. Your stylist always gets a smooth and polished look is because the take their time with your locks but if you allow time and you will get a longer lasting, finished result,” she said.

Hot tip: If you are going to blast your hair to dry it off before you begin, make sure you apply your heat protection first.

While I’m no hair expert, I’ve been loving Davroe’s Thermaprotect, which costs $23.95 and is available online and in salons. You can spritz this stuff onto dry and wet hair, and I find it doesn’t dry out my ends, which is a battle I have with my porous strands.

This natural, vegan Aussie brand offers a light heat protector that doesn't weigh down fine hair but is tough enough to withstand our brutal demands. Picture: Supplied


Once your hair is just damp, you’re ready to get cracking with the styling. Oh wait, no you’re not — you need to apply your styling products first.

If you’re looking for volume, most stylists suggest using a mousse or a foam to give you that boost.

My pick is Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse, which is an investment at $56. But the lightweight foam doesn’t leave my hair feeling heavy or looking greasy and a little goes a long way, which helps to justify the price.

Don't look at this price tag through your fingers, it's justifiable thanks to it's lovely light formula. You can pick this up at Adorebeauty.com.au. Picture: Supplied

At home I dry my hair with the Panasonic Advanced Moisture Infusing Hair Dryer, which has recently hit the market and I was lucky enough to be sent to try it out as I definitely can’t afford the $349 price tag.

It has some fancy “quick dry” technology that makes your hair dry faster, and through some wizardry I don’t fully understand, it makes your hair softer as it somehow blasts moisture back into your strands as you dry it. Like I said, I can’t explain it, but it works. I also love that it’s foldable, which works in my chaotic bathroom. I’d definitely recommend and buy this if mine needed replacing.

By some form of magic, this hair dryer dries hair quicker than any other hairdryer I've used before and leaves it so bloody soft. Picture: Supplied


Schwarzkopf Professional national ambassador Dee Parker Attwood told The Beauty Diary it was “important to build a good foundation” when styling fine hair.

“You need it to be able to hold the styling in place,” she said.

“Look for weightless formulas that help plum up the strands of hair and give your hair body, staring with a small amount of volume mousse.”

Dee’s pick is Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Session Label Volumizing Mousse, which she suggests you add to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair to give it some grip. It costs $25.95 and is available in select salons and online.

She also recommends using a “good” hairdryer on finer locks, suggesting the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, which costs $549.

“It has the right features for fine hair types,” she explained. “You can use the cool shot button to set your style in place and stop it from dropping. It also adds shine.”

While don’t have one of these at home due to its extraordinary price, I often use one after my weekly Barry’s Bootcamp class as they have them in the change rooms, and the silky finish is amazing. It makes my hair reflect like a mirror and feels super soft to touch.

Blow dry your hair like a pro with this baby, but maybe ask your mum/boyfriend/husband to buy it for you for Christmas as it costs $549. Picture: Supplied


Blow drying thick hair can be a daunting task, Dee says — but it can be made easier. However great tools will really help with the job.

“My top tips are to towel dry your hair to begin with and then arm yourself with a strong dryer. The Parlux 3800 is best and I’d team it with so Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Big Blast, a volumising gel that gives a sturdy root lift,” she said.

While the Parlux hairdryer comes in cheaper than a Dyson, it’s still going to set you back $200.

This hairdryer won big in industry awards last year, being named the 'best hairdryer'. Picture: Supplied

This is great for thick hair as it give strong support which can hold volume injected into heavier and thicker hair types. It costs $23.95. Picture: Supplied

Hot tip: Thicker hair has a better ability to lasting longer between washes than finer hair, so you can freshen your blow out between washes with a dry shampoo. Click here to read The Beauty Diary’s favourites.


Curly hair is notoriously the hardest hair to blow dry, but there are some products you can use to help make it smooth sailing.

Dee suggests investing in a good hair-dryer which comes with a diffuser, explaining the Dyson Supersonic “has an excellent diffuser for curly hair”.

Curly hair works better with minimal product (so go low on heat with your hair dryer later on). Justine suggests Moroccanoil Volume Mousse and for smooth ends Olaplex. If you want to try this, shop around. I had a quick look on Google and found it costs $47.95 on Adorebeauty.com.au but you can pick it up at Oz Hair and Beauty for $33.50.


Anthony’s pick is Surf Spray By Bumble And Bumble as it adds texture and character to locks without weighing them down. According to one review on Mecca.com.au, the $41 product gives “sexy, salty, sun-dried, windswept styles – whenever, wherever”.

Sadly salt sprays dry out my hair — but they’re perfect for those effortless beachy waves we drool over on Instagram.

This chic product can be found at Mecca for $41 and is approved by celebrity stylist Anthony Nader. Picture: Supplied


No matter your hair type, you’ll need to grab a big bristled brush like the GHD Ceramic Vented Radial Brush. I love this one as the barrel holds the heat long enough for me to actually do what I need to do, usually creating a bit of extra volume.

I'm a fan of this 35mm ceramic barrel brush from GHD which costs $38. Picture: Supplied

“I’m a fan of a medium to large boar bristle brush and with loads of bristles,” Anthony said, adding it was all about “#BristlesForDays”.

“These bristles will do the hard work for you, that’s why you need to invest in the right brushes.”

He also warns not to invest plastic ones, saying they’re a waste of money and bad for the environment.


First up, section your hair properly, keeping it simple and clean.

“This is going to fasten up your drying time,” Anthony said.

“Place in your desired part line and separate into four even sections. Take diagonal sections starting around your hairline first as the front half is visual, it needs the love with your brushes here. The back area is more forgiving.”

Once you’re sectioned up, you should grab your round brush and pull it through with your dryer “starting at the back and work your way forward”.

Anthony is the man who convinced Martha to ditch her trademark extensions. Picture: Instagram / Anthony Nader

“Wrap the hair around your brush and twist the hair around it to add more volume,” he said. You can even add a twist at the end to give the hair a loose wave.

And if you’re one of those people is better at working on one side than the other, Anthony suggests starting with the side you find the hardest.

“Always start on your weaker side and then progress to your easy side,” he said.

“It will feel uncomfortable at first, but if you start here at the beginning your all fresh and ready to conquer and then by the time you reach your easy breezy side you’ll be sailing along.”


When setting your style, your best friend is always a spray that will help your hair look shiny, sleek and frizz-free for the whole day. In my opinion, you can’t beat the classic L’Oreal Elnett Satin Supreme Hold. This product can be picked up at a heap of places, such as drug stores and supermarkets and costs just$10.95.

This baby can be found everywhere, such as Priceline, Woolies and Coles. Picture: Supplied

Anthony also suggests giving your roots a spritz of your dry shampoo and massaging in for a little extra “va, va voom”. Flip your head back, give your strands a brush through and you are good to go.


HOW TO STYLE GREASY HAIR Seen Lifestyle.com.au

Expert tips to hide the fact that your locks are overdue for a good shampoo.

We all know the feeling of thinking we can stretch to one more day without giving our hair a well-deserved wash, only to find a grease pit staring back at us in the mirror.

Batiste ambassador and all-round hair guru, Anthony Nader, shares his top ways to save the look of your hair on those non-wash days.

In addition to using a dry shampoo, here’s how you should style your locks to make your hair look fresh.

Cover up

“To cover up those oily roots in no time at all, brush your strands clean to the head surface into a low ponytail and secure at the base,” Anthony advises.

If you want to get even more on trend, try making a deep side part before sweeping back into a ponytail and you’ll be mirroring a few catwalk-worthy looks.

All about the bun

Make your strands rise to the occasion by scraping them back loosely into a low chignon bun at the nape of the neck and pop a few pins in to secure.

“I suggest embellishing the front of your hair with a colourful headband or scarf,” Anthony tells.

It’s all about style

The ultimate way to disguise dirty hair, Anthony reveals is to hark back to your shcool days.

“Plaits are a great way to disguise dirty hair and are so low maintenance and easy to do yourself,” he explains. “A simple plaited style can take you from day to night.”

For shorter ‘dos

If all this twisting and tucking your hair isn’t for you because your tresses are of the shorter variety, Anthony suggests investing in some hair accessories.

“Invest in a few different chic and on-trend, coloured silk head scarfs to disguise your dirty hair,” he suggests. “You can go from Pucci-inspired with bold neon 70’s patterns, to simple and under-stated, and don’t forget the power of that traditional Burberry print.”


HAVE A BAD HAIRCUT? You may want to read this then. Seen Daily Mail

It used to be that a bad hair day meant scrunching up your hair into a messy ponytail and trying to avoid the world.

But these days there are a whole host of glamorous ways to cover up the fact that you overslept and didn’t wash your locks this morning.

From scrunchies to silk scarves, headbands and more, here FEMAIL takes a look at the five ways you can cover up your bad hair day and look good at the same time.

The silk scarf

A glance through Instagram will reveal countless pop stars, actresses and It girls wearing colourful silk scarves in their hair.

And if you’re missing hazy summer days, there’s something delightfully Riviera chic about this look.

You could make like YouTube star, Pia Muehlenbeck, or Anna Heinrich, and tie your silk headscarf around the top of your head, flaying it off to the side.

Alternatively, you could channel Georgia Love’s style – and use your scarf to tie a ponytail or a chic half up, half down style.

‘It’s time to bring out your fun, patterned scarves and turn that negative hair day into a positive one from hereon in,’ celebrity hairdresser, Anthony Nader, told FEMAIL of this style.

‘A different patterned scarf will always brighten up your day.’

For those looking to emulate the look, Sportsgirl and ASOS have some pretty options around the $15 mark.

Anthony is also a fan of Ivana Scarves’ emerald offering, which retails for $99.

And while those with shorter locks or others wearing a top knot should pick a handkerchief-sized scarf for balance, others with long hair could pick a long scarf – which can act as the centrepiece to your look – and allow the scarf to flow out behind you.

The scrunchie

It was the trend spotted on runways everywhere from Paris to Melbourne.

And celebrities have been quick to pick up on the scrunchie’s revival, with Hailey Baldwin, Gigi Hadid and Ariana Grande all rocking the trend.

‘There’s no better time to embrace the fab 80s trademark scrunchie,’ Anthony Nader told FEMAIL.

‘Rake your strands up into a high pony and secure into one or two patterned numbers and let the hair around your face frame it – as these little flyaways will make your style more runway.’


For those wanting to try the original Sloane Ranger look, head to ASOS to get cheap, colourful-looking scrunchies.

Then, either channel a sports-chic hairstyle or something more preppy – to be at the vanguard of fashion and hide your two-day-old locks.

The headband

Blame Leighton Meester’s character, Blair Waldorf, in Gossip Girl.

But ever since the iconic TV programme hit screens, we’ve all been going wild for headbands – which offer coverage for greasy roots and a chic alternative to an up do.

‘Show off your facial features by investing in a soft gel to hold and slick your baby hairs and flyaways back into a soft style, away from your face,’ Anthony told FEMAIL of this style.

‘Then, place a headband on top for a pretty, different style.’

Free People offers pretty tie-back headbands for around $30, while ASOS has a pretty metal style reminiscent of something Jodi Gordon would wear to the Spring Races.

Simply brush you hair, sweep a headband over the top of it and channel your inner fairy. Blair Waldorf would be proud.

The ribbon

All that’s old is new again, and while you might remember first wearing a ribbon when you were five years old, these days the little girl hair accessory is the next word in cool.

‘If you’re feeling romantic, take yourself for a spot of shopping at the fabric store and purchase a few long pieces of narrow ribbon,’ Anthony told FEMAIL.

‘Black will always be a winner and it’s a staple because it goes with everything. Try weaving a piece through a loose braid or plait for winning extra points with your girl squad.’

Steph Claire Smith is one such star who pulls this look off with aplomb.

Pairing her printed ribbon with gold hoop earrings, a pretty dress and neutral make up – she looks pretty as a picture.

You should be able to pick up ribbons from any number of high street stores – but Boohoo has some pretty options, with reasonable price tags.

The clip

Last but not least, who needs kirby grips when you can use something chic, shiny and metallic instead?

Stars including Gigi Hadid, Alexa Chung and Jodi Gordon are all fans of this style.

‘Take your haircut to the next level by twisting your hair up into fun coils or buns in the nape of the neck,’ Anthony told FEMAIL.

‘Twist a special piece or two into secure.’

Again, you can head to ASOS to shop the style or Showpo, which also has some pretty pieces.

Lady Jayne also sell a packet of metallic swirly slides for $9.99, while Anthony recommends Kela Charms’s Shine on charms for a pretty, romantic look.